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This is a job posting from company – Parker Plastics

Employment TypeFull Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Maryland, USA

This job is 100% remote.

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Position Summary:

This position is responsible for the direction and supervision of Production Supervisory staff in relation to all production functions/ needs. This position is responsible for ensuring accuracy in machine scheduling, helping to maintain desired inventory levels, manning, machine efficiencies, employee relations/retention, ensure training of all production staff, and coordination of production requirements. The Production Manager is also responsible for following and leading the team in safety guidelines. This position must be experienced and well versed in FDA, Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 (CFR), Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and responsible for assuring excellent performance within the Safe Quality Food (SQF) program.

Required Qualifications and/or Position Requirements:

· 5+ years supervisory experience in the blow molding and/or similar industry or 7+ years supervisory experience in a manufacturing environment.

· Familiarity with blow molding machinery and support equipment.

· High school diploma or equivalent (GED).

· A demonstrated ability to read, write and follow verbal and written instructions in the English language.

· Technical trade school or college courses preferred.

· Experience with employee relations and discipline processes.

· Implemented production and/or quality control improvements on food packaging manufacturing facilities.

· Must be diversified on PC’s and familiar with PLC’s.

· Must be willing to work needed hours to complete duties and responsibilities (scheduled or nonscheduled)

· Must be able to work consecutive weekends and/or multi shifts as required.

Preferred Candidate Qualifications:

· Bachelor’s degree in related field, or a minimum of eight to ten years Production Management experience, and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

· Knowledge of and must be well versed in SQF, GMP’s, HACCP, FSMA, GSFI, plant production systems, sanitation, plant safety, quality systems and packaging/food industry regulations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

· Must be leader, able to motivate others, able to recognize areas of needs across the company and tackle projects independently.

· Must be skilled in managing and directing employees, promoting a team atmosphere, implementing policies and procedures.

Must possess exceptional Microsoft Office skills (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.)

· Must have excellent communication and presentation skills.

· Must have excellent recordkeeping and documentation skills.

· HACCP training is preferred.

· Ability to work under deadlines.

· Ability to multitask.

· Self-driven, results oriented, able to work independently.

· Ability to work with confidential materials.

· Detail oriented.

· Excellent organizational skills

· Must know and be able to assist in the training of all lower classification employees.

· Must have a valid state driver’s license.

· Must successfully complete training course and receive license to operate forklift

· Must have positive attendance points to continue cross training program to higher job classification.

· Knowledge and willingness to learn the in-house inventory systems and general computer (PC) for all types of data entries, reports, and internal communications.

· Familiarity with blow molding machinery and support equipment is required.

· Be able to safely and effectively use a variety of hand tools and equipment.

· Requires constant visual attention, ability to discern flaws in containers.

· Must be able to travel, when required.

· Must have means to be able to obtain rental vehicle, hotel accommodations, etc. while traveling on business

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Can volunteer and/or be assigned to be on or a back-up to any Product Safety Team Member.

· Can volunteer and/or be assigned as a Product Safety Committee team member, responsibilities include facilitating the meetings, assists with the Chemical Control program, and assists with the purchasing of in-house chemicals.

· Can volunteer and/or be assigned to be part of the HACCP team member assists in facilitating the HACCP meetings per the requirements of the Third-Party Auditing procedures. Responsibilities include assists with the Chemical Control program and assists with the purchasing of in-house chemicals.

· Assists with the management of our internal audit programs of the facility to verify the procedures mandated by the company are adhered to. This includes SQF/Product Safety, GMP’s, Sanitation, HACCP, Preventative Maintenance, and Document Control.

· Helps ensure that the facility is kept clean and orderly, and all cleaning duties are appropriately assigned to all production personnel per SQF/HACCP standards/specifications.

· Continuously improves product safety and product quality performance at the plant.

· Helps ensure that all company “Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP’S) are adhered to at all times.

· Work directly with other department managers to ensure production needs.

· Direct the activities of Production Supervisors in the training of all employees in the areas of safety, operation of equipment, quality control requirements, standards and procedures, and recognition of materials, which should be scrap vs. regrind

· Direct supervisors in employee relations, documentation of corrective action reports, counseling, etc., vacation scheduling and appropriate staffing to meet production needs within budget limits.

· Direct supervisors in employee relations, documentation of corrective action reports, counseling, etc., vacation scheduling and appropriate staffing to meet production needs within budget limits.

· Help monitor machine efficiency record, analyze and assist in the determining problems when efficiency rate is below standards.

· HACCP Team member assists with meetings, and validations in accordance with the Third-Party processes and procedures.

· Product Safety Team Member by being involved with meetings, backup positions, and any SQF programs.

· Help ensure that the plant stays within compliance to all OSHA rules and regulations.

· Help ensure all areas within the facility are maintained in a safe working condition.

· Help ensure that the machine guards and interlocks are always intact and operational.

· Help ensure that all employees are properly trained in safe operation of production equipment, and that all safety rules are enforced.

· Help ensure employees are properly trained on forklift operation and safety.

· Help perform monthly safety meetings, training, and walk through with all shifts.

· Assist with the coordination of all Safety Programs.

· Help ensure that all production supervisors are trained and maintain their First Aid/First Response cards/certificates.

· Ensure that all Production Supervisors report and/or correct unsafe conditions within the facility.

· Help monitor employee behavior regarding safe work performance or practices.

· Ensure that all employees have and properly use appropriate safety equipment.

· Direct the work of employees to correct improper work habits and/or behavior; reward good job performance and take corrective action as required.

· Ensure all paperwork is completed in a timely manner.

· Help ensure all policies and procedures are always adhered to.

· Help ensure good working environment is always maintained

· Assist in the completion of pertinent paperwork for production personnel and direct reports to include performance evaluations, attendance records, review of timecards, etc.

· Assists with scheduling all production per customer projections.

· Assists with ordering all raw materials required for production needs.

· Help to ensure all finished goods meet or exceed customers’ quality and shipping requirements.

· Help ensure the scrap corrugation and resin are maintained in an orderly fashion.

· Help schedule production changeovers to minimize downtime and loss of productivity.

· Help communicate quality issues with quality staff, help aid in correcting quality issues directly related to machine malfunction.

· Assist all employees as needed.

· Assist with improvements to equipment for safe and more efficient operation.

· Assists in taking of monthly and yearly inventories.

· Leaves clear instructions for production requirements for on coming supervisors.

· Prepares and maintains necessary production reports, machine efficiency reports, scrap reports, and other reports as required.

· Communicate with supervisors, maintenance personnel, operators and plant manager to ensure awareness of problems, progress reports, etc.

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