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Hassle-Free Money Saving With Qapital: An Honest Review

There are many apps that promise to help you reach your savings goals. You can use one of these apps to track your progress and stay on track with your savings goals. Qapital has something unique and different from the competition. You can see how close you are to your financial goals with the help of Qapital.

The Qapital app can help you save money, as well as give you more control over your spending. It’s easy to use and can be tailored to your goals. A variety of unique features allow you to increase your account balance daily. You can track your progress and celebrate your successes.

Qapital is particularly effective due to its anchoring in psychology, which was designed by Prof Dan Ariely, one of the leading behavioral economists in the world. Qapital encourages users to make sound financial decisions that are tailored to their own lifestyle and objectives.

Qapital offers the usual benefits of a digital bank, such as no fees and on-the-go accessibility, but with the addition of innovative tools for saving, budgeting, and investing that aren’t just fun to use, they’re actually very effective.

From making direct deposits to change round-up and savings rules (that even help you to save based on your social media use) – Qapital has a lot to offer. Qapital is a great choice if you want to make your money work harder. I think you will like the fact that it can make banking fun and easier to reach your financial goals. It can help you save money and keep track of your finances.

I will be looking at what Qapital has to offer, what makes it unique, and how much it costs. Qapital has a range of features that make it an attractive option for people who want to save and manage their money more effectively. Read on to learn more. Continue reading and you will find more information about the topic.

What is Qapital?

Qapital uses behavioral economics and microsavings techniques to help you save money. It is easy to start saving with Qapital’s intuitive user experience. It has a bank account linked to it and works like a banking app, or you can choose to bank with Qapital from A to Z.

Wells Fargo Bank has a bank account that is insured up to $250,000. In the event of a bank failure, your money is safe and secure.

Qapital Account Types

You can change the account types with Qapital. Whether you are saving for a vacation or building up an emergency fund, these account types are tailored to help you reach your financial goals. Each account type can help you reach your goals more quickly. By utilizing the features of each account type, you can maximize your savings and ensure that you are setting yourself up for financial success. The three types of accounts available are:

Qapital Savings Goals Account

This type of account is used to help you save money for a goal that you have. You can have goals with someone else. Qapital makes it easy to save and reach your goals, no matter how big or small they are.

Qapital Spending Account

This type of account is a checking account that is linked to a Qapital has a Visa Debit card. You can use the Visa Debit card issued by Qapital to manage your spending. The card is fee-free and allows you to get to your money fast. It’s a very convenient way to access your funds because you can use it to pay for things online and in stores.

It also includes a unique budgeting tool called Spending Sweet Spot, ensuring you optimize your budget without feeling deprived or obsessing over it.

Qapital Invest

It is an investment account that Qapital offers to make it easier to save and invest. A flexible and secure way to plan for the future is provided by Qapital’s investment account. You can choose the risk level for each long-term goal. As your goals change, you can adjust the risk level of your accounts.

Because Qapital is designed to help you save money, it is missing some important features that usually accompany bank account apps such as earning interest on your money. Qapital might be the answer to your problems if you are looking to save money. Qapital is an easy to use app that can help you take control of your finances and put you on the path to financial success.

Micro-savings means that you will be saving little money but frequently. It’s easy to save if you don’t have to worry about a lot of money at once. We will discuss the rules in more detail soon. In a nutshell, Qapital’s If This, Then That is a service that goes beyond the roundup method. It allows you to automate tasks and save time.

It connects apps on your phone so that when you use that app a lot, you can transfer money to your Qapital savings account every time you perform a certain action. It’s easy to save money without having to manually transfer it. It is one of the most interesting Qapital features.

Qapital Features

Qapital features are designed to save money towards specific goals in a fun and sustainable way. The app gives users insights on their spending habits to help them make better financial decisions. Whether you’re saving to pay down debt, buy a home, travel, or secure an emergency fund, you can see your progress along the way and stay motivated.

You can choose which features and rules you want to use or not use, and you can save as much money as you want. It’s possible to make changes to your budget as often as you need.

If you want, you can switch the rules off completely. You can quickly adjust your rules according to your needs. It can be useful if you are having a tough month, as it can prevent you from reaching your goals. It is possible to create a budget that will allow you to save money.

