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Robinhood Options Trading Tutorial: A Step-By-Step Guide

More and more people are choosing to invest with leverage. It’s important to understand the potential rewards and consequences before making a decision on whether or not to use this type of investment strategy. In one surprising poll, 43% of retail investors say they use options, margins, or both, with 23% just using options exclusively.

The rise in options trading is due to accessibility, with online brokers increasingly offering this complex approach to investing to retail investors.

It is easier for average investors to try this advanced technique. Most of the time, these investors are able to do it with minimal risk and cost.

One of the most popular services that allows users to trade options is the Robinhood app. The app offers real-time financial market data and news.

Continue reading to learn more about options trading and how you can use Robinhood to start trading with leverage. If you’re new to options trading, Robinhood’s educational resources can help you get started.

About Robinhood

Robinhood is a modern trading platform for commission-free stock trading and investing.

It’s ideal for inexperienced investors. It is easy to navigate for people with limited knowledge. It is a slimmed-down trading service with less bells and whistles than competitors.

Robinhood has an ongoing promotion that gives you free stock when you sign up for the service. Sometimes stocks can be worth as much as $250.

Most free stocks are worth less than they are worth. It is important for investors to be careful when investing in any stocks that are available for free. You never know, you could be one of the lucky ones. Hope is the only thing that keeps us going.

Opening a You can trade options contracts for stocks and exchange-traded funds. Options trading is not for inexperienced traders. Options trading requires a good understanding of the markets and complex strategies, so traders should make sure they are fully informed before engaging in this type of trading. If you are new to investing, options may not be right for you. Before committing any money, it is important to know the risks associated with investing in options.

You know your situation better than anyone. When making decisions about your future, it’s important to do your own research and trust your instincts. Before trading options, be honest with yourself so that you don’t end up losing your hard-earned cash. Talk to experienced traders before taking the plunge into options trading.

How To Trade Options on Robinhood: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a breakdown of how to start trading options on Robinhood:

  1. Review Your Risk Tolerance
  2. Open a Robinhood Brokerage Account
  3. Fun Your Account
  4. Request Approval to Trade Options
  5. Place an Options Trade
  6. Hope You Made the Right Bet

1. Review Your Risk Tolerance

You need to understand your risk tolerance before you start trading options. You should make sure that you have enough money to invest in options trading.

The total loss is what you can endure in your portfolio. It’s important to remember that losses may affect your financial goals in the future. You have a higher risk tolerance if you are young and making money.

That doesn’t mean you should trade options. Options trading involves a lot of risks and is not suitable for everyone. It can tell you if you are in a position to consider it. It’s important to assess your current situation to decide if further investigation is necessary.

Determining factors include your age, your financial goals, your annual income, how much debt you have, and how you expect to use the money you are investing. Before making any investment decisions, it is important to assess all of these factors.

My two cents? If you have student loans, pay them off first. Before considering options trading, you should have an emergency fund of at least six months of living expenses saved.

2. Open a Robinhood Brokerage Account

If you want to trade options and take on some risk, then you should open an account with Robinhood. You can start trading options on the platform with access to a range of different stocks. It’s available on most browsers. It’s an easy way to get into the stock market.

You need to be at least 18 years old, have a valid Social Security number, and have a legal U.S. to use Robinhood. The terms of your account and how you can use it must be agreed to by you. The address is in the 50 states or Puerto Rico. Proof of a valid residential address, such as a driver’s license or utility bill, can be used to verify it. you also have to be a U.S. A valid U.S. citizen is required for permanent resident status. If you are not a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident or have a valid U.S. visa, you may be able to apply for other visas that allow you to stay in the United States temporarily. visa.

It’s very simple to open a Robinhood account. Enter your basic contact information, including your name and email address, when you look for the green sign-up button on the main screen.

You will be asked to provide your investment experience during the sign-up process. You will be offered personalized recommendations for investments and trading strategies once you have provided that information. You can select from the following: “not much,” “I know what I’m doing,” or “I’m an expert.” To complete your account setup, choose the one that is right for you. Once you have entered the necessary information and clicked the ‘create account’ button, you will be prompted to enter your payment details.

