Mainframe CICS Engineer

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This is a job posting from company – Zealogics

Employment TypeFull Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Georgia, USA

This job is 100% remote.

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he candidate must be capable of working with CICS in a 24×7 large scale Sysplex and CICSPlex environment and must be able to interface with application developers and operations teams, provide guidance to junior members in the team. The CICS engineer should have in-depth knowledge in CICS performance & tuning, debugging and dump analysis, as well as strong organizational and communication skills, project management skills. On-call support and maintenance outside of normal working hours are needed to support the CICS environment and to resolve issues.

Skills Required:
– 15+ years of experience working in a 24×7 large scale, parallel Sysplex, CICSPlex, MQ sharing and DB2 data sharing environment with skills in CICSPlex SM implementation, customization and dynamic transaction routing, etc.
– Knowledge of all CICS parameters that control performance in a CICSPlex environment.
– Knowledge of the CICS resource definitions that pertain to CICS region functionality and performance
– Proficient in problem determination, dump analysis such as IPCS, and performance tuning
– Web services application support in a CICS TS V5 environment
– Knowledge of SMP/E, software upgrade and maintenance
– Knowledge of CICS SMF record structure and the CICS Performance Analyzer tool to gather statistics necessary to tune CICS regions
– Knowledge of the CICS monitoring tools such as Sysview for CICS
– Knowledge of Cobol to support application developers
– Good oral/written communication skills
– Experience with auditing of CICS environment using U.S. standards
– Project management skills using tools such as Agile, Jira and Kanban

Skills desired:
– Assembler and COBOL coding and knowledge of CICS Exits
– Understanding of z/OS facilities such as: APF, Linklist, VSAM, LPA, Coupling Facility
– Project Management skills
– Knowledge of the CICS Performance Analyzer and CICS Interdependency Analyzer tools
– Working knowledge of the z/OS & CICS Explorer
– Knowledge of Natural language & Adabas
– Experience in CICS application programming

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