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Reviewing Truebill: Is It Worth Your Time And Money?


Truebill has changed its name to Rocket Money. Rocket Money makes it easy to manage your finances and reach your financial goals. Everything you loved and trusted about Truebill, but with an improved look and feel. Truebill has been re-designed with a focus on creating a streamlined user experience that is both intuitive and modern.

Paying bills used to mean balancing your checkbook and sorting mail at the kitchen table. Many people are using online banking to simplify their finances. We do things a bit differently now. We try to stay true to our roots while keeping up with the changing times.

We don’t have to worry about forgetting to mail the cable bill in the age of automation. Automatic payment plans mean we don’t have to worry about being late on payments. When we get a confirmation email, we go about our business. We can be sure that our order has been processed successfully once we receive the confirmation email.

Problems of its own have been presented by automated bill pay. Some customers have had difficulty cancelling their automated payment arrangements. There are a lot of shady companies that use automated bill payments to steal your money. Before signing up for a service that requires you to make automatic payments, be sure to do your research. It could be months before you see it on your credit card statements. To catch any suspicious activity early on, it’s important to closely monitor your credit card statements. Many of these companies make it nearly impossible to cancel your subscription. Some companies hide their cancellation process behind layers of customer service representatives and automated menus, making it more difficult for customers to cancel their subscription. That is where Truebill comes in. Truebill is a service that helps you save money.

Truebill helps you manage subscriptions, lower bills, and stay on top of your finances. You can get a better understanding of your spending habits with Truebill. They alert you to recurring subscriptions and give you the option to cancel them with one click.

What is TrueBill?

After discovering that he had been paying $40 per month for in-flight wifi, Truebill co-founder Yahya Mokhtarzada was inspired to create a money-saving app that helped other people avoid this financial pitfall.

Truebill is an app that helps you save money by identifying and canceling unwanted subscriptions.

It can help you negotiate lower rates for your bills and credit when there is a lapse in service. It is beneficial to have a good credit score when applying for loans. Users of Truebill have saved $512 on average per year. Truebill has helped millions of users save money and take control of their finances.

How Does TrueBill Work?

You can use the app to keep track of recurring payments. It makes it easier to budget and manage your finances. It will let you know if you want to keep the automated bill payments connected to your account.

If you are, that’s great! Regardless of your accomplishments, you should be proud of yourself. You can cancel them with a single button. You can make sure that your subscriptions are up-to-date and that you are not paying for services that you no longer need by doing this. Truebill will call the company to cancel the subscription for you. Truebill can help you manage and track all of your subscriptions, so you don’t end up overspending on services you don’t use.

TrueBill Features

Truebill is more than just an app. It gives you budget insights and recommendations to help you save money. They have a lot of features that can help you with your finances. You can gain more control over your finances by using these features.

The Truebill app has other tools that you can use. You can use Truebill to stay on track with your finances and save money.

Budgeting Tool

Truebill has a feature that allows you to start a budget and track your spending in every category, such as groceries, gas, and entertainment. You can use the budget feature to identify monthly subscription services that you can cancel to save money.

Similar to the app Mint, Truebill will let you know where you are spending your money. Truebill gives you full control over your finances by allowing you to set budgets, track investments and more. It will let you know if you have opportunities to save or if you are overshooting your budget. You can use this budgeting tool to keep your finances in check.

This can help you work towards your financial goals by taking the guess work out of budgeting. It can help you build up a safety net of savings to make sure you are protected in the event of unforeseen expenses.

Reduce Monthly Bill Payments

We forget that the rates we have to pay are negotiable. If there are any opportunities to find savings, it’s important to take the time to assess these bills and contact providers. Truebill will review your expenses and negotiate with the company to lower your payments. Truebill has budgeting tools to help you keep track of your finances.

You will need to connect Truebill with your online account to get started. You need to give information about the services you get from the company. This will provide a helpful record that can be referred to if any issues arise in the future.

Companies TrueBill Works With To Negotiate Your Bills:

  • ADT
  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Charter Spectrum
  • Comcast
  • Cox
  • Dish Network
  • Frontier
  • Optimum Cable Vision
  • RCN
  • SiriusXM
  • Sprint
  • Suddenlink
  • Verizon
  • Verizon Residential/FIOS

Truebill will work with the company to apply promotional rates, cut additional fees, or negotiate a lower rate.

If they succeed, they will charge 40% of what you would save each month as a service fee. If there is no fee, they will be able to save you money on your bills. They can’t always get a lower price, but this is a great way to save money and avoid the hassle of doing it on your own. They can give you professional advice to make sure you get the best deal.

Manage Subscriptions

Automated subscriptions are very convenient. It would have taken a lot of time and energy to manually track and maintain the various subscriptions. There are services that will automatically ship products to you. It’s great for people who want to save time and never run out of products. If you don’t get confirmation emails about your payments, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re paying for. It’s important to keep track of your payments so that you don’t have to.

