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Tips On Earning Money By Snapping Photos

People with first-class equipment and expertise are no longer the only ones who can sell photos. You can get paid to take pictures with your phone. It isn’t easy to be successful in photography. It requires a lot of practice and dedication. Discipline and a close eye are required. A strong commitment to excellence is required to maintain high standards.

If you enjoy taking pictures and are looking to turn your hobby into a side hustle, or if you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your business — there are tons of ways to sell high-quality photos online.

I will cover the best ways for amateur and pro photographers to make money selling their work online. You can find an online platform that will allow you to showcase and monetize your work regardless of your skill level.

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19 Ways to Get Paid to Take Pictures

Here are some great ways to make money selling your pictures:

Apps that Pay You To Take Pictures

If you want to take quality pictures on your phone but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a nice camera, there are several apps that you can use to get paid. By studying the works of other photographers and learning from their successes, you can improve your own photography skills.

These are the easiest ways to get paid for taking pictures. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get started.

1. Foap

Foap is a crowdsourcing photography website that connects photographers with business-focused buyers. You get 50% of the commission when you sell a photo on Foap. You can make money selling photos on Foap. And every time you participate in a Foap Mission will give you $50 if you make a sale. Competitions give you the chance to win more rewards. You have quick access to your cash when payment is sent via PayPal. You can take advantage of the various discounts and rewards that PayPal has to offer.

2. EyeEm

EyeEm is a marketplace where you can sell images for commercial use and receive royalties for your work. EyeEm pays 25% to 45% in commission. The more photographers benefit from their sales, the higher thePayout level. For a complete payment breakdown and more information on how to apply, check this out.

3. Snapwire

Snapwire is a visual production platform that lets you sell photos and videos to brands and small businesses. There is a leveling system that rewards top-performing creators. The system encourages creators to strive for excellence.

4. Snappr

Snappr is an easy-to-use photography app that lets customers book photography services at predetermined rates. You don’t have to pay a subscription or membership fee if you keep 70% to 80% of the booking price. Booking shoots through the platform is a great way to make money. Almost every corner of the globe is currently being accepted for applications. Equal opportunities are provided for everyone regardless of their background.

Stock Photo Websites

Take a look at almost any business website and you will most likely see pictures of random buildings, landscapes, customers, and objects. Ordinary photographers who know how to capture stock images make a lot of these pictures. If you’re looking for high-quality visuals to use in your projects, stock images can be a great option.

If you have a vision for a particularly compelling image and have basic photo-editing skills, you can start taking pictures and making money from stock photo websites. It is possible to make a good income with some practice and dedication. You don’t need a fancy camera. You can use your phone to take pictures. You should use an iPad or an Apple device.

Here are the top stock photo sites. You’re sure to find the perfect image for your project if you visit these sites.

5. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a global photography community that pays a commission of between 25 and 38 cents every time someone downloads your work. New contributors and customers are paid commission by the company. Existing contributors and customers will be rewarded for their loyalty with this commission structure.

6. iStock by Getty Images

iStock is similar to Shutterstock in that you can upload content and receive royalties when users download your work. The app pays royalties for photos, videos, and illustrations. The app pays royalties for audio and music files. The chance to earn 25% to 45% is available to exclusive contributors. You can earn up to 45% of your article’s revenue by becoming an exclusive contributor.

7. Adobe Stock (formerly Fotolia)

Adobe Stock is one of the largest online photo contributor platforms. The company offers a royalty rate of 33% for photos and 35% for videos.

8. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is a popular stock photo platform that pays a revenue share between 25% and 50% of royalties on submissions. You have to earn at least $100 before you can cash out. You can request a withdrawal of your funds once you reach the minimum balance. You will have to contact the company to request your payment. Keep track of any invoices, payment requests, and receipts as they may be needed later.


You can make money by selling images online, but you can also make money as a photographer. There are a variety of settings where photographers can find work, from weddings and events to family portraits and corporate headshots. Let’s take a closer look at what I mean. We should analyze the situation more thoroughly to get a better understanding of my point.

People often hire photographers for short-term work. Professional quality images that meet the needs of a wide variety of projects can be provided by independent photographers. A local restaurant may need beautiful images of menu items to place on its new website. The vibrant colors and flavors of the restaurant’s most popular dishes should be captured in the images. A local boutique may want professional images of its customers. This could be used to promote the boutique on the website or social media accounts. You may be able to get a gig with a local newspaper and take pictures of community events.

As a photographer, you can make money by taking photos and editing them. Flexibility is one of the things you can enjoy with being your own boss. You will most likely get future opportunities with your clients if it goes well. It’s important to make a good impression on your clients and deliver on your promises.

Check out the following sites to find freelance photography jobs.

9. Fiverr

You probably know about the side hustle hub of Fiverr. It’s an amazing platform that allows people who don’t have a job to find one. Thousands of photographers offer services on the marketplace. Photographers can use Fiverr to find new clients and showcase their work.

Product photography and lifestyle are the most popular categories. Manyphotographers are offering their services on Fiverr for different types of photography. You can get paid to take pictures of other businesses’ products and of people using them.

