Restaurant Leader Training Program – Wisconsin, US (H1B Sponsorship Eligible)

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This is a job posting from company – Panda Restaurant

Employment TypeFull Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Wisconsin, USA

This job is 100% remote.

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The Restaurant Leader Training Program s a high potential trainee for restaurant management, learning to carry out the restaurant area leader responsibility for overseeing operations of 7- 15 stores directly. Employment-based visa sponsorship (including H-1B sponsorship) available for this position for those that meet the requirements. The role works closely with Operations leadership to be trained for:

  • Recruiting high caliber managerial candidates
  • Training and developing associates
  • Ensuring delivery of exceptional guest experience and brand building
  • Achieving financial targets
  • Strategic planning and execution of all aspects of operations in conjunction with Support Center to achieve sustained efficiency and effectiveness

Essential functions: The essential functions in this job description are not all-inclusive of all duties and responsibilities.


  • Culture: Lives and cultivates Panda’s Mission, Culture and Values to ensure the 2020 vision is alive and in action.
  • Recruitment: Works with assigned Operations leaders (ACOs/RDOs) on recruiting high caliber store management and staffing stores effectively. Learns to develop a pipeline of internal and external talent, including successors for every store and Area management position.
  • Training: Works closely with Area and Regional leaders on how to effectively communicate and train store management on company policies, procedures, and financial reports analysis, and on operations standards. Assists ACOs in overseeing the training of AMITs and GMITs delivered by Area Training Leaders (TLs).
  • People Development: Trained to actively coach store management in people development to build bench of qualified associates. Engages in the Region’s Area people planning process to understand the Panda process for assessing internal talent and creating IDPs for management and hourly associates.
  • Associate Relations/Environment: Promotes a safe and empowering environment for Team Panda to listen, appreciate and challenge each other. Works with HR to learn how to handle associate relations claims effectively.
  • Work Safety: Learns to effectively communicate work and food safety guidelines. Works with Risk Management to understand the company’s safety guidelines and their consistent implementation.
  • Guest
  • Exceptional Guest Experience: Works with Area and Regional leadership to coach store team members on building connections with guests. Learns how to ensure operational standards that produce fantastic food, service, and ambience.
  • Brand Awareness: Works with Field Marketing to learn how to build brand awareness through community engagement. Receives training on effective ways to implement local and national marketing initiatives and promotions.
  • Guest Relations: Works with Operations leaders and with Field Marketing to learn how to coach store management on resolving guest relations issues related to products and guest experience.


  • Financial Results: Works with Operations leaders to gain operational expertise for achieving business results. Conduct operational effectiveness and efficiency reviews in assigned stores to ensure functional or project systems are applied and functioning as designed.
  • Compare, review and analyze financial/ accounting reports including Profit and Loss (Income Statement) of all stores assigned, Detailed General Ledger, etc. and marketing and survey reports on spreadsheets, charts, and document findings of studies and prepare recommendations
  • Learns how to become accountable for an assigned Area’s financial results.
  • Strategic Planning: Works with Operations leaders to learn how to conduct strategic planning for the Area. Learns how to coach store management to identify opportunities to improve performance and develop action plans for implementation.
  • Store Openings and Site Selection: Works with Area and Regional leadership and with Marketing leaders on successful approaches to new store openings and learns how to coach lower level Operations managers on these approaches.

Work hours: 40 hours per week plus O.T.

Required background & experience:

● Education Requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Hospitality Management or related or equivalent

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