Truebill was inspired by the ability to keep track of recurring payments. Users can focus on the things that matter most to them if Truebill’s mission is to make financial management easier. You can see all of the automated payments under the Recurring Payment tab. If you decide to stop recurring payments, you can turn them off at any time. If you see something on there that you don’t want to pay for, you can cancel it with a click of a button. You can adjust existing ones with ease. Truebill will take care of the rest. You can be confident that your bills are taken care of, because Truebill makes it easy to manage and track your finances.

You can see when automated payments are posted for each service by linking up your calendar with Truebill. This reminds you of automatic payments. Late payment fees and penalties can be avoided.

Get Compensated for Outages

You should not be expected to pay full price for a lapse in service. Credit can be secured for any downtime that you experience. Truebill can help you save more and plan for the future.

If your internet or cable goes down, you can use the Truebill app to request that credit be posted to your bill. Truebill can help you save money on your bills by giving you recommendations on how to get the best deals. It helps keep the cable companies honest and prevents you from paying for service you didn’t receive. Ensuring that cable companies are not overcharging customers is one of the benefits of regulation.

Overdraft Protection

You don’t have enough money in your bank account. It can be difficult to find ways to make ends meet. It can feel like salt is being added to the wound. It can be difficult for people to make ends meet.

When your balance goes below a certain amount, Truebill will send you Balance Alert notifications. You can change the notifications to make sure you never miss a transaction. It can help you maintain your budget. Setting up automatic payments for your bills is an easy way to stay on top of finances.

How Does TrueBill Make Money?

Truebill makes money through three different sources: advertisements, a service charge, and a subscription fee. Users can get financial coaching and budgeting advice from Truebill. The free version of the app is 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 888-739-5110 The premium version has more features and better support.

I know what you are thinking. I think there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Another subscription fee? You don’t have to pay for the premium version if you don’t want to. The basic version is free and has all the features you need.

If you want all the bells and whistles listed above, you will need to pay for the premium version, which is part of how they make money. There are a lot of great features in the free version.

This will cost you either $5 a month or $35 a year. If you commit to the annual plan, this will save you over 50%.

TrueBill makes most of their money by charging a percentage for the hassle of canceling your subscriptions. Credit cards and banks are some of the services TrueBill makes money from.

Canceling your subscriptions will cost you 40% of the amount that you save each month. If you want to save money in the long run, you should cancel any subscriptions that are no longer serving you.

Truebill will skim $40 off the top if you save $100 per month. You can easily automate your savings with Truebill. Depending on how much you pay, this can be a bit hefty. It might be worth it in the long run if you can save money on products you wouldn’t have bought anyways.

Getting Started

To get started with Truebill, you will need to download the TrueBill app. You can begin tracking your spending once you have downloaded the app. Once you have an existing account, you can use the app on your desktop. In a few simple steps, you can create an account and use the app on your desktop.

You will need to create an account after the app has been downloaded. You will be able to access all of the features when you create your account. Truebill will connect to your bank accounts and credit cards to track your transactions and note any recurring payments. In the recurring tab, you can see all of your automated payments. You can change your automated payments in the recurring tab.

Clicking the cancel button will cancel any subscriptions you see. You can always change your mind if you are asked to confirm your cancellation. You will be able to do this on your own in the free version. Truebill’s team will do this for you if you pay for the premium version. Automatic bill tracking and budgeting are some of the additional features you will have access to.

You can use all the other features of Truebill once you have an account. Truebill makes it easy to manage your finances. Whether you want to set up a budget or reduce your monthly bill payments, Truebill’s easy to use app makes this process simple and intuitive. You can take control of your finances with Truebill.

Is TrueBill Safe?

It’s a big deal to give an app full access to your financial statements. It’s important to make sure you trust the app before you grant it access. You want to make sure that your information is protected. Ensuring that your data is secure should be a priority; invest in the necessary software or services to protect yourself online.

Truebill uses bank-level ciphers and read-only access to make sure that your data is safe. You can be sure that your information is safe with these measures in place. Truebill uses a tool called Plaid. Users can be sure that their information is safe with Truebill and Plaid. An extra layer of security is provided by Plaid. All financial data is kept private. You shouldn’t be asked to give any banking credentials. Customer support should be contacted immediately if Truebill requests banking credentials.

Truebill doesn’t sell your information to third parties. Truebill is committed to keeping your data safe. Credit cards and insurance companies are advertised. Some viewers find these advertisements intrusive. If you connect through Truebill, they will give you your information at this point. Truebill will keep your information private.

TrueBill hosts data on Amazon Web Services. TrueBill has a platform to store your financial data. Amazon Web Services is used by the Department of Defense to store sensitive data. It is a trusted choice for the Department of Defense because of its secure and reliable cloud services.

Truebill is doing everything it can to protect your financial information. Truebill is committed to keeping your financial information safe.

Customer Support

If you have a question about Truebill, the customer service team is available to assist you.

Truebill has a You can submit a ticketed inquiry on the Contact Us page. Our customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have. They will respond to your inquiry by contacting you. The team is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. We will be happy to assist you during our business hours.

