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Using Personal Capital: Is It A Safe Option?

For anyone looking to manage their money through a wealth management tool, safety is the ultimate feature.

If you don’t feel that your money is safe, you won’t use a financial tool. You want your money to be protected by the company you choose. It’s important to find a company that is reliable and trustworthy. Safety is the highest priority for the platform you are using. To make sure you’re using the most secure platform, it’s important to do your research.

I am often asked if financial aggregations and wealth management sites are safe and what measures they take to protect user data. Aggregators and wealth management sites have built-in security measures to protect user data.

Whether it’s Personal Capital or Mint, trusting a site with your financial information can be daunting. Before I trusted any tool with my financial data, I spent a long time making sure I was choosing the safest option on the market.

We will be looking at Personal Capital security measures today. Is it safe to use? It uses the latest security technology to make sure your data is safe and secure. Is it a good idea to share your financial data with this financial management app? Before sharing your financial data with any app, you should research the security measures in place.

Yes, Personal Capital is Safe & Here’s Why!

The answer is yes. The answer is dependent on the situation. Personal Capital is safe to use and track your finances, manage your spending and net worth, as well as plan your retirement. It’s free to use, so it’s an ideal tool for those looking to take control of their finances.

Personal Capital does a lot to make sure their platform is secure for their customers. Personal Capital works with leading security experts to ensure the safety and security of their customers’ data. There are several reasons why it’s one of the most reliable financial management tools out there – and why 1.7 million registered users are trusting Personal Capital with their financial data.

So that you know what Personal Capital does to keep your money safe, let’s look at each of these reasons in more detail. Personal Capital is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of security for your financial information so that you can be sure that your money is in safe hands.

Encrypted Data

Personal Capital protects your data at rest and in transit. The highest level of data protection is ensured by the app’s security protocols. Here’s why:

  • AES-256 encryption. The company uses AES-256 encryption, which is the gold standard determined by NIST (the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology). It isn’t crackable because of the huge combinations of keys. It is not possible for a human to guess the correct key combination. When you enter your bank information into Personal Capital, they protect it with multi-layer key management and rotating user-specific keys and salts. If you need more reassurance, you will know that most major banks, as well as the US Government, use the same cipher as AES-256. This means that you can be sure that your data is safe and secure.
  • Personal Capital doesn’t store your credentials, they are stored at Envestnet Yodlee, a platform which powers many financial services and wealth management companies. Envestnet Yodlee is a reliable platform that protects your personal information. The platform is audited by the Office of Comptroller of the Currency. The platform has the highest standards of security, privacy and compliance. Here’s more information about Yodlee security processes.
  • No one at Personal Capital can access your credentials. Personal Capital has implemented strong internal access controls to ensure that no unauthorized personnel can gain access to your confidential information. It’s completely off-limits.

Secure Connection

Communication with the tool is also protected. All data transmitted through the tool is secured. Here’s how:

  • Strong encryption . Yes, it plays a role here as well. All your online interaction with Personal Capital is secure, meaning that no one will be able to see your data. Personal Capital takes the security of your data very seriously. No hacker will be able to decipher what you are communicating with. When communicating with the Personal Capital server, your data is always secured.
  • Personal Capital requires its clients to use secure protocols. The server and client have to maintain their integrity. They support both the 1.1 and 1.0 versions of the cipher. The highest level of security is provided by TLS 1.2, so it is highly recommended for organizations that transmit sensitive data. No other secure protocols are allowed. There will be no attempts to use outdated security protocols on our systems.
  • If you log in from a new or unknown device, you will need to confirm it with your phone or email. This extra layer of security helps keep your accounts safe from unauthorized access. There is extra mobile protection on the iPhone with Touch ID and mobile-only PINs. Your data is safe and secure with this mobile protection feature. Every financial institution should have to confirm your identity, but many banks don’t.

Fraud Protection

Personal Capital protects customers against fraud. Fraud monitoring services are offered by Personal Capital to alert customers of any suspicious activity with their accounts.

