You are currently viewing Maintaining Peace During Times Of Uncertainty: Covid-19 And Life Update

Maintaining Peace During Times Of Uncertainty: Covid-19 And Life Update

I have been isolated north of New York City for the past three weeks to make sure my wife doesn’t get Covid-19. New York City is the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States with cases and deaths doubling daily.

It is frightening for me and all of us. I’m trying to stay positive and remember that this will pass. I don’t know how to give you an update on my life and share my thoughts on this moment. I’m thankful for the time to reflect on what I’ve learned and achieved. The best way to do it was with a new solo episode of the Financial Freedom Podcast. The topics of financial freedom will be covered in more detail in this episode.

I share my thoughts on the coronaviruses, life, money, the market, and how I am trying to cultivate peace in uncertain times as I live in upstate New York. I hope that by sharing my thoughts, I can encourage others to reflect on their own lives and what matters the most to them during this difficult time.

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Peace in Uncertain Times (COVID19 & Life Update)

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Food Bank of Hudson Valley

All proceeds of this episode are being donated to support the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley . Donate to your local food bank to support those in need. You can help those in need by volunteering.

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UPDATE: Unfortunately the Financial Freedom Summit needed to be rescheduled

I was so pumped about the Financial Freedom Summit in May, but now it’s being rescheduled for later this year. I am sure we will sell out tickets now that we have more time. We can reach our goal if we start promoting the event more heavily. We will be doing a live virtual half day Summit on May 2nd for those who signed up for the Summit. We are looking forward to having a great day of learning and networking with you.

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Money moves during this tough time

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