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Comparison Of Shipt And Instacart: An In-Depth Review

People love to eat. A lot of people like to cook. It is different when it comes to buying food at the grocery store. I don’t like going to the grocery store, but it’s something that needs to be done.

More and more people are turning to online grocery delivery services like Shipt and

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What Is Shipt? 

Target’s A leading same-day grocery delivery app connects local community members with shoppers for a fee. Shipt shoppers get to shop for the freshest groceries and have them delivered right to your door, but they also get to work flexible hours and be their own boss.

The service works with a number of stores, including Target, H-E-B, and Lowes Foods.

How Shipt works for drivers 

Thinking about becoming a Shipt driver? Here is how it works.

Shoppers are hired to work as independent contractors. You will be in charge of your schedule and have the ability to decline or accept orders as you please. You can work as much or as little as you want.

The service works for shoppers. With a few clicks, shoppers can find what they’re looking for and purchase it.

1. Submit an application

Go through the application process after you download the Shipt app. You will be ready to start shopping and earning money once you have completed the application process.

To see if you are a good fit, the company makes you answer a questionnaire. Only candidates who meet the company’s criteria are considered for the position. A short video response is required. Before you submit your video response, be sure to check the submission requirements.

2. Wait for approval

Wait for a recruiter to contact you after you submit your application. It is important that your application information is up-to-date.

Everyone is not accepted by Shipt. To become a Shipt shopper, you have to meet certain requirements. The company doesn’t like who it hires. Opportunities depend on local demand.

Getting accepted to Shipt isn’t a given. The process of becoming a Shipt shopper is competitive and not everyone is accepted. If it doesn’t work out, it’s better to know this before applying.

3. Accept the position 

If there is an opportunity in your area, Shipt will contact you if you are a good fit. Independent shoppers are always needed by Shipt to help deliver groceries to customers. A representative will show you how to use the app and make money. You can start earning money once you get the instructions.

4. Download the Shipt app

Shipt works on both platforms. You can get food and household items delivered straight to your door with Shipt. You can download the app to your device if you look for it. You will be ready to shop for your customers once you have downloaded the Shipt Shopper app. It is a different app than the one shoppers use. It’s important that you use the correct app for your needs, as they have different functions.

5. Start driving and making money

The company will onboard you after you communicate with the representative and accept the position. The company will give you everything you need to get up and running.

Top features for Shipt

The top features for Shipt are listed here. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and have your groceries delivered right to your door with Shipt.

Early delivery option

Customers can choose to use the early delivery option. The early delivery option allows customers to receive their items faster than the standard delivery time. If the store is within the requested grocery delivery window, shoppers can drop off groceries any time after the store opens. The store will deliver the groceries to the shopper’s home before the delivery window closes.

No-contact grocery delivery 

Are you concerned about spreading germs? You can leave groceries at a secure spot for pickup with Shipt.

Shopper educational resources 

Online courses are offered by Shipt to make you a better and more informed shopper. You can get helpful tips and tricks from Shipt. The better your service becomes, the more you learn. This looks better for the company and could get you more tips.

Extra earning opportunities 

When you shop during preferred times, Shipt will reward you with more orders. Make sure to provide the best service possible because Shipt offers incentives for excellent ratings from your customers. This option can help you increase your earnings if you want to really hustle and make money. The rewards are worth it despite the hard work and dedication.

Pros and cons of Shipt 

There are pros and cons to Shipt. It’s up to you to decide if Shipt is the right service for you.


  • Flexible, on-demand grocery delivery service
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Online resources to improve your shopping game
  • Minimum order requirements; deliveries under $35 have a $7 delivery fee


  • Selective hiring
  • Must account for taxes 
  • Wear and tear on your vehicle 
  • Free delivery over $35 
  • Demand fluctuates 
  • Limited access in Canada

What Is Instacart?

The same-day grocery delivery service offered by the Instacart app is similar to the one offered by the Shipt app. The service has a large partner base with many stores. Customers can shop for their favorite products from the comfort of their own home.

How Instacart works for drivers

Independent contractors are hired by Instacart to shop for and deliver items. Competitive pay and flexible schedules are offered to those who want to work as an independent contractor. Part-time workers are hired for on-site shopping support. Flexible hours are offered to part-time workers. There are two ways you can work with the service. Depending on your preferences and availability, you can either become a full-service shopper or an in-store shopper.

