Toddler and Primary Assistant Teachers

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This is a job posting from company – SpringStone Montessori

Employment TypeFull Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Nevada, USA

This job is 100% remote.

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The Teaching Assistant works under the guidance of a Lead Teacher to ensure continuity of curriculum goals for the children in care as well as following health and safety policies.

  • This person will be responsible for the general supervision of the children in his/her classroom.
  • This person must be a sensitive and mature individual who is able to relate well to both children and adults.
  • Attend all staff meetings and training programs.
  • Have a good understanding of the Montessori Method.
  • Help plan and carry out the program for the classroom.
  • Gear the program to the needs of the individual child with concerns for his interests, handicaps, special talents, and individual style.
  • Treat each child with dignity and respect.

As Teaching Assistant of SpringStone Montessori School, I agree to follow the job description outlined above.


  • Help each child become aware of his role as an integral member of the group.
  • Assume an equal share of the joint housekeeping’ responsibilities which include sanitizing the bathrooms and mopping.
  • Participate in recommended training programs, etc.
  • Help establish a good relationship between all staff members, children and parents.
  • Assist in public-relations events sponsored by the school.
  • Toddler Teacher Assistant must be able to lift a child of up to 35 pounds and a Preschool Teacher Assistant up to 55 pounds.


  • Must have 1 year experience of working in a Classroom environment with a Licensed Facility
  • Completed or willing to complete a Live Scan background check
  • Submission of Negative TB Clearance

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