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College Student Online Job Opportunities

College students don’t have to live broke lifestyles anymore. It’s easy to make money in your free time with online jobs for college students. These jobs can be done from the comfort of one’s own home and don’t require any prior experience.

If you want to put the days of drinking water and ramen behind you, you can either start your own gig or get a job from a company and work from home. You can use the money you make to invest in your future and create a more secure financial situation for yourself.

If you want to work for someone or be your own boss, you should consider your time, what you enjoy doing, and what you want to do. Ensure that the job you are considering is legitimate and pays a competitive wage by doing your research.

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38 Easy Online Jobs for College Students

Here are the best online jobs where college students can get paid to work from home:

1. Online Tutor

Students will always need a tutor. Helping students succeed in their academic endeavors is an important part of tutoring. For example, you can tutor students at your college in courses you’ve already aced or tutor younger students who need help with math, English, or other basic subjects.

You can tutor online, giving you access to students worldwide, or in-person at your local library or even at the students’ houses.

You can either use a flyer for local businesses or join sites like to advertise to a larger audience.

2. Social Media Manager

Get paid to help companies manage their social media pages if you have a knack for social media. Social media management is a great way to make money from home. It is one of the most important parts of a company’s marketing plan, but many don’t have the budget to hire someone full-time to do it. To maximize its effectiveness and get the most out of your budget, it’s important to understand the basics of social media marketing.

If you want to work as a social media manager, you can either charge per hour or charge a flat fee. This type of work allows you to work on your own terms and has a lot of flexibility.

Offer your services on sites like Upwork or Fiverr and market to companies that need a good social media manager.

3. Note-Taker

You can make money if you sell your class notes. Many students have been able to earn an extra income by sharing their notes with other students. Some students don’t have what it takes to take good notes and do well on the tests. Finding new strategies for studying that fit their needs is important for those students.

If you are a master note taker, uploading them to sites like Stuvia, StudySoup, or OneClass will get you paid for them. You can make extra money by sharing your notes with other students on these sites.

4. Answer Surveys Online

Survey sites are a great way to make a little money in your free time. It is not necessary for you to worry about meeting deadlines or fitting large projects into your schedule. You can easily prioritize your tasks with proper planning and organization.

If you have time, you can accept the survey offers if you download an app and create a profile. Depending on the time they take, you can make up to $20 per survey. In your spare time, surveys can be a great way to make extra money.

Popular, high-paying sites include:

5. Product Testing and Reviewing

You can try and keep free products, even if you don’t make money as a product tester or reviewer.

Companies pay people to try out their products in order to get feedback and make sure there are no problems with them. This helps the company make sure their product is the best it can be before releasing it to the public.

Toluna, MyPoints, and Swagbucks all offer product testing on occasion.

6. Freelance Writer

Good content is required for a good website. The website will be successful if it has good content. You can make money as a writer if you have a way with words. It is possible to make money while working from home and manage your own time.

Content can be written for websites, articles, white papers, and e-books. It is possible to write press releases, product descriptions, and website copy for businesses. Most freelance writers work as ghost writers, so they don’t get the credit or byline on the content, but you can earn good money doing it.

If you want to advertise your services on a marketplace, be sure to have a portfolio to show your skills. Reviews and testimonials from past clients will help set you apart from the competition.

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can do just about anything for a company. You can answer their emails, do their bookkeeping, or do any other tasks. If they need help with their social media accounts, you could even manage them.

You can either charge per hour or a flat monthly fee. This is dependent on the type and scope of work you are providing. If you want to be a personal assistant, you need to know how many hours a week or month you can work. It is important to be realistic about how much time you can commit to as a personal assistant in order to ensure success.

8. Online Personal Trainer or Fitness Coach

If you love fitness and health, you can help others who don’t have the motivation.

In your free time, you can work online. It’s easier for clients to find you if you have a website. If you get certified in personal training, you can share your credentials with clients, which will make them more comfortable working with you. A certification shows potential clients that you are well-versed in the field of personal training and can provide them with the best possible services.

You decide how much you charge, how often you see clients, and what services you offer. You have complete control of your business, and you can change it as you please. If you only provide fitness training, you will most likely meet once a week, but if you also provide health or nutrition coaching, you will meet more often. You should think about how your sessions will affect your client’s progress.

You can offer your services online, giving you access to a larger audience.

9. T-Shirt and Merchandise Designer

If you have a great t-shirt design, consider marketing it using sites like Tee Spring or any other print-on-demand site. You can reach out to local boutiques or stores to see if they would be interested in carrying your t-shirt design. There is no need to carry any inventory. After you create the design, you upload it to Tee Spring, and when someone orders a shirt, they print and ship it. Customer service is handled by them. The customer service team is highly trained and experienced.