There is a breakdown of how instacart works. Shoppers are able to shop for items online, select a delivery window, and then deliver the items to customers’ doorsteps.

1. Get shopping approval

A background check is required for the brief approval process. Go through the approval process, pass the background check, and once the company gives the green light, you will be ready to become an Instacart shopper. You can begin earning money immediately once you are approved. It is easy to start using the service. You can start ordering groceries for delivery right away.

2. Pick which orders you want

You can choose when you want to work on Instacart. It’s a great option for anyone looking to make some extra money because you can work as much or as little as you want. You can see the items you need to pick up on the screen, as well as the destination.

For example, you may have some time to kill on a Saturday is a good day to make a few extra bucks. I’m looking for a part-time job that I can do on my own schedule. You can use the app to take orders at your own pace.

If you see an order that looks hard, you don’t have to take it. You can always refer the order to another member of the team. If you pass over an opportunity, the app won’t punish you. When it presents itself again, it will remind you to seize the opportunity.

3. Shop for the items 

You should head to the store after you accept an order. The customer foots the bill, so you don’t have to worry about that when you shop through Instacart.

4. Communicate with the customer 

It is a good idea to communicate with the customer while you are shopping. This helps to make sure that you get what you need and that you are able to ask questions.

You could ask them if a tomato looks good or clarify a product. Ask your grocery store for advice on how to prepare the item you are buying. They will appreciate the support and may tip you more for going the extra mile.

5. Drop off the items

Pay for the items, transport them safely, and then drop them off. If you are interacting with anyone during the delivery, be sure to wear a face mask. It is possible to pay through the app. Payments are secure and easy to track, making it a convenient and reliable way to shop. You can cash out quickly. It is possible to withdraw your funds directly to your bank account, giving you easy access to your money.

Instacart features

The top features of Instacart.

Contactless deliveries 

A safer grocery delivery experience is what Instacart has. Customers can be assured of the safety and hygiene standards of their order with this feature. There is no need to worry about getting sick from interacting with customers. When interacting with customers, wear a mask and follow safe hygiene practices.

Flexible hours 

You can work whenever you want. People with busy schedules can use this service. It is possible to set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. If you have school and full-time work, you can use Instacart during your free time. It’s easy to work around your schedule with Instacart.

If you live near a grocery store, this could be a good way to make some extra cash. Delivery services could be offered to customers who can’t make it to the store.

Use your own car

You can deliver groceries using your own vehicle. You can shop for groceries from the comfort of your own home. The experience may be more comfortable if you don’t have to drive a van or company car.

Part-time work option

Most Instacart drivers are full-service shoppers, who deliver groceries to customers throughout the week. Part-time options are available to help meet increased demand.

Part-time shoppers work up to twenty hours a week. This option has medical, vision, and dental insurance as well as a 401(k) offering. Employees get 15 days of paid vacation each year.

Pros and cons of Instacart 

There are pros and cons to working with Instacart. It’s important to decide what works best for you after considering the pros and cons of working with Instacart.


  • Flexible contract work
  • Part-time opportunities available 
  • Select where you want to shop
  • Intuitive app
  • Use your own car 
  • Instant pay option
  • Works in Canada 
  • Excess delivery fee for heavy items 


  • New priority thirty-minute delivery feature can be stressful 
  • Shopping can take a long time 
  • Fluctuating demand 
  • Must account for taxes
  • Wear and tear on your vehicle 

Comparing Shipt vs. Instacart

There are differences between Shipt and Instacart. There are some key differences to consider before choosing which online grocery shopping service is best for you.

Signing up and getting started 

If you want a fast and easy way to start, you should go with Instacart. You can get groceries delivered to your door in as little as one hour, making it the ultimate convenience for busy people. Once you pass the background check, you will be up and running.

They don’t make you submit any videos like Shipt, and they are less picky about who they bring on board. Flexible scheduling allows you to work as much or as little as you want.


You can limit your face to face interactions when shopping and dropping off items with either option. With both options, you can track your order in real time.

Both companies offer phone number masking and in-app communication, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your personal information when chatting with customers. You can use both services to provide customer support in multiple languages. This can help protect your identity. It’s important when you’re buying items online or giving personal information to websites.

Customer service 

Some delivery apps don’t offer live customer support. If you have an issue with an order or delivery, be sure to check the app for any available customer support options. Users find the lack of a live phone number frustrating. Many users are searching for alternative customer service options due to the slow response of the automated support system.

Both Shipt and

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