3. Fund Your Account

You will be able to access the mobile app after you sign up for an account. You can start investing and trading with the mobile app once you’ve created an account. You will need to fund your account before you make a trade.

I will get to that part shortly, but this won’t enable you to start trading options. Before you can start trading options, you need to know the basics. Regardless of whether you trade options or not, it is a good idea to fund your account.

Even if the app doesn’t allow you to trade options, you can still trade stocks.

Robinhood does not charge to deposit or withdraw funds. It is an ideal platform for investors of all levels because it does not charge monthly or annual fees. There isn’t a minimum deposit requirement, and you don’t have to invest money once it’s in your account. It’s an ideal option for those just starting out with investing.

To deposit money, you have to choose your bank. You will be prompted to enter the amount of money you want to deposit once you have selected your bank. If the bank doesn’t show up, submit a request and wait for approval. You will be able to add the bank to your account once approved. Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America are some of the leading banks.

Select the amount that you want to transfer after linking your bank. Automatic transfers can be set up so that you don’t have to manually transfer funds.

4. Request Approval to Trade Options

Not everyone is eligible to trade options. It is important to understand the risks associated with trading options. The vetting system on the app is built to weed out people who shouldn’t be dealing with financial instruments.

You have to give specific details to the app in order to get approval. You will be able to take advantage of many benefits once you are determined to be eligible. Investment objectives, financial data, and investment experience are included.

Robinhood reviews your application and decides whether to allow you to trade options. It may take a few days for your application to be reviewed and approved.

There are two levels of options trading, Level 2 and Level 3.

  • Level 2 Level 2 approval allows you to engage in long call and long put options, as well as covered calls and cash-covered puts. This type of trading requires a strong risk management strategy as well as an in-depth understanding of the stock market.
  • Level 3 Level 3 approval comes with all the options of Level 2, as well as the entire collection of limited spread risks, including iron condors, iron butterflies, and credit spreads. With Level 3 approval, traders can create more complex strategies and take advantage of a wider range of opportunities in the market.

5. Place an Options Trade

If you want to trade options for security, you need to tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner of your screen. Select the ‘Trade’ button at the bottom of your screen if you want to start trading options.

When you find the one that you are looking for, tap the name of the security and hit “trade” in the bottom right corner of the stock or ETFs detail page. You can see the order summary to confirm that your trade details are correct. Then tap “trade options.”

You can find the underlying security underneath the expiration date when you trade options. The strike price is the price you can execute a put or call option at. The strike price is set by the current market price at the time of purchase, and it does not change over the lifetime of the option.

The break-even point is where the underlying security needs to trade to break even on the investment.

The break-even percentage tells you the percentage change has to move to break even at the end of the contract. You can see the probability that your investment will be profitable if you sell. It allows you to compare the profitability of different investments.

6. Hope You Made the Right Bet

Options trading is a huge gamble. You could lose all your money in a single trade if you’re not careful. You can only hope that a wide variety of market factors sway in your direction once you place your bet. It won’t hurt to cross your fingers for good fortune.

There are a lot of complex market factors, such as inflation, interest rates, unemployment, the pandemic, oil prices, and political unrest. The global economy and our lives can be impacted by these market factors. This is why, in my opinion, the vast majority of investors are much better off playing the long game.

Now that you have a better idea of what options trading looks like on Robinhood, let’s look at some other platforms that also support this advanced trading technique. It’s important to remember that options trading carries a high level of risk and should be done with care.

Alternative Platforms for Trading Options

While you can trade options on Robinhood, you might be interested in more advanced platforms for options trading. For a more comprehensive trading experience, check out some of these brokers. It can be difficult to know which broker is right for you.


Webull is an online broker that many young investors are now using to manage their portfolios. Free options trading with no commission and no contract fees is offered by the company. It’s a great way to get started with options trading because of the company’s low fees and no contract requirements.

Charles Schwab

Schwab is a leading online broker that you can use to trade stocks, options, futures, and futures options. The merger of the two companies is expected to close in 2023. One of the largest online brokers in the world is expected to be created by this merger.