You can quickly detect suspicious activity on your accounts. It is important to keep an eye on your accounts to make sure there are no unauthorized transactions. Here’s why:

  • It’s easier to identify fraud if you have an overview of all your financial accounts in one place. You can set up alert to notify you of sudden changes in your account activity. You don’t need to review multiple accounts one after another to find the source of suspicious financial activity, it’s all accessible on one dashboard. It is easier to identify, monitor and take action on suspicious activity because of this.
  • Daily Transaction Monitor. Personal Capital monitors all your transactions and allows you to request a Daily Transaction Monitor email shows all your financial activity. You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to review your statement, but you can review it daily to ensure the highest level of protection. It is important to keep a close eye on your bank activity. It is a bonus because looking at transactions across all your accounts can be time consuming. Using a budgeting app to keep track of your finances can make it easier to view old transactions and stay organized. Identifying fraudulent activity becomes more difficult if you don’t remember many of them. There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself from fraud.

  • If you review your financial accounts regularly, you can spot any unusual activity as soon as it happens, and prevent it from happening again. To ensure that you are taking advantage of any opportunities for savings or investments, it’s important to review your financial accounts periodically. You can easily track your transactions with Personal Capital’s dashboard. You can view your investments in one place and get guidance on how to reach your financial goals.
  • If you want to stay safe in the digital world, choose strong passwords. It is beneficial to change your passwords regularly. The password to your email is the most important, because if hackers get that right, they could use the “forgot my password” function to find out the passwords for all other accounts. It is important to choose a long, complex and unique password. Choose a password that uses a combination of upper and lower case letters and is at least eight characters long. Special characters and numbers are important for added security. You shouldn’t use words like “monkey” or derivatives of your name. A mix of letters, numbers, and symbols is required in order to create a secure password. It will be difficult to guess if you use a word as much as you can. Don’t write them down or share them with anyone. It’s important to remember your passwords, but make sure you choose ones that are difficult to guess.
  • You would be surprised how many people still fall for this. Double-check the sender’s email address before clicking any links. A way for fraudsters to get into an email is by opening it. Never click on any links or attachments from unfamiliar addresses, and only open emails from trusted senders. Don’t open it if you don’t know the sender or it looks suspicious. If you’re not sure, it’s best to not open the email at all. If it doesn’t go to junk folders, you have to make that call. Unwanted emails can still make their way into your inbox.
  • If you back up your files regularly, you will be happy if there is a ransomware attack. If you have regular backups of your data, you can avoid the financial and time costs of an attack. It is advisable to back up your files and data regularly.
  • When it comes to operating systems, make sure your software is up to date. It’s important to update your software as soon as new versions become available in order to stay secure and benefit from the latest features. There are security improvements that could be very useful in most updates. There are security improvements that can help protect your data. Developers are constantly feeding their software with updates that fix bugs, so make the most of it. The software is running well and the data is secure.

Your Money is Safe with Personal Capital

You have it. You know how to start a business. You know if Personal Money is safe and secure to use.

It is important to pick a company that is focused on security when choosing a financial aggregation. The platform should be user-friendly and helpful to help you better understand and manage your finances. The company needs to prove to you that they are taking smart actions to make sure your financial data is safe and secure, and that they are going above and beyond to make sure that this security isn’t compromised. The company’s commitment to protecting your data will be demonstrated by regular audits and updates to their security protocols.

Personal Capital uses multiple layers of security to ensure that your data and money is safe, and that your information is completely private. Personal Capital has a team of security experts who constantly monitor and update their security protocols.

We need to play our part in protecting ourselves against cyberattacks, as well as accept that nothing is 100% safe.

I feel comfortable using Personal Capital when it comes to my financial management, but it’s up to you. It’s important to make sure the financial management tool you choose fits your budget and needs. I don’t worry about their security when it comes to managing my finances because I believe they have a high level of data protection. An independent third-party certified their data protection processes, which shows the seriousness with which they take security and data privacy.


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