You get a percentage of the cost for creating one design. The more designs you create, the more money you can make. You can make more money if you build an audience. Maintaining a successful business model is dependent on engaging with your audience.

10. Sell Clothes Online

Don’t let old clothes go out of style. Donate them to those in need and help make a difference. Instead, hop on sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and Poshmark and sell them.

If you have name-brand clothes, you can get a good percentage of the original price back. It’s important to research current prices for similar items to make sure you are getting the best deal.

11. Data Entry

If you can type fast and want a somewhat mindless side gig, offer data entry services.

Companies need someone to enter data accurately. You would hold an important role in their business because of how they run reports and make important business decisions. They will be able to make better decisions and grow the business if they have the right data.

12. Web Developer or Designer

Businesses need a website to succeed, but many don’t have the ability to create one. There are many web development companies that can help businesses. Some companies have a website, but it is poorly designed and does not help their business. A good website can be the difference between success and failure.

If you are majoring in web development or design, you should use your knowledge to make money. You can make money by working on websites such as Upwork or Fiverr. You can either design new websites or change existing websites. Maintaining existing websites can be done by you, ensuring they are kept up to date.

Companies can determine if your skills fit their needs if you create a portfolio of your previous work.

Some companies will hire you to maintain their website for a long time. You can expect to get a salary for your work in this case. Monthly packages can be created to help companies stay on top of their web design. There are additional services you can offer to complete the web design packages.

13. Etsy Seller

If you’re crafty, consider selling your creations on Etsy. You can sell your items on the site. You can easily change the look and feel of your store to reflect your brand. You can also sell digital items if you are good with graphic design. Digital artwork, fonts, templates, and more can be sold on Etsy as well.

They take a percentage of your earnings, so they price your items accordingly.

14. Online Retail Arbitrage

Do you like to find deals? It can be fun to find deals and save money. Is it possible to sell those items online for a fee? If you sell those items online, you could potentially increase your profits. You would be paid to shop. You could get discounts on the items you purchase. If you find hot items on a great deal, this is a great way to make money. You can use your shopping skills to find unique items that you can resell for a profit, making it even more rewarding.

You can make money by selling your items on eBay, Amazon, or Facebook. You can use these platforms to reach a larger audience and potentially make more money.

15. Textbook Flipper

If you know where to buy textbooks, you can sell them for a higher price and make money online. It’s important to do your research and know the market in order to get the best returns. College students who don’t want to pay retail prices for their textbooks are your target audience.

16. Proofreader & Editor

If you have a great grasp of the English language and don’t mind correcting written content, you can make money as a proofreader.

Businesses pay people to make their content sound good. Businesses that want to stand out from the competition should use proofreaders. It could hurt their business if they make a mistake. They take their time to make sure everything is done correctly.

This is a great job to advertise on.

17. Freelance Copywriter

There are many companies that need sales content. Sales content and copywriting help companies reach their goals. This is not the same as writing on your own. It is possible to work from home and have flexible hours. Sales copy encourages someone to buy a product or service. You won’t be disappointed in your purchase with our top-notch product and service.

You could write website content, sales pages, flyers, or product descriptions. Content can be created for social media, email newsletters, and blog posts. If you have experience writing for a business or school, use the content in your portfolio to get more clients. You can reach out to potential clients with a pitch based on the content in your portfolio.

18. Freelance Video Editor

Video bloopers from companies are shown on their social media pages for fun. The work behind the scenes is just as important as the bloopers you see. It takes a lot of work to make sure videos are professional.

Many small companies don’t have the time or capital to hire a full-time video editor, so they use a third-party to do it. Small businesses can save time and money by hiring a video editor.

If you have good video editing skills, you can offer your services to local companies. You can use an online portfolio to show off your video editing skills to potential clients.

As a video editor, you will cut scenes, add music, create stories, and make sure the video gives the right message. You will need to be creative, organized and attentive to detail in order to produce the best results.

19. SEO Specialist

If you understand how the internet works, you can offer your services as anseo specialist. If you offer your services to businesses that want to increase their visibility online, you can make a good living.

Once you prove you are good at what you do, word-of-mouth can help you get more business. Promoting your work on social media and other online platforms will help you reach more potential clients.

The fee for the services is either a flat fee or per hour worked.

20. Voiceover Artist

If you have a voice that people love to listen to, you could be a voiceover artist. Voiceover artists can do a lot of different things, from television commercials to video games and animation. If you have the recording software, you can work whenever you want. For a truly unique sound, you can collaborate with other musicians remotely.

You can work for companies, schools, and medical facilities.

21. Audio Transcriber

Transcribing is a great way for college students to make money online. You can make money if you have good attention to detail, listen carefully, and type fast.

Companies use stenographers to make subtitles, closed caption, or to have a written version of a video.

College students can be hired by Rev and TranscribeMe. Both sites offer competitive pay and flexible hours, which are ideal for college students looking to make extra money.

