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6 Jobs for 13-Year-Olds That Are Fun and Rewarding

Finding a job as a 13-year-old can be a challenging task, but it is possible. Many teenagers are eager to earn their own money, learn valuable skills, and become more independent. However, before starting the job search, it is important to make sure that the state laws allow 13-year-olds to work in certain industries. For example, many states prohibit teenagers under the age of 14 from working in jobs that require operating heavy machinery or using power tools. Additionally, most states require parental consent and have specific working hour restrictions for teenagers. With these regulations and restrictions in mind, there are several job opportunities for youngsters who are ready to take on the responsibility. In this article, we’ll discuss some popular jobs that will accept 13-year-olds, providing insights on each job, tasks related to each job, requirements, and how to get started.

Jobs That Will Accept 13 Year Olds

If you’re a 13-year-old looking for a job and eager to start earning money, there are a variety of jobs that you may be able to do. However, there are laws regarding what types of jobs 13-year-olds can take, so it’s important to do your research before you start applying. Here are a few options:

1. Babysitting: Babysitting is a classic job for teenagers, and there is always high demand for responsible and trustworthy individuals to watch over children. Learning basic first aid and CPR techniques can be valuable for babysitters, so consider taking a class to learn these skills.

2. Dog walking: Many busy pet owners need someone to walk their dogs during the day. If you love animals and are responsible, dog walking could be a good option for you.

3. Lawn mowing: If you’re physically fit and enjoy spending time outdoors, you could offer lawn mowing services to your neighbors.

4. Pet-sitting: In addition to dog walking, you could offer pet-sitting services to pet owners who are going on vacation or leaving town for a few days.

5. House or car washing: Busy homeowners or car owners may be willing to hire you to wash their houses or cars for a fee.

It’s important to remember that as a 13-year-old, you may be limited in the types of jobs you can do and the hours you can work. Check with your state’s labor department for information about child labor laws and restrictions on hours and types of work. With persistence and the right skills, you can find a job that is a good fit for you.

What Every Babysitter Should Know?

As a babysitter, there are several things you should know to ensure you provide the best care for the children you are responsible for. Here are some of these things:

  • Basic first aid practices and what to do in case of an emergency
  • How to handle common childhood illnesses or injuries
  • Age-appropriate activities and playtime ideas
  • Bedtime routines and how to get children to sleep
  • Mealtime and snack ideas, and how to deal with food allergies
  • Discipline and behavior management strategies

If you need more information on any of these topics, there are many websites and products available to help you. For instance, the American Red Cross offers a babysitting course that covers topics such as safety, basic childcare, and first aid. Additionally, the book “The Babysitter’s Handbook: The Care and Keeping of Kids” by Whitney Roban contains valuable information and advice for babysitters.

Jobs That Will Accept 13 Year Olds

If you’re a 13-year-old looking for ways to earn some extra cash, there are plenty of job options available. It’s important to remember that there are certain restrictions around the types of work you can do at this age, but there are still many opportunities out there. Here are some potential jobs to consider:

Babysitting: Many parents are in need of a responsible and mature babysitter to watch their children. Make sure to advertise your services to neighbors and family members. Consider getting certified in CPR and basic first aid to boost your credentials.

Yard Work: Mowing lawns, pulling weeds, and watering plants can be a great way to earn money. Offer your services to people in your neighborhood or put up flyers around your community.

Dog Walking: Dog owners often need someone to take their furry friends for a walk while they are at work or running errands. Offer your services to neighbors or advertise your business on social media.

Pet Sitting: If you love animals, pet sitting can be an enjoyable job option that can also earn you some money. Pet sitters are responsible for feeding, watering, and exercising pets, as well as providing them with attention and care while their owners are away.

Remember that some states and localities may have additional rules and regulations about job options for 13-year-olds. Always make sure to check with your parents or guardians and do your research before starting any job.

If you’re looking for other ways to earn money as a 13-year-old, consider starting your own small business selling handmade crafts or baked goods. Keep in mind that entrepreneurship requires lots of hard work, determination, and creativity, but it can also be very rewarding.

Also, consider checking out companies like TeenHired and GrooveJob, which specialize in helping teenagers find part-time jobs. These websites offer listings and job application tools for various job openings.

Revenue of the Pet Care Industry in the US
If you are passionate about working with animals, pet sitting can also lead to other opportunities within the pet care industry. Here is a table with some interesting statistics about the revenue of the pet care industry in the United States:

Year Revenue
2015 $60.28 billion
2016 $66.75 billion
2017 $69.51 billion
2018 $72.13 billion

Overall, there are plenty of job options available for 13-year-olds who are interested in earning some extra money. With hard work and determination, you can find a job that suits your skills and interests.

What do you have to do to be a good pet sitter?

Task Description
Communicate effectively with pet owners Ask detailed questions about pet’s needs, behavior and preferences. Keep owners updated with pictures and messages.
Be knowledgeable about different pets and breeds Learn about the habits, diet, and appropriate exercise for the specific type of animal you are pet sitting.
Handle emergencies calmly Have an emergency plan in place, including a contact person at the veterinarian office, and instructions on how to administer any medication required.
Show up at the agreed schedule Make sure to arrive on time and stick to the agreed-upon schedule to avoid stress or anxiety for the pet.
Keep the pet’s routine as close to normal as possible Stick to their feeding and exercise routine as much as possible to avoid upsetting their lives and habits.

If you are looking for resources on how to be a good pet sitter, check out websites such as or Pet Sitters International for helpful information and guidance.

