What is College Club?

Atlas: DIY launched College Club as a response to growing demand from our members for programs that addressed their college needs. We believe that all Members deserve access to higher education and that higher education can be a tool for community empowerment and transformation.

Atlas’ Mission with College Club

Through College Club, Atlas: DIY aims to educate undocumented students about the options and opportunities available to them. College applications are a tough time for everyone, but especially for undocumented youth – many of whom are the first ones in their families to go to college. Through College Club, members learn about opportunities ranging from scholarships that don’t ask about your immigration status to applying for exclusive programs like diversity week and college fly-in tours. Since starting, we’ve helped students apply to programs at well-respected universities, such as Vassar College, Connecticut College and Ithaca College, and many of our students now attend colleges such as these, and many others.