22. Stock Photographer

If you don’t have the time to work as a professional photographer in person, consider selling your photos online on sites like Shutterstock or Foap. You can leverage the large audience by taking a picture and uploading it to the site. Why wait when the potential for your image to go viral is enormous?

You earn a percentage of the commission when someone buys your picture, with the other funds going to the site that hosts your picture. It’s possible for your work to be seen by millions of people, giving you the chance to make more money. The buyer prints the picture using their favorite medium, so you don’t have to do any work. It’s a great way to make money.

23. Freelance Bookkeeping

If you’re majoring in accounting, offer basic bookkeeping services to small businesses. Companies pay someone to check their work or do everything for them because not everyone was cut out to do it.

Monthly packages can be offered to companies or you can work for one company and handle all their books. This will allow you to establish a long-term relationship with the company.

24. Website and App Tester

If you love finding out what’s wrong with a website or app, get paid for it — sites like UserTesting pay you to test websites and apps and report what you found.

If you do a few tests a week, your earnings can add up nicely.

25. Freelance Computer Programmer or Developer

Most business owners don’t have computer programming skills. To succeed in the modern business world, you need a good understanding of computer programming. If you understand coding and programming, offer your services to local businesses. You can either start a gig or advertise your services. You can use online job boards to find work.

It’s easy to charge good money for your services because computer programming is very specialized. The demand for computer programming skills is increasing so now is a great time to get into this field.

26. Graphic Designer

If you are in school for graphic design, you should use the skills you have already learned to make money. You can use those same skills to create projects of your own. To name a few items, you can design t-shirts, flyers, webpages, business cards, and banners.

If you want to make money as a graphic designer, you should create a website showcasing your previous work. They take a portion of your earnings to cover the cost of the administrative and advertising work they offer, so if you use upwork or Fiverr to market your services, remember, they take a portion of your earnings to cover the cost of the administrative and advertising work they offer. It is important to factor this into your pricing so that you can still make a profit.

27. Resume Writer

Thousands of people are looking for a job if you know the latest resume trends and write well. You can make a difference in the lives of job seekers by using the latest resume trends in your writing.

Not everyone knows how to put together a resume. They will pay you $75 to create their resume or edit an existing one. If you have a knack for writing and crafting, this could be a great opportunity to make some extra money.

Spread the word if you have a passion for writing. You can offer resume writing services to friends and family. You might not know how many people need your services. You can help them by reaching out to your network.

28. Micro-Freelancer

There are many things you can do. Micro-tasks can be used to make extra money. When sellers could charge $5 for their services, the idea was born. One of the top online marketplaces for businesses to find freelancer and services is Fiverr. The micro-tasks are still available. There are a variety of services on the platform.

If you could do anything for $5, what would you do? You will be surprised how many people will pay for your services.

Don’t think it’s not enough when you only make a few dollars because every dollar adds up. Don’t hesitate to contribute even if it’s just a few dollars because small contributions are better than nothing.

29. PowerPoint Presentation Designer

You can advertise your services on sites like Fiverr. This can be a great way to make extra money. Companies need PowerPoint presentations often, but they may not have the skills to make a great slideshow. Quality can be ensured by hiring a professional designer to create the presentation.

You can either start from scratch or add music and special touches to make their slideshow unique.

30. Virtual Recruiter

Virtual recruiters can be used if you love matching people with jobs. Virtual recruitment is an exciting and rewarding role that allows you to make a difference in other people’s lives while working from the comfort of your own home. You would need to work with a staffing agency that allows you to work from home. Training and resources are typically provided by the staffing agency.

When you have free timefrom your classes, you can make up to $25 an hour as a contractor. You can choose your own hours and work around your busy schedule as a contractor.

31. Virtual Stylist

Do you get fashion advice from your friends and family? Your friends and family come to you for advice because you have a great eye for fashion. If you help people online choose the right clothing, you could get paid for it.

If you want to work for companies like StitchFix or Rocks Box, you can start your own consultant gig. You can make money and be your own boss in the fashion industry.

32. Book Reviewer

If you enjoy reading, you should get paid for it. It’s a great way to make money while doing something you enjoy. People are paid to read books and give reviews. The reviews help other people decide if they want to read the book. Booklist Online and Publisher’s There are two great sites to try. There’s sure to be something for everyone at these sites.

You don’t make a lot of money reviewing books, but you get the books for free and get paid for your time, so it’s a fun gig if you love reading. You can give feedback to authors that will help them improve their writing.

33. Amazon Seller

If you have an inventory of items to sell, consider Amazon’s FBA program. They hold your items after you ship them. They take pictures and list them on your behalf. Then, you market your products on Amazon, and when they sell, Amazon handles the order and customer service.

