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Top 16 Remote Summer Work Opportunities For Educators

If you need to make some extra money this summer, you only need a laptop and a reliable internet connection. There are many ways to make money from home. There are online summer jobs for teachers in 2021.

You may even decide to make one of these jobs a side hustle you continue year-round.

  1. Teach an online course with Teachable or Udemy
  2. Become a summer camp counselor with Varsity Tutors
  3. Teach English online with VIPKid
  4. Sell lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers 
  5. Teach summer school online
  6. Teach test prep with The Princeton Review
  7. Find virtual assistant jobs on Fiverr
  8. Work as a freelancer with Upwork
  9. Transcribe with Scribie 
  10. Write dating profiles with e-Cyrano
  11. Manage social media accounts for small businesses
  12. Proofread
  13. Blog with WordPress
  14. Sell items on Etsy
  15. Take surveys on InboxDollars
  16. Sell your unwanted items on Decluttr

Best Online Summer Jobs for Teachers

The best online summer jobs for teachers are related to teaching and unrelated to teaching. There are always opportunities to use your teaching skills and knowledge to benefit the organization or company you are working for, no matter what type of job you choose. Continue reading to learn more. You can find out more about this topic by researching online and talking to experts in the field.

Online jobs related to teaching

Do you want to keep your teaching skills sharp and make money doing what you do best? Teaching online can allow you to make your own schedule and teach classes from anywhere in the world. There are ways to make money from virtual classrooms this summer. There are online tutoring companies that specialize in virtual classrooms.

1. Teach an online course with Udemy or Teachable

Fiverr logo


One of the top platforms for finding work is Fiverr. It’s free to sign up now.

8. Work as a freelancer with Upwork

Upwork is a leading freelance marketplace loaded with flexible gigs. Writers and designers can find work through Upwork. Creative professionals can gain valuable experience and showcase their skills by working for free. You can make some money by helping companies produce creative copy for their websites and sales materials.

9. Transcribe with Scribie 

Scribie is a transcription provider that hires contractors to listen to audio and produce written text.

You are probably a good listener as a teacher. When your students need additional support, you have a knack for identifying it. You spend a lot of time talking with kids. Taking time for yourself and having a break from the classroom environment is important. If that sounds like you, it’s possible to put this skill to use and make money transcribing audio in your free time.

10. Write dating profiles with e-Cyrano

e-Cyrano provides dating profile customization, jazzing up personal ads, and helping people make meaningful connections. By crafting eye-catching profiles, you can help play a role in summer romance. You can make sure your friends find the perfect match with the right profile.

11. Manage social media accounts for small businesses

Small businesses struggle to manage social media. There are a lot of tools that can be used to make social media management more efficient. Why don’t you use this as an opportunity to make some money? You could use this to gain experience.

Audit the social media pages of local businesses in your area. You can reach out to local businesses using social media. Look for posts with little to no engagement. You should analyze the report to identify areas for improvement. Visit the businesses in person and talk through your report. Take notes and ask any questions that come up.

If you can offer a plan to help drum up summer sales, you might be able to land a part-time gig paid on an hourly or per-project rate. This could be a great opportunity to gain experience in the marketing field and make some extra money.

12. Proofread

Do you like to read? Proofreaders help companies ensure the material they publish is free of errors and in line with company policy. It is important for organizations to maintain and protect the integrity of their brand through proofreading.

FlexJobs is a great place to find temporary or even full-time proofreading jobs. There are no opportunities listed on the site. You can work from the comfort of your own home and have access to jobs from all over the world.

We also recommend using the courses and training resources at

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