Qapital’s Features that Help You Start Saving Money Regularly

  • The most interesting way that Qapital enables users to save is if this then that rules. You can tailor your savings plan to your specific needs with the help of IFTTT Rules. The rule tells the app to save money. It’s a simple rule to follow, but it can have a big impact on your finances over time. There are many different rules to choose from, with new ones added on a fairly regular basis. Some of the options available include:
      Facebook: Save money every time you post a social media update
      Fitbit: Save a certain amount towards your goal every time you hit your step goal (tip: if you don’t have a You can use the Health app on your phone to do this. You can use the Health app to manage and monitor your health on your phone. Save every time you like a video so you can advance towards your financial goals. I think it’s cool that you can watch videos on YouTube and save money.
  • The Round-Up Rule feature allows you to round up an amount you spend with the extra money going into your savings account. This is a great way to save money.
  • Money can be transferred towards a specific goal, either daily, weekly, or monthly. This feature allows you to save money quickly. Qapital will do all the work for you if you just tell them to do it. Qapital will help you stay organized and on track with your financial goals, but it will also do the work for you.
  • The Guilty Pleasure Rule is to tell Qapital to save a set amount of money whenever you buy from a specific merchant. You don’t have to feel guilty about spending too much money if you indulge in your guilty pleasure this way. This rule is designed to mimic bad behavior and only you can save money. You will be saving money and practicing healthier shopping habits.
  • Tell Qapital to save money when you get paid. Qapital can 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 If you take out the money as soon as you get your paycheck, you are less likely to notice the missing money and change your spending habits. If you set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to a savings account, you will be able to save without having to think about it.
  • The freelancer rule works the same way as PayDay, but is designed for people who are paid smaller amounts but more frequently.
  • The feature allows you to set a budget for merchants. You can set up notifications to let you know when you are close to your budget limit. Qapital will save the difference if you stay under budget. You can reach your savings goals with Qapital. This can be a very rewarding incentive not to overspend as you will save money and reach your goals, such as making a down payment
  • The 52 week rule is a proven way to save money. It involves putting money away each week for a year, and increasing the amount you save each week. It can be so effective because of the simple idea behind it. The simplicity of the concept makes it easy to implement and understand. You save $1.00 on week one, $2.00 on week two, and $3.00 on week three, and then you save $52.00 on week four. Saving $52.00 can be used to achieve one of your financial goals. The method will save you $1378.00 in one year.
  • The Apple Health Rule can help you save money and get fit at the same time. It can help you make better lifestyle choices for the long term. When you reach certain fitness goals in the Apple Health, the app will save you money.
  • Money missions rely on behavioral science to present you with challenges that aim to increase your money happiness and savings at the same time. You can expect to take a big step towards achieving your financial goals with successful completion of these challenges.
  • You can get a fee-free Visa debit card from Lincoln Savings Bank and earn interest on your Goals or Spending account. You can use the Visa Debit Card to manage your money.
  • You can make payments from your phone to your digital wallet with this feature. You can make payments quickly and securely with digital wallet integration.

Qapital Fees

Qapital used to be free, but that is no longer the case. There are three different plans to choose from, starting from Basic and going all the way to Master. Each plan has different features and benefits that you can choose from.

The pricing is structured as follows:

Plan Type Fee Payable
Basic $3.00 Monthly
Complete $6.00 Monthly
Master $12.00 Monthly

Qapital Basic

The entry level Qapital account gives you access to Goals with Automated Rules. The entry-level Qapital account can help you reach your savings goals and get started on your financial journey.

Qapital Complete

This is the mid-tier Qapital account and provides everything the Basic plan does, plus a Spending Account, budgeting tools, and an Investing Account.

Qapital Master

The Qapital account is the top tier. You can use the features of this account to reach your financial goals. It adds exclusive content to help you become your best financial self. Not only does it help you become your best financial self, but it also provides interactive tools and resources to help you better understand the ins and outs of personal finance.


Signing up to Qapital is very easy. You can begin to build your savings once you’re done. You can sign up through the app on your phone. The app makes it easy to manage your account.

The sign-up process can be completed in a few simple steps. All of the features of the service will be accessible once the sign-up process is complete. You can choose your goals for the next year. Paying off debts, building your emergency fund, and a few others are some of the options you can choose from. Financial goals should be tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Qapital members often share their goals on Instagram using the hashtag #MyQapitalGoal.

To get a verification code, you need to enter your phone number. You can enter the verification code into the designated field once you have entered your phone number. This will allow you to link your phone to your Qapital account. You will be able to access and manage your Qapital account once you link your phone.

In minutes, you can link your bank account to the mobile app.

Qapital Promotions

Qapital may release promotions from time to time. Special offers may be offered to customers. You can find Qapital news in the blog section on their website where they announce new features such as the availability of new IFTTT rules and new Visa Debit Cards whenever these become available.

It is possible to find what you are looking for without having to go through each and every update. To find the news article you’re looking for, you can use the search bar.

Qapital promotions include the current referral bonus, where you can get a $25 bonus towards your savings goals for referring friends to the app. It’s not going to be around forever because promotions tend to be seasonal. Time is of the essence when it comes to taking advantage of promotions – don’t wait too long or you may miss out!

The #MyQapitalGoal contest is one of the contests that Qapital organizes. Qapital users can share their financial goals with the community and be rewarded for their efforts in these contests. For a chance to win a $1,000 cash bonus towards your savings goal, simply upload a picture of your goal to the social media platform. If you include the #MySavingsGoal in your post, your entry will be counted.

Qapital Security

Qapital uses SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security is used to protect communications between the app and their server. Account verification procedures are used before transfers are affected. The security and integrity of your financial data are ensured by these procedures.

All communication between Qapital and banks and other third parties is secure with no sensitive data stored on Qapital’s server. Qapital complies with the highest industry standards for data security and privacy protection.

An extra layer of security can be provided by using TouchID and passcode lock, as well as regular updates to keep everything as secure as possible. The highest level of security is ensured by the app.