There is no online commission for the $0.65 options per contract.


Fidelity is another popular broker that you can use to trade options. The company has five levels of options trading. Fidelity charges a contract fee for options. Buying and selling options contracts are subject to the fee.


Vanguard has a reputation for low-cost index and mutual funds, but they also let you trade options. Assets with a value of less than $1 million are charged $0 to $1 per contract. We offer discounted rates for assets over $1 million.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers (IBKR) is widely known as a top platform for professional traders and seasoned personal investors. IBKR charges from $0.15 to $0.65 per US options contract and offers more advanced trading tools. IBKR has a wide range of educational resources for traders of all experience levels.

Disclaimer: Options Trading is Very Risky

An option is a contract that allows you to purchase or sell an asset at a specific price in the future. Options can help investors manage their risk and take advantage of market opportunities. The underlying asset is what determines the value of an option. Options can be used to hedge risk and provide potential for profit.

You can trade stock options, bonds, and commodities. If you want to increase your returns, options trading is a great way to do it. If you want to trade options, you need to do your due diligence.

If you time the market correctly and make the right moves, trading options can lead to large returns. Options trading is a straight-up gamble. If you don’t understand the underlying principles and have proper risk management strategies in place, it can be incredibly risky. If you make the wrong moves, you could lose a lot of money. It is important to be aware of your finances.

Suffice it to say that it’s not easy to make money trading options — especially for beginner investors. If you are considering options trading, proceed with caution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I trade options?

You could increase your net worth by trading options if you play your cards right. You can increase your net worth even further by researching the options available. You could lose your entire investment. It’s important to understand the risks associated with investing and make sure you’re comfortable with them before committing any money. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, trading options is very risky and something that is typically better for experienced investors with a high-risk tolerance. It’s important to remember that with higher risk comes the potential for greater rewards, but it’s also important to understand the risks and have a plan in place should things not go as expected. Stick to the basics if you are just starting your investment journey.

Does Robinhood support day trading?

Unless you have at least $25,000 of portfolio value, you can’t trade more than three days in a row. You will be restricted to cash accounts if you don’t meet the criteria. Day trading is a good option for experienced investors. If not executed properly, day trading can be risky and require a thorough understanding of the markets. It requires a lot of data.

Unless you are in a position to lose money without sweating it, don’t attempt day trade. If you are new to the stock market, it is a good idea to approach trading cautiously and do your research. You will almost certainly lose if you try to day trade. Day trading is a very risky activity and should be avoided at all costs. If the market were easy, everyone would be rich. To succeed in investing, you need a well-thought out plan and to stick with it.

Can you buy crypto on Robinhood?

You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. You can use the app or web platform to access the services. It can be a great way to increase your portfolio’s diversity. The unpredictable nature of the coin can lead to high risks and losses.

The Bottom Line

Options trading is not one of my favorite trading strategies. I like to pursue strategies with less risk and more research. Financial experts agree that options trading is more trouble than it is worth. Some experienced traders have been able to make a good living by trading options.

It is better to invest in companies that you believe in rather than moving money around recklessly.

Solid financials and a positive long-term growth trajectory are things to look for when exploring the stock market. It’s important to do your own research and not rely solely on financial news or advice from others. Broad market exposure can be achieved with index funds and mutual funds. Investing in index funds and mutual funds can help you reduce risk.

The decision is yours and yours alone, and if you decide to become an advanced options trader, the Robinhood trading app is a decent one. Do your own research to find out if it’s the right platform for you. There are other platforms that offer a more comprehensive trading experience. It is important to remember that your success depends on your understanding of the markets and risk management strategies.

There are ups and downs on the way to financial freedom. Keeping focused on your goals and not letting the tough times discourage you from pursuing financial freedom is important. It is hard to get rich overnight. Hard work and dedication are usually how wealth is achieved. Options trading can have disastrous results. It is important to note that options trading should only be done by experienced investors who are familiar with the risks. I would wait until I had a strong portfolio before I considered options.

Here are the best decisions you can make on your path to financial freedom. You will find success on this journey!

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