Jobs That Will Accept 13 Year Olds

For 13-year-olds who are looking for ways to make money during the summer, there are several options available. Many establishments including fast food restaurants, amusement parks, and retail stores will hire young teenagers for various positions. It is important to note that each state has different labor laws regarding the employment of minors, so it is essential to check local regulations before applying for jobs.

Another option for young teens is to start their own business. Babysitting and dog walking are popular choices for those who enjoy working with children or pets. Additionally, lawn care and yard work are great options for teens who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and enjoy working outdoors.

When looking for a job, it is important to showcase the skills that will make you a valuable employee. These may include being reliable, responsible, and having excellent communication skills. It is also important to be persistent when searching for a job and to follow up on any applications or resumes that are submitted.

In summary, there are many job opportunities available for 13-year-olds, including working for established businesses or starting their own. By highlighting valuable skills and staying persistent, young teenagers can find fulfilling and profitable ways to spend their summer months.

How can I make money doing yard work?

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and have a green thumb, yard work can be a great way to make some extra money. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Offer your services to friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Create flyers and distribute them in your local area.
  • List your services on websites like Craiglist or TaskRabbit.
  • Join a platform like GreenPal, which connects lawn care professionals with homeowners in their area.
  • Consider purchasing professional-grade equipment to improve the quality of your work and attract more clients.

With hard work and dedication, it’s possible to turn your passion for yard work into a profitable side hustle.

Jobs That Will Accept 13 Year Olds

Tutoring is an excellent job choice for 13-year-olds who excel in a specific subject and have good communication skills. Here are some things to consider before getting started:

  • Decide on the subject you feel most confident in tutoring for, such as math, English, or science.
  • Research current prices in your area and ensure you are offering competitive rates.
  • Offering tutoring services to family and friends is a good place to start building experience and a resume.
  • Advertise your services on flyers distributed in your school, library, or coffee shops around the neighborhood.
  • Make sure to keep good notes and practice patience. Everybody learns at their own pace!

How to Prepare for Tutoring Job Interviews

Once you start advertising tutoring services, you may be invited for job interviews. Here are some tips to help you prepare to impress your potential clients:

  • Plan ahead for your interview by practicing your communication skills, preparing answers to frequently asked questions, and researching the potential employer.
  • Have copies of your resume and references ready to give out.
  • Dress appropriately and be on time.
  • Provide specific examples of successes such as student improvements in test scores or coursework.
  • Establish clear expectations, boundaries, and agreements regarding scheduling, location, and payment with the client.

These tips can help you secure tutoring jobs and build a successful career. And of course, always prioritize good communication and support for your students.

How do I prepare for a tutoring job?

To prepare for a tutoring job, consider the following tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the subject matter you’ll be tutoring in. Review materials and textbooks, and be prepared to answer questions and explain concepts.
  • Practice good communication skills, including active listening and using clear language.
  • Learn about different learning styles and teaching techniques to better support your students.
  • Connect with other tutors or educators for advice and support.
  • Be organized and come prepared to sessions with materials, lesson plans, and goals for each session.

If you’re interested in working with an online tutoring platform, consider signing up with websites like TutorMe, Chegg, or Varsity Tutors. These platforms provide access to a large pool of students and offer resources and support for tutors.

Jobs That Will Accept 13 Year Olds

13-year-olds who are eager to start earning their own money can find plenty of opportunities to work in their local communities. Some popular jobs for young teenagers include:

Babysitting: Parents are often in need of responsible and mature babysitters who can take care of their children when they need to run errands or go out for the evening. Teenagers with babysitting experience or certifications can offer their services to families in their neighborhood.

Pet sitting: Like babysitting, pet sitting can be a great way for 13-year-olds to earn money while helping out their neighbors. Teenagers who love animals and have experience taking care of pets can offer their services for dog walking or pet sitting while their owners are away.

Mowing lawns: Many homeowners are willing to pay for lawn care services, and teenagers who are physically fit and have experience mowing their own lawns can offer their services to people in their neighborhood.

House cleaning: Some people may not have the time or energy to keep their homes clean, and 13-year-old cleaners can provide their services. They can offer services such as all-purpose cleaning, glass cleaning, baking soda scrub and so on.

When looking for jobs, 13-year-olds should be aware of any restrictions or requirements in their state regarding minimum age and working hours. Additionally, it’s important for them to present themselves professionally, be responsible and polite. Seeking jobs online or through active promotion of their services can also be helpful in getting the word out about their skills.

By taking advantage of these opportunities, 13-year-olds can gain work experience and start saving money at a young age. It is important to learn how to manage and save money early on (money management tips for teenagers) , which can set them up for a financially secure future.

What are the services of a cleaner?

Cleaners provide a variety of cleaning services to homes, offices, and other establishments. Some of the services that a cleaner may offer include:

  • Regular house cleaning (dusting, mopping, vacuuming, etc.)
  • Deep cleaning (scrubbing, polishing, etc.)
  • Specialized cleaning (window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.)
  • Organizing and decluttering
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Outdoor cleaning (patios, decks, etc.)

If you’re in need of cleaning services, there are many websites and products available to help you find a cleaner in your area that suits your needs and budget.


There are plenty of opportunities for 13-year-olds to earn some extra cash while learning valuable skills. Babysitting, pet sitting, lawn care, tutoring, and house cleaning are just a few of the possibilities worth considering. Remember, it’s important to get parental consent before starting any job and to follow state regulations. By working hard and showing a strong work ethic, 13-year-olds can build a solid reputation and gain experience that will help them succeed in future careers. So go ahead and start exploring the options available to you. Good luck!