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Side Jobs From Home Online (Work From Home) – Part Time, Full Time

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Do you have problems getting a teaching interview? Here are two steps to get you in the door and have principals calling you in for an interview.
You may know the questions principals may ask in an interview, but you want to know how to actually get called back for an interview in the first place. Getting called in for a teacher interview doesn’t have to be the hardest thing in the world, but it will require a sense of urgency and two quick tips you’ll need to consider and act upon.
Two Quick Tips
1. Network with Everyone You Know
2. Substitute Teach or Volunteer at School
Network with Everyone You Know
Everyone knows a teacher or knows somebody else who knows a teacher. Take this to your advantage. The corporate world has the educational world beat when it comes to networking for jobs. Many teachers don’t feel the need to network if they plan on staying at their positions for long periods of time.
For those new teachers coming onto the scene, you have to know other teachers and people who are familiar with the teaching field in order to get the job. Plan to contact every single person you know and tell them that you are looking for a teaching job and would they possibly know someone’s number or email they could give you.

I’ve known plenty of teachers to get jobs simply by posting their plight to one of the social media networking websites. Don’t think of yourself as a pest. View your actions as being actively aggressive enough to get you that teaching job you really want.
I have also known teachers to get interviews because another teacher recommended them to the principal. The school’s principal will be more willing to call and interview a candidate if an excellent teacher at the school recommended someone else who might also be an excellent teacher.

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