You can look at their help center site if you can’t wait. If you can’t wait, you can look at their help center site for possible solutions to your question. There are many articles about frequently asked questions. Anyone who is looking for answers can find helpful information in the articles. You can use the search tool to find a topic, or you can scroll through the articles based on the category. You can explore topics by name or browse featured articles.

Truebill does offer ways for their users to receive personalized assistance from their team, but they do not offer chat or phone support. Users can send a request via email or online.

Pros and Cons

There are reasons to consider alternative tools when using Truebill. There are pros and cons to using Truebill. Truebill can help you keep track of your automated payments, so that you always know where your money is going.


  • Some subscription payments, such as a gym membership or cable company, are difficult to cancel. It is possible to break free from these contracts if you research and follow the proper steps. Some people put it off because they don’t have enough time. Some people don’t know how to approach a task or fear the outcome. No matter how difficult the company is, Truebill can cancel unwanted subscriptions for you. Truebill helps you stay organized and in control of your finances by providing budgeting tools and notifications. This allows you to cut ties with a subscription you didn’t have time to cancel. You can save money by taking advantage of deals and discounts.
  • Financial technology is not helpful unless it is easy to use. It is important to make the user experience of financial technology easy to use. Truebill’s app makes it easy to navigate your subscriptions, bills, and potential savings.
  • Some people like the convenience of a mobile app, while others prefer to review financial matters on a bigger screen. Truebill has options for both. Once you are set up, you can check your account from a desktop. You can start making transactions once you have your account set up.


  • The whole point of Truebill is to find savings wherever you can. Truebill can help you maximize your success by making the most of your money. Truebill definitely does this for its users, but it comes with a hefty price tag. There are many budgeting and tracking apps out there that can help you manage your finances. Truebill will skim 40% off of your savings if it finds you as a service fee. When Truebill discovers a recurring subscription that you are no longer using, it will notify you so that you can cancel it and save even more money. Truebill may turn into an automatic payment on top of premium costs. This could lead to a situation where you are paying for both Truebill and the subscription service, which could be an additional burden on your finances.
  • You don’t need to pay for the premium version to use Truebill, but you will have to suffer through some in-app advertisements. You can still use the free version of Truebill to manage your finances. No one likes to wade through ads to find what they want in an app. Without an ad-free experience, users may not find the app attractive.

Alternatives to TrueBill

Unlike survey sites and cash back apps, apps like Truebill are not fighting for attention in a crowded space.

In its offerings, Truebill is relatively unique. Truebill is committed to helping users take control of their finances and make better financial decisions.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t similar tools out there. Some apps offer the same services as Truebill. Truebill is a great app for managing your finances and budget, but if you’re looking for other options, these apps are worth checking out.


Trim poses the largest competition to Truebill in its service offerings. Both apps want to help you lower your monthly bills, manage your subscriptions, and earn additional savings from services you already pay for. You can use the budgeting and tracking features to maximize your savings.

The service charge is the largest difference between the two. Customers should always be aware of the service charge associated with each payment method before making a decision. Truebill charges 40% of your savings as a service fee, while Trim only charges 33%. The fee charged by Truebill and Trim is a small price to pay for the significant savings they can help you achieve. Trim will cancel your subscription for free. Truebill only does this with a premium subscription. With a premium subscription, Truebill can help you improve your credit score and negotiate lower rates on bills you want to keep.

If you want to save wherever you can, this can be an important difference.


Shark Tank fans, this is for you. Billshark is an app that helps you negotiate lower rates on your bills.

Many people understand that they can negotiate lower rates on their bills, but are not comfortable confronting sales representatives. Cost-savings can be achieved with a little bit of research. Billshark will negotiate lower rates from top companies. They have a team of negotiators who have saved their customers millions of dollars.

You pay a 40% fee if they succeed. You won’t pay anything if they can’t find savings. There is no risk in trying this service out, because it comes with a no-risk guarantee. It makes you pay a premium fee regardless because it gives it an upper hand. The cost savings with Mint are more substantial than the exclusive discounts offered by Truebill.

Is TrueBill Legit?

If you are diligent about looking over your banking account, which most of us aren’t, then you probably don’t need to use Truebill.

Truebill can help you find wiggle room in your budget. It’s easy to cut out recurring subscriptions, track spending and gain control of your finances with Truebill’s app.

If you are a responsible spender, you can still benefit from Truebill’s additional features. You can save money by using Truebill’s budgeting and tracking tools. It’s ability to negotiate lower rates and credit you for downtimes in service makes it a useful tool. It’s a great option for consumers who don’t have a lot of experience with service agreements. It saves you from having to call companies on your own, because it charges you a substantial service fee for the effort. If you want to quickly compare prices and services, this service is a great option.

Truebill has a free version. Truebill can help you keep track of your expenses, negotiate better rates with service providers, and even cancel unwanted subscriptions. You can always upgrade if you like it. It is worth trying out for yourself. If you try both methods, you may find that one works better for you.

Also, you might be interested in our complete list of best personal finance software available to find something that will suit your needs better.

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