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The Top 10 Most And Least Stressful Occupations

A job with a lot of stress is the worst. Taking care of your mental health is just as important as any other part of your life. Even if the job pays six figures, the amount of stress one can experience can make the money not worth it. The satisfaction of doing a job well done and knowing that you have made an impact can make it worth it.

I think everyone is looking for a career that has a good balance of financial freedom and reward. To help you figure out where you stand and to possibly help guide you to a new job, we are going to cover the most stressed jobs on the market. It is important to be aware of the stress levels that may come with a particular job so that you can make an informed decision.

5 Most Stressful Jobs

There are so many stressful jobs in existence, but we narrowed it down to the top five along with their estimated average yearly salaries:

  1. Enlisted Military Personnel
  2. Firefighter
  3. Emergency Dispatchers
  4. Police Officer
  5. Drill Operators

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

Average Salary in the US: $43,845

This is the most dangerous job on the list. The risks associated with this job put it in a class of its own. The United States armed forces have enlisted military personnel who make up about 83%.

Whether they are on the front lines of combat or in a support role, enlisted military personnel are involved in combat. Enlisted military personnel are essential to the success of a military mission, as they are essential in executing the strategy and providing the manpower necessary to fulfill the mission. Many people put their lives on the line every day. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who gave their lives in service to others. First aid training, knowledge of how to maintain equipment, and possibly supervise lower-ranked personnel are some of the things they need to have. They should be able to handle high-pressure situations in a cool and composed manner.

2. Firefighter

Average Salary in the US: $47,135

A firefighter is a line of work that can be life threatening. Firefighters need to be able to think quickly and act quickly in dangerous situations. The main thing firefighters do is put out fires, but they are also responsible for keeping people safe. They respond to calls that surprise experienced firefighters. There can be car accidents, flooding, search and rescue missions, and even chemical spills. Disasters can have long-term effects on the environment and community.

In case they arrive at the scene of an emergency before the ambulance, firefighters are trained in first aid. While waiting for the ambulance, firefighters are prepared to assist in any way they can.

3. Emergency Dispatchers

Average Salary in the US: $48,845

Dispatchers for the police, fire department, and ambulance services are some of the most stressed out people in the world. Dispatchers are required to make quick decisions with fast paced environments and life or death situations. Crimes, fires, domestic abuse, and anything that may involve someone’s life being threatened are some of the calls they receive. The operators have to decide how to respond to each call and which emergency services are needed.

They need to quickly pass along the report and stay calm. They are the first line of defence and must act quickly. Continuing to speak in a comforting tone is important since they stay on the line with the caller. It’s important to remember that emotional support is provided by active listening.

4. Police Officer

Average Salary in the US: $55,579

A law enforcement officer is out there to protect and serve. They put their lives on the line to protect a community. Courage and heroism are demonstrated every day by these brave individuals. They patrol their town or city to keep an eye out for illegal activity. They help to protect the community by being a visible presence. They respond to calls as well. Dispatch personnel are responsible for sending the right resources to the right places.

They have to go back to the police station to file the paperwork. This process can take a long time for the police officers involved. Nobody likes paperwork. Digital solutions are being used to simplify the paperwork process.

5. Drill Operators (Oil And Gas)

Average Salary in the US: $59,324

Oil and gas drill operators have a dangerous job. Oil and gas drill operators must be well-trained in safety protocols and follow them strictly. The operators include derrick operators, roustabouts, service unit operators, and rotary drill operators. The drilling process is overseen by these workers.

They set up, operate, and maintain oil and gas drills that remove natural resources from the earth to give people energy and fuel. Most of the time, they work 24 hours a day, so it is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556

Sometimes the workers don’t get a day off until the well is done, and they have a lot of hours. Long hours in harsh conditions can be very difficult for workers. Those workers would get an equivalent amount of time off if this is the case. This would allow them to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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What Makes A Job Stressful?

Every person has their own personality. Everyone brings something unique to the workplace. Everyone has different stressors at work. In order to create a healthier work environment, it is important to identify the stressors and take steps to manage them. For this very reason, you may have started a side hustle that you’re looking to make your full-time career. Being your own boss is nothing like anything else. Being your own boss allows you to make your own decisions and work on what you’re passionate about.

You may have to stay at your current job for a while. If you’re not happy with where you are, it might be worth looking for other options.