If you have a small inventory and room to store it, you can make more money by handling order fulfillment and customer service for Amazon. It is important to consider the cost of shipping and handling when making a decision.

34. Translator

If you are bilingual, you can make money helping companies translate documents or people who need documents to send to their home country. You can use your bilingual skills to help others learn a new language. Good writing skills and fast typing are required to translate audio or written content. You should be able to use different software programs to aid in the translation process.

Upwork and Fiverr can be used to find clients who need your services. You should include detailed descriptions of your services and relevant experience in your profile.

35. Twitch Streamer

Believe it or not, you can get paid to play games.

Some sites like Mistplay pay you the longer you play or the higher you get in a specific game, and you can also earn money creating a Twitch channel and streaming your game playing. If you have a large enough audience, you can monetize your channel with merchandise and ads. It is possible to collaborate with game developers and publishers for additional revenue if you have a successful streaming channel.

36. Music Production

With music production, the sky is the limit. You can make your own songs, write songs, or edit the final product. You can work with other writers to create something unique. The gig works best with word of mouth. Sharing your experience with friends and family is a great way to spread the word.

Word will spread fast if your music is good. It is possible to share your music with friends and family.

Thousands of people behind the search engine are making the results perfect. Sometimes, though, their results are off, so they pay people to evaluate the search engine results.

It is a research heavy job, but you can do it in your spare time, and it will help you improve your research skills. When you successfully finish a project, the rewards can be incredibly gratifying. The most popular site to apply to be a search engine evaluator is Lionbridge.

38. Freelance Podcast Editor

Businesses of all sizes are listening to Podcasts. They need editing because they have mistakes or excessive content. It takes skill and patience to get the best results from audio recordings.

Break the content up, add music, and make the show sound good. Adding sound effects to help illustrate the topics you are discussing will enhance your audience’s experience. If you want to help companies with their podcasts regularly, you can either set up a monthly package or hire you on a per podcasts basis. This is a great way to make money as a consultant.

Can You Get an Online Job as a College Student?

If you have a good internet connection and a computer, you can get jobs online as a college student. College students can work around their class schedules with online jobs.

College students with busy schedules can find great jobs as a result. Students have the flexibility to work when and where they choose, allowing them to balance their studies with a job that fits their lifestyle. You can set your own prices when you are available. This type of work is great for people who want to supplement their income.

Some online jobs pay extremely well, and other college side hustles make enough for a night out or a few Starbucks coffees.

What’s the Earning Potential?

The amount of money you make in online jobs depends on a number of factors. It’s important to do your research and find an online job that fits your skills and lifestyle. Jobs with a company or even some gigs on Fiverr can earn you a full-time income.

Some online jobs only make you a few dollars at a time, but if you work harder you can make more money. You can increase your income by taking on multiple online jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do online student freelancers get paid?

Students can get paid online with a variety of payment methods. You can transfer your earnings to your PayPal account anytime if you use a site like Fiverr. It’s a great way to make money and save money at the same time, and you can use Fiverr to purchase services.

If you don’t have a contract, you won’t be safe if you don’t use a site like Fiverr. It’s important to remember that there is always a certain degree of risk when it comes to earning money online, so be sure to take the necessary precautions.

Do online student freelancers pay taxes?

They have to pay taxes on their earnings. Tax professionals can give specific advice on filing taxes as a freelancer. You have to report the earnings from the document. You have to file the 1099 with your tax return. You must keep track of your earnings and report them on your taxes if you don’t. Failure to do so can result in fines and penalties from the IRS.

How much do I need to work online to make decent money as a student?

The amount of time it takes to make money varies. Some are paid hourly while others are a flat fee. Depending on the type of work being done, the payment structure for each job can be very different. College students spend 10 to 15 hours a week on odd jobs.

Do I need special skills to work online as a student?

Special skills are not needed to make money from online jobs. It is possible to make money from the comfort of your own home. College students should use their skills and passions to make money. Chances are you can do a job if you love what you do and are good at it. Don’t wait for someone else to create an opportunity for you, if you are willing to put in the work and make it happen for yourself, you can find job satisfaction.

How can I land my first online job as a student with no experience?

If you start your own gig on a site like Upwork, you can get your name out there. You can search for short-term jobs or projects to get your foot in the door and develop relationships with potential customers that could lead to long-term work. You will build a larger clientele as you build a portfolio and word-of-mouth. Your ability to market yourself and attract new clients is what will determine your success as a freelancer.

How can I manage my time for a side hustle while in college?

Picking an online job that allows you to manage your time properly is a life skill. To make sure that the job is a good fit for you and your priorities, be sure to research it thoroughly. Don’t cut yourself short, but don’t overburden yourself. Try to find a balance between taking on too much and challenging yourself. You don’t cut into homework or studying time if you find pockets of time that you just sit around and turn into work time. This time can be used to plan out your day and week so that you stay productive.

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