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Many people who qualify as commercial helicopter pilots find it very difficult to get a first job. Positions as a professional helicopter pilot require experience, and that is one thing the new helicopter pilot does not have. But there are ways to get started in this difficult profession.
Helicopter Jobs Unsuitable for the New Pilot
Helicopter careers as a police or search and rescue pilot, or flying for the air ambulance, are high on the new pilot’s list of perfect jobs. But the newly qualified commercial pilot is unlikely to get these. Most require a great deal of experience, often thousands of flying hours. The applicant for them will also need to have flown turbine helicopters, which many newly qualified helicopter pilots have not. For those wanting these jobs, it is best to take note of the requirements, and try to build up relevant experience so as to apply for them at a later date.

Charter and pleasure flying jobs are also popular with the new commercial pilot, but again, he or she is unlikely to get this kind of work. It is a very competitive market, and the new graduate will be competing with helicopter pilots with much more experience. This does vary from country to country, and in some parts of the world pleasure flying opportunities do exist for new helicopter pilots, but in general they are few and far between.
Helicopter Careers Suitable For the Beginner
Many new commercial helicopter pilots do an instructor’s rating, and start off at a helicopter school teaching others to fly. This is a good way of gaining experience and building up flying hours. It is also possible during this time to acquire new ratings, turbine time, and knowledge of the industry. Some people stay in instructing, making it a full time career, but for others it is a good stepping stone to further positions.
In the UK, the North Sea oil companies employ a large number of commercial helicopter pilots. The situation varies at different times, but they sometimes take on newly qualified commercial pilots. However, it is usually necessary to have acquired an instrument rating first, so those looking to follow this path would be well advised to obtain one.

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