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Personal Finance: Insights From 5 Rappers

I like rap music. Biggie, Drake, Jay Z, Wale, Iamsu, and many other rappers fill my head. They provide motivation and inspiration to help me achieve my goals. I like the beats and the flows, but most of all I like the lyrics. In difficult times, the lyrics are a source of hope and strength.

I would love to write a philosophy of rap book about the life lessons embedded in hip-hop and their evolution over time. I want to explore how the music has impacted generations of people, and how it will continue to shape culture in the future.

My babysitter gave me my first rap CD when I was 8 years old and never asked me to return it. It was the first time I had ever heard rap music, and it changed my life. Over the years, I have learned a lot about personal finance and life from rappers. I use the tips and advice they give to make better financial decisions.

5 Rappers on Personal Finance

Some of the best personal finance lessons come from rap lyrics. Let’s start with the man. He is an inspiration to many and one of the greatest rappers of all time.

  1. Notorious B.I.G. / Biggie Smalls
  2. Kanye West
  3. Jay Z
  4. Drake
  5. Wale

1. Notorious B.I.G/Biggie Smalls

“Damn right I like the life I live because I went from negative to positive.”

Biggie is the greatest rapper of all time. He set a high bar for other artists to follow. Period. He taught me a lot about money when I was young. His story is a legend. Those who hear it are inspired.

Biggie went from hustling drugs on the streets to multi-millionaire rappers in a few short years. His success as a rapper was unprecedented and his influence on the rap game is still felt today.

He was one of the first to glamorize his rags-to-riches story in his music. His music is a celebration of his success. His music serves as a reminder that hard work pays off, because he has worked so hard to get to where he is today. His songs are uplifting. Listeners get hope and motivation to achieve their dreams. They are still relevant. The messages and lessons of these works are still relevant today.

The majority of Americans are still in the negative. Many are struggling financially and wondering how to make ends meet. 60% of Millennials have less than $1,000 saved in their bank accounts and have fallen behind.

But the key to unlocking financial freedom is to escape living paycheck to paycheck and get to positive. You can live the life you want there. You can make the most of your freedom and live a fulfilling life. I mean who can forget this gem, “Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke I couldn’t picture this.” The OG is Super Nintendo. It’s considered to be one of the best gaming systems of all time.

Biggie taught us that wealth can be unlocked by following our hearts. When we act on our passions and put in the work, we can be sure that we will achieve whatever goal we set out to accomplish. It takes doing what you love to make money and find joy. You can open yourself up to endless possibilities when you follow your passions. Biggie was writing these raps when he was 20 years old and he died at 24. He accomplished a lot in four years, including making a lasting impact on the world of rap music. His knowledge was beyond his years. He was able to solve problems and make difficult decisions.

Biggie Money Quotes and Personal Finance Lessons:

  1. Get Out of Debt: “Damn right I like the life I live because I went from negative to positive.”
  2. Follow Your Passion and Money Will Follow: “Stay far from timid and only make moves when your heart is in it.”
  3. More Money Brings More Problems: “I don’t know what, they want from me, it’s like the more money we come across the more problems we see.”
  4. You’ve Got to Change and Evolve: “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves”
  5. Don’t Stress too Much About Money: “Learn to treat life to the best, put stress to rest.”
  6. Take a better stand. You can ensure your children’s future financial security by investing in a 529 plan. My mom has money. I always put money in my mom’s hand to thank her for everything she has done. Get my daughter this college plan, so she don’t need no man.”

2. Kanye West

“Having money isn’t everything, not having it is.”

There are some pretty profound insights on how to make, save, spend, and build wealth in his albums. Who knew that he was a personal finance guru? He doesn’t have a degree in economics, but he understands the importance of financial literacy.

I heard this line in a song for the first time. T-Pain’s song was addicting and I would listen to it again and again. I listened to T-Pain at least 10 times. It was one of the best songs I have ever heard. One of my favorite songs is this one. It makes me happy whenever I hear it.

Mr. Money seems to be everything when you don’t, but there’s more to life than that. When you don’t have money, it’s importantto remember that there are other sources of value. Let that settle in. When you listen to his albums, you can see a similar rags-to-riches journey as Biggie, but with a more self-conflicted journey.

