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Podcast On Millennial Money Minutes

I recently launched the Millennial Money Minutes podcast with Matt from Distilled Dollar. Tough personal finance topics can be summarized in 5 minutes or less. We can help you make better financial decisions.

Both Matt and I share the same goal of spreading personal wealth. Our audience can achieve financial freedom if they take control of their finances. Matt is a CPA who just achieved a zero net worth and is working hard to repay his student loans. He wants to achieve a positive net worth one day. I am a 31-year-old millennial millionaire and entrepreneur, focused on diversifying my income streams and investments to minimize tax exposure and support wealth building.

We hope our experience and perspectives will help you make better decisions in your financial life. We all want to give you the best advice and information possible.

Saving vs. is the first episode of our personal finance series. We will discuss topics such as budgeting, debt management, and retirement planning to help you make the most of your money. Spending, Roth vs. Traditional IRA, There are budgeting and index funds. You can make smarter financial decisions by budgeting and investing in index funds. We will add more advanced and technical concepts for those who are interested in exploring other areas of personal finance over time. There are many ways to save and manage money for people who don’t have an interest in personal finance.

As the podcast evolves I will try to post my personal favorite episodes on this page, but all episodes can be found at Millennial Money Minutes or on iTunes. If you like what you hear, please subscribe. Don’t forget to leave a comment as well. If you have any specific topics you want us to cover please comment below, email us, or use the hashtag #millennialmoney on Twitter.

Take the time to listen, and share Millennial Money Minutes with your friends. It means a lot to me that you care enough to help me spread the word. We are excited to share more episodes with you as quickly as we can, because we have been blown away by the early response to the show. We look forward to continuing to create content that brings joy to our audience and we are so honored by the enthusiasm of our audience.

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