Common Stressors Experienced at Work:

  • High workloads and impractical deadlines
  • Extremely insufficient workloads, making the employee feel insignificant
  • Lack of professional support from coworkers or superiors
  • Being asked to complete tasks that don’t fit a person’s skill set or training
  • Lack of clear career opportunities or advancement
  • Workplace harassment
  • The demand for absolute perfection (nobody, not even your boss, is perfect)
  • Micromanagement from superiors or the lack of enough guidance
  • Lack of communication channels within the business, both with co-workers and with superiors
  • Uncomfortable physical work environment, like extreme heat or cold, too much noise, lack of lighting, uncomfortable or no seating, etc
  • Conflicts at work in general

Do you ever experience these things at work? It is important to address the issue and create a positive workplace environment. Most people do. The people who run into most of the items on this list are the ones who are most stressed out. It can be difficult to manage the effects of high stress in these jobs.

5 Least Stressful Jobs

There are jobs that don’t have a lot of stress. A sense of security and peace of mind can be provided by these jobs. It won’t be completely absent of anything difficult because it’s a job where you have to work. It is true that there will be challenges along the way, but it can still be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

These are the jobs with the least stress. These jobs offer a good work life balance and peace of mind.

  1. Medical Records Technician
  2. Jeweler
  3. Public Librarian
  4. Commercial Painter
  5. Cartographer

1. Medical Records Technician

Average Salary in the US: $38,883

A medical records tech is in charge of the records. They are responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date patient records. They generally manage the medical records for a hospital or other medical facility. They help the medical staff access and use patient information. They would be sending the records from the hospital to the doctor.

This job is perfect for an organized person. This role requires a keen eye for detail. This is a great job for people who love to organize and make sure there are no mistakes. It is an excellent opportunity to improve your organizational skills.

You don’t need a high school degree to become a medical records technician. To qualify for certain positions, you may need to complete a specialized program or certification. Many employers want you to have an associate’s degree in Health Information Management or Health Information Technology as well as an RHIT certification. More advanced job opportunities can be found with a college degree in Health Information Technology or Management.

2. Jeweler

Average Salary in the US: $49,196

Diamonds are cut and polished by jewelers. They inspect and appraise gemstones. Most of the time jewelers repair damaged jewelry by soldering broken pieces of diamondback onto the piece. They have to be good at polishing and cleaning jewelry. They change ring sizes and replace loose stones.

This job is right up your alley if you have a steady hand and good eyes. You will need a lot of patience as well. Most of the time, you work on your own to repair jewelry. It is very satisfying to have a job that allows you to work on your own.

You can either learn on the job if you can find someone to hire and train you, or you can take a course to learn the skills of jewelry. You can find someone who is willing to teach you how to make jewelry. This can be a degree from a university or a trade school. This additional training can help equip an individual with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their field.

3. Public Librarian

Average Salary in the US: $52,454

This may be the most relaxing job on the list. It’s the perfect job for people who want to reduce their stress levels. You can become a public library worker if you live in a city. The library field is a great place to gain experience and serve the public.

Library resources include books, magazines, and other materials. They help answer people’s questions, like “Where is this section?” or “Do you have this book?” Any online resources the library may offer will be given assistance by the library staff. It’s a great job for people who love organization. A key factor in succeeding at this job is being an organized individual. A book organizer is what a library is. A library is a source of knowledge and assistance.

If you want to become a librarian, you will need a degree from the Instituteof Library and Information Professionals or an accredited postgraduate qualification. The qualifications will give you the skills and knowledge to work in a library.

4. Commercial Painter

Average Salary in the US: $56,716

This is a very easy career. Whether you want to start your own business or work for a local painting business, anyone who can paint walls, ceilings, and houses can be a commercial painter. Commercial painters can do a lot of other services, such as wallpaper installation, decorative finishes, and wall repairs. No formal education is required for this job.

If you breathe in paint fumes, you need a mask that will purify the air you breathe in. As a painter, you can listen to music while you work, but it is mainly a physically draining job and not so much a mentally draining job. Music can help you stay focused and motivated while painting, so it’s a great idea to have some on in the background.

5. Cartographer

Average Salary in the US: $64,170

A mapmaker gathers geographical info and puts together maps. Satellite pictures, surveys, and other technology are used to create visuals. These visuals are used to tell stories. They can work for either the government or private companies. They might be hired to provide technical support for existing software.

You can do well in cartography if you have an artistic hand. Digital tools can be used to create precise maps, so you don’t need to be a master artist. You can learn about geography at school even if you don’t consider yourself a drawer. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, cartography can be studied in great detail, even if you don’t. A bachelor’s degree in cartography is required to become a cartographer.

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