Similar to Upwork, There is a 20% commission on revenue. Thanks to this commission, Fiverr can continue to provide a marketplace to connect with potential clients. I recommend using Fiverr to find your first few jobs, get some experience, and build a name for yourself. You can use Fiverr to build your reputation as a freelancer and establish yourself in the industry.

You should be able to build up your own set of clients so that you don’t have to pay such hefty commissions.

10. Upwork

Upwork is a top freelance marketplace where you can find all types of freelance photography gigs. Upwork has hundreds of active photography opportunities at any given time, from finding live events to taking product images for online catalogs. Upwork has something for everyone.

You can sell your photo services. If you enjoy taking pictures of dogs, shoes, or cars, you can list them on Upwork so that interested customers can find you.

Upwork charges a 20% commission for the first $500 in revenue, 10% for billings between $500.01 and $10,000, and 5% for anything after that. When estimating how much you can expect to make from a job, it’s important to factor in these fees.

11. Indeed

Indeed is a leading job search engine where you can find almost any type of job, including picture-taking gigs. If you search for photography on the home page, you will see a wide range of legit remote and in-person jobs.

Take a look around and see what interests you. You could find something that you didn’t know you wanted. You will need a portfolio or prior relevant experience to get a job on Indeed. The qualifications and skills necessary to excel in the job should be demonstrated in your portfolio and experience. You don’t know what comes from connecting with the right company. Take the time to research and find the best fit for you and your business, as it could be the start of a successful partnership.

Indeed has an edge over Upwork and Fiverr because it doesn’t charge any commission to you as a photographer. Indeed is an attractive option for photographers looking to maximize their profits. Indeed charges companies for posting job opportunities. Indeed offers a wide range of services to help employers find the right candidate, including resume search and job postings, at no cost to job seekers.

Companies on tight budgets are more likely to be weeded out.

If you are a complete beginner at photography, you could try to get more work on Upwork and Fiverr. One great way to get started is to look for photography projects posted by other users, as these can be a good way to build your portfolio and gain experience. Once you build a solid portfolio, you can move up to Indeed. This will allow you to demonstrate your skills to potential employers. Just my two cents. I think my opinion has been helpful.

Sell Your Pictures as Art

Taking pictures of newborns and newlyweds isn’t for everyone, never fear, if you would rather focus on the artistic side of photography and get paid to sell your original photos as artwork, there are still plenty of options at your disposal, which we’ll explore in this section.

12. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where you can set your own prices for your photos and sell them to customers. You have to cover shipping and gift-wrapping costs when you make a sale, as well as taking a 5% commission. Nature and landscapes are included in some of the more popular photo categories. You can either sell both prints and frames. You will be able to offer more options to potential customers.

13. eBay

eBay has a global base of 187 million users, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking to sell photos to global buyers. As an eBay photo seller, you can either set a Buy it Now price for your work or leave it up for auction and let the market determine the final selling price. If you want to make sure you get the compensation you deserve, you can set a minimum price.

14. Amazon

Amazon won’t let you sell digital images. You can sell prints in a limited edition of 200 or less. You can make it a great source of income by making sure the value of each item remains high. The company has different selling plans. Each plan can be tailored to the individual needs of the business. The Individual plan costs 99 cents per item sold, plus additional selling fees, while the Professional plan costs $39.99 per month with additional selling fees.

If you’re interested in using this platform to sell photos, here’s a complete breakdown of Amazon’s pricing for sellers.

Start Your Own Website to Promote Your Pictures

Do you want to turn your photography into a sustainable business? You need to invest the time and resources necessary to make it a success. You could start a website and sell your work directly to customers. You can use your website to find new jobs. With a well-designed website, you can create a professional portfolio to show off your skills and attract potential clients.

15. Start a Photography Blog

You don’t need to be a coder to get a nice looking website. With just some basic computer skills, you can start a website from scratch using a service like GoDaddy, Weebly, or Squarespace. Those who are more tech-savvy should look into forming their own WordPress page.

If you want to attract customers and clients, you need to use social media to share your work. You can use other channels to increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.

For example, if your craft is greeting cards, you could sell them directly on your site. If you are interested in wedding photography, you will want to showcase your portfolio and availability on social media. If you want to network with other wedding photographers and potential clients, you could join wedding-specific forums.

It requires more management. You can make it work for your business with the right approach. If you want to keep more of your revenue, selling directly to customers is the way to go. The better your chances are of making a successful sale, the more control you have over the customer experience.

Opportunities for Advanced Photographers 

There are many opportunities for photographers with professional equipment. There are many ways to make money as a professional photographer. You can become a successful professional photographer if you have the right equipment, a good eye, and practice.

16. Events

A way to make money as a professional photographer is to shoot weddings, graduation parties, and engagement announcements. Selling stock photos online is another way to make money from your photography skills. Local advertisements can be posted on social channels and in local publications. You can reach out to potential clients by joining networking groups. You can use your own website to sell your services. You can use social media to market your services and drive customers to your website.

17. Sell a Photography Book

You probably have thousands of images from over the years. It’s a great way to look back on your favorite memories and capture moments that you never want to forget. If you can identify a common theme, you can put your best photos into a photo book. This project will allow you to preserve and share your memories. Blurb is Amazon’s photo book self-publishