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Hustle Hard, Chill Harder

If you want to make more money, be more productive, stay healthy, and not lose your mind, then it’s essential to chill as hard as you hustle. The simple idea is to take care of yourself, but I have a method for avoiding burnout and recovering quickly when it happens. Taking breaks throughout the day will help you reset your mind.

I have been crazy for the past 6 months and this week I burnt out. I’m going to take some time off soon to get back to feeling like myself again. Fizzled. Hit the wall. Shut down. It happens to me a few times a year. I dread these days because I know how hard it can be to get back on track. Are you an entrepreneur? While entrepreneurs are particularly susceptible to burnout, it’s unfortunately getting more common for all of us.

When burnout hits you

When I went from moving 120 miles per hour to 0 without warning, there was no stopping it. I am about to experience a brake check and my heart is racing. I have to leave. I’m determined to see this through. It is the same feeling every time, my mind starts to get fuzzy and my eyes start to lose focus. A sense of peace washes over me as the world around me starts to blur. I feel tired, but can’t sleep because I’m restless. I want to drift off into a peaceful sleep and close my eyes. I was on the couch in the fetal position for a few days, not able to move, think, or even watch TV. My world has suddenly come to a halt.

Are you aware of the feeling of too-tired-to-watch-TV? It’s like a fog that stays with you throughout the day. It’s the worst. After a few days, I start to feel like myself, because I rise out of it the same way I came in. Balance and perspective are restored when I focus on my mental and physical health. I will return to 120 mph by day 5, and vow to take better care of myself, slow down, and chill as hard as possible. I can maintain a healthy balance between hustling and chilling if I take better care of myself.

It is a bad way to live, but I have been working hard to cultivate more balance in my life over the past few years. To enjoy life to the fullest, I have to prioritize relaxation and leisure time just as much as working hard. I am addicted to working and creating. Despite my best efforts to keep a balanced lifestyle, I often find myself working late into the night.

It’s my nature. Sometimes it is hard for me to stop building when I am happy. I get a sense of accomplishment when I am in the zone of building. When I should be stopping myself, I let my body stop me. I need to be more aware of my own self-restraint and not rely on my body to tell me when I’m done. I am getting better at this and burning less and less. I feel like I’m getting better at balancing work and relaxation.

These steps will help you bounce back from burnout. Taking care of yourself is important and should not be ignored.

5 steps to avoid burnout (or bounce back from it)

1. Learning to say no

Learning to say no is the easiest way to avoid burnout. Burnout comes from being overwhelmed, doing way too much, or scientifically a lot of it has to do with an overwhelmed endocrine system.

Balance is what most things in life are about. It’s important to find the right balance to achieve happiness and success. It is possible to find an equilibrium state where you feel good, productive, and like yourself. It may take some trial and error to find the right balance, but it’s worth it. If you swing too far in one direction, you inevitably lose at least one of those things.

When to say no comes back to learning when to slow down. It’s important to remember that saying no doesn’t mean missing out on opportunities, it just means taking the time to evaluate which ones are best for you. It’s even harder to say no to some of them when you’ve worked so hard to get them. It’s important to remember that although it may be tempting to take on every opportunity, it’s important to consider the pros and cons before committing. The word “no” will save you both time and money.

2. Be honest with yourself and others about your limits

chill as hard as you hustle

We live in a burnout culture. We need to create better boundaries and prioritize self-care to avoid the effects of burnout. It is celebrated, rewarded, and messed up. Sure, I’m all about the hustle and the side hustle but how hard you work should be your choice, and it should ebb and flow in balance with other areas of your life.

Employees are expected to stay late, work weekends, and be reachable 24/7. Their physical and mental health can be affected by this expectation. I had a client who reached out to me and asked me if I was okay because I hadn’t sent her an email for 2 hours. It showed me how much my clients care for me.

I was just going to eat dinner. I continued on my journey after that. If I haven’t heard back from someone within 24 hours, I’ve found myself doing the same thing and getting impatient. Even in the age of technology, expecting a response within 24 hours is often unrealistic. It is not a good way to live for you, for me, and for all of us. It is important to make changes now because living this way can lead to serious repercussions in the future. It feels like the cultural standards are starting to shift slightly from hustle to balance. Balance in our lives won’t be seen as a sign of weakness, but rather a source of strength, and I’m hopeful that this trend will continue. But balance is a privilege and many people living paycheck to paycheck just can’t afford it.

Honesty is a must when you do burnout. It’s important to take the time to process your emotions and seek help if you need it. You are disconnected if you don’t tell everyone else that you need a break. Taking a break can be difficult in this day and age, but it is important to make sure you are taking care of yourself. No matter how hard your boss tries to get you to keep going, don’t. Your mental health is always your top priority, so take a break when you need it. It is your health and life. It’s up to you to make the most of it. You are solely responsible for yourself. Ultimately the decisions and choices you make are yours, so it’s important to acknowledge that while you can rely on others for support.

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know that your work capacities will change depending on what else you’re doing in your life and how old you are. Before taking on any additional tasks or projects, take the time to reflect on how much you can handle. While I can work harder than anyone I know, I can’t work as hard as my 25-year-old self. I will use the wisdom and experience I have gained over the years to make up the difference. My body takes almost a week to recover after I pull an all nighter. I should get a good night’s sleep because I know that it isn’t worth it. I am more aware of the flights I book and how I travel to minimize burnout. I make sure to take a break from work if I’m traveling for long periods of time. The balance becomes more important as you get older. It’s important to find a balance between work and leisure so that you can enjoy both.

3. Do no work – not 50% or 30%. 0%. Nothing. Completely disconnect

Stop everything when you feel like you are on the verge of exhaustion. Take a few moments to assess the situation and make a decision. It is likely that it is already too late and you need to focus on recovery. It is important to remember that burnout can have long-term effects, so it is best to take preventive measures before it occurs.

Many people make the mistake of trying to do less work, but they keep working. To maximize our time and effort, we should focus on working smarter. There is always at least one email to respond to. There is always more to do, no matter how productive you are. This mistake will only make the problem worse. Taking a break is an important part of managing burnout, but it’s important to be aware of how you use it. You have to shut down your life and stop everything you are doing. Give yourself permission to take a break and take a deep breath. No flights, no calls, no emails. I’m living in a world without communication. Nothing. The more you try to do, the more you will get burned out. Taking regular breaks will ensure that you don’t become overwhelmed by your workload. The more you try to do, the more likely you are to get sick and potentially be dangerous. Taking time for yourself to rest and recover is important.

Your body and mind are telling you to shut down when you burn out. It is important to listen to your body and mind in order to ensure that you are not overworking yourself. It’s time to shut it all down. Take a deep breath and count to 10. If you are lucky, you can sit in a hammock in the backyard or on the beach. Take a few moments to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of your surroundings. If you need to, do this for as long as necessary until you feel like yourself again, your body feels balanced, and your mind is able to focus again. If you need to use calming techniques, take breaks throughout the day.

4. Eat super well and stay hydrated

If you hit burnout, eating healthy and staying hydrated will help you recover faster. You crave bad foods when you feel bad. You don’t want to feel worse afterwards if you find healthier alternatives. It is okay to have a little bit of comfort food, but you should make sure you eat healthy and drink plenty of water. It’s important to get enough rest and exercise in order to boost your immune system and help fight off illness. I drink green juice and carrot juice when I start to burn calories. I need to get enough sleep and take time to relax.

It all helps you feel better and ward off sickness. Getting plenty of rest, eating healthy meals, and exercising can help manage burnout. It is easy to get sick when your immune system is compromised because your body is burnt out. Taking care of your body and getting enough rest will help you stay healthy and productive. Every time, the green juice, carrot juice, coconut water combination works for me. Adding a handful of leaves to the mixture gives it an extra boost. It is all about hydration and nutrition. It’s important to eat a balanced diet to make sure your body is getting all of the vitamins and minerals it needs.

It is possible to indulge in some comfort food, but make sure it is balanced with healthy food and you will recover quicker.

5. Take walks and get fresh air

You should go for walks if you can because I told you to chill out and not do anything. If you do go out, wear a face mask and stay six feet away from people. While you might not be able to go for a walk right away, they can help with recovery from burnout. It can be beneficial to take a break from the virtual world. It is a good idea to get outside for 20 minutes a day. It can help reduce stress and improve your mood. Being outside makes you feel better. Taking in the beauty of nature can help to lift your mood and make you feel better.

I take my dog for a walk when I’m tired. Taking in the fresh air and sunshine helps me to get perspective. It helps me to reestablish a calmer rhythm. Getting outside and fresh air can help with burnout, but they are also essential in preventing it. It’s important to take breaks throughout the day so that you can get outside and reset your mind and body.

The calmer I am in my everyday life, I tend to find the more walks that I take. It is possible to reduce stress and anxiety by taking time to appreciate nature. I walk to my office. I like the fresh air and quiet moments of reflection that walking provides. I take walks with my dog when I travel. I cultivate balance, reset, and avoid burnout by moving slower, getting outside, and finding a calmer rhythm. In order to achieve this balance, I need to take the time to detach from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


It’s a serious problem and unsustainable. It can lead to feelings of exhaustion, apathy, and even depression if you don’t seek help from a mental health professional. It wreaks havoc on your body and mind. It can be difficult to recover from and can be very damaging. If you set limits and say no to balance, you will feel better, make better decisions, and form stronger connections. You can use this to create more meaningful relationships and lead a happier life. It is essential to achieve long-term success and happiness.

It took me a long time to learn how important it is to chill out as much as possible. Ensuring that you are able to stay motivated and productive by taking time to relax is an important part of the process.

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