Qapital Customer Service

When it comes to customer service and support, you have a few options, like the Help center, starting a Drop them an email or live chat.

Help Center

There are many questions users have along with the answers in the Help Center. Users can find additional resources at the Help Center. It is easier to find the answers to your questions if you divide them into separate sections. This organization makes it easy for you to find the information you need in a timely manner. If you get stuck, you can refer to the online help for a nice base. If you’re still having trouble after looking at the online help, you should reach out to customer service.

Live chat

Live chat is the fastest way to get an answer and can be accessed from within the app. You don’t have to wait for an answer no matter what time of day it is, because live chat is available 24/7. If the bot can’t answer the question, it will offer a way to get in touch with the agent. Please don’t hesitate to ask the bot any questions you may have, as the bot is designed to be as helpful as possible.


Email is one of the more convenient ways to get in touch. It’s a great way to stay in touch with people from all over the world. Customer queries are answered within 24 hours. Qapital has a live chat feature that allows customers to ask questions. If you have to go back and forth, try to include as much information as possible.

Pros and Cons

Like everything else, Qapital has pros and cons. Knowing these can help you make the right decision. It is important to remember that the decision you make should be tailored to your specific needs and goals.


  • No minimum amount to open a Qapital account
  • Fee-free Visa Debit Card
  • Uses behavioral science to help you save money, manage your budget and invest in your future


  • No telephone support is available
  • Monthly fees are slightly higher when compared to the competition

Alternatives to Qapital

Qapital has a number of unique features that no other app has. Qapital is the go-to app for personal finance because of its innovative features and user-friendly design. The rules are unique to Qapital. It is easy to create custom savings plans that are tailored to your financial goals. Qapital has a unique set of features. Qapital’s features make saving easier, faster, and more fun. These features can help you save more money. You can maximize your savings by using these features.

Depending on your goals and circumstances, other micro-investing apps you might want to consider include:

  • Acorns: Acorns is designed to help you save money. It includes automatic saving features such as Round-Up while including IRA savings account, cashback, investing options, and others. It is cheaper than Qapital with the top-tier account maxing out at $5.00 per month. Qapital offers joint savings with friends, more diverse savings rules to allow for more personalization, and a contactless debit card. You can track your goals and monitor your progress with the Qapital app.
  • Stash: Stash is an app that aims to adjust your financial habits to help you save more money. Banking, Investment, Retirement, and Custodial are available account types. No matter what your financial goals are, there’s an account type that can help you achieve them. Monthly costs start at $1.00 for a beginner account and go all the way to $9.00 for a Stash+ account.

Who Is Qapital Best For?

If you’re looking to improve your personal financial situation, Qapital has a unique set of tools and features to help you save in a fun and non-intrusive way. Without sacrificing your day-to-day lifestyle, it’s a great way to build up a financial cushion for the future.

The rules are unique and creative. They can be used to automate everyday tasks. Behavioral science can help you adjust your spending habits and save money in the process. It is possible to make significant progress towards financial freedom by implementing these rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Qapital app safe?

The Qapital app is safe. Qapital uses secure encryption technology to keep your data safe and secure, as well as being regulated and insured by the FDIC, so you can rest assured that your money is in good hands. All communication between the app and the servers is encrypted using SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer / It’s important to make sure your data is saved in transit. Ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected from outside interference is achieved through the use of TLS. TouchID and Passcode Lock can be enabled to add an additional layer of security. If you have sensitive information on your device, this is useful.

Is Qapital FDIC insured?

Qapital is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Lincoln Savings Bank is insured up to the applicable limits. Wells Fargo Bank has qapital bank accounts. Customers of Qapital can rest assured that their money is safe and secure. This is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Is the Qapital debit card good?

Qapital also recently launched a new debit card with all the bells and whistles one could hope for. Wherever Visa cards are accepted, this can be used. It makes it easy to make payments. You will get a small amount of interest, which goes to your savings or spending account. The interest is credited to your account monthly.

Since there are no fees associated with the Qapital card, it’s great.

How does the Qapital app make money?

Qapital makes money through the plan subscriptions. Qapital’s plans allow users to save money and invest in their future, while also providing a convenient way to track personal finances. There are three tiers you can choose from, and these are payable every month. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs from the different tiers.

  • Basic costs $3.00 per month and is the most basic account.
  • The Complete account costs $6 per month. Features from Complete are great value for money.
  • If you want to get all of the features that Qapital has to offer, you need to get the Master account. With the Master account, you will be able to access all of the features that Qapital has to offer, making it easy and convenient to save money.

Qapital has an upfront subscription model that means you will never have to deal with ads. As soon as the latest features and updates are released, you’ll have access to them.

Make Saving and Investing Easy With Qapital

Qapital is a great savings app to try out – both for seasoned savers and those new to saving. It is easy to use and fun. The benefits of using this technology are endless.

On top of the app’s ease of use, it has many excellent features that make saving seamless and hassle-free, while allowing you to stay in control. This app can help you achieve your financial goals quickly and easily.

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