Kanye Money Quotes and Personal Finance Lessons:

  1. There’s More to Life Than Money: “Let’s go on a living spree, they say the best things in life are free”
  2. Be Careful There’s a lot of Greed at the Top: “It seems we living the American dream | But the people highest up got the lowest self-esteem | The prettiest people do the ugliest things | For the road to riches and diamond rings.”
  3. Treat Yourself and Enjoy Yourself: “I remember I couldn’t afford a Ford Escort / Or even a four-track recorder / So it’s only right that I let the top drop on a drop-top Porsche | It’s for yourself, that’s important.”
  4. Money Can’t Buy You Happiness: “The devil is alive I feel him breathin’ | Claiming money is the key, so keep on dreamin’ | And put them lottery tickets just to tease us.”
  5. Don’t spend too much money : “I want to act ballerific like it’s all terrific | I got a couple past-due bills, I won’t get specific | I got a problem with spendin’ before I get it.”
  6. Before anyone wanted K, remember where you started. West beats | Me and my girl split the buffet at KFC.”

3. Jay Z

“I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell, I am a hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well”

Jay Z escapes from Brooklyn drug dealing rapper who raps a lot about making it. He has gone on to become one of the world’s most successful rappers, with a net worth estimated at over $1 billion. He is the first rapper to turn himself into a massive brand. He has become an inspiration to many up-and-coming rappers, who are looking to copy his success. He is an investor and a mogul.

Jay Z also endorses a ton of products and gets sponsorships. He is both a brand and married to a brand. Both of their brands have a significant impact on the entertainment industry. Jay Z redefines what it means to be a mogul in today’s environment. He has built an empire through hard work and determination. People who want to be entrepreneurs can learn a lot from listening to Jay Z. He shows how it is possible to build a successful business empire from the ground up.

Jay Z Money Quotes and Personal Finance Lessons:

  1. Create Side Hustles : “I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell, I am a hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well”
  2. Build Your Personal Brand: “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man…”
  3. Get Paid What You are Worth: “My mind on my money, money on my mind If you owe me ten dollars, you ain’t giving me nine”
  4. Know Your Market : “I dumbed down my audience to double my dollars”
  5. You already know, I’m heavy roll, heavy dough. If you want to make your money work for you, compound interest is a great way to increase your savings over time. Mic macheted your flow, your paper falls slow like confetti, mines a steady grow.”
  6. Take Risks: “I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of not trying”

4. Drake

“Oh well guess you win some and lose some, as long as the outcome is income”

Drake made $25 million by the time he was 25. He is now one of the most successful recording artists in the world. From the day he took the mic, the former actor-turned-rapper was a huge success. He gained a large following due to his unique sound and style. The singer tends to over-analyze all aspects of his life in his songs. He has created some of the most famous songs in music history because of his tendency to reflect deeply on his life.

He doesn’t come from rags to wealth, but he does try to make as much money as possible. He tries to become financially successful despite the fact that money can’t buy happiness. Drake wrestles with whether he should be hustling so hard since money can’t buy you time.

Everyone should be aware of their relationship with money, as I always appreciate Drakes deep thoughts. Young people will pay off in the long-term if they form healthy financial habits early in life.

Drake Money Quotes and Personal Finance Lessons:

  1. Diversification Leads to Wealth: “Oh well guess you win some and lose some, as long as the outcome is income”
  2. Keep Working Hard and Saving: “I just been playing, I didn’t know I was winning”
  3. Money Buys you Freedom: “I got car money, fresh start money”
  4. Don’t Let Money Change You : “I like when money makes a difference, but don’t make you different”
  5. Money Can’t Buy You Time (and time is more valuable than money) : “What good is all the cash if it doesn’t buy time?”

5. Wale

“If I woke up tomorrow and didn’t have a dolla, as long as I have my heart, I can get it all over.”

Wale is a conscious rapper who speaks the truth all the time. He speaks to a range of social issues. I like the juxtaposition of light and heavy topics in his music. His lyrics are thought- provoking and leave me in awe of his talent.

He is one of the rappers who flaunt but also shun wealth, like Drake, who was caught in between wanting, but not wanting, more money. He is trying to reconcile his ambition and wealth with humility in order to remain grounded as he continues to succeed. A lot of rappers ask when is enough. Wale is the best at it.

Wale Money Quotes and Personal Finance Lessons:

  1. Music is full of relevance and money is not. It’s important to have a working knowledge of money and finances in the modern world. That’s why I spend it like I look at it with hatred.”
  2. I took my mind away from money. I ain’t interested in fame, and I pray that never changes”
  3. Family first: “Family is everything and money is less important.”
  4. Be meaningful and build something unique: “I’m tired of making money, I’m on making history”
  5. Make the most of your money and be smart with it. ” Have that consistent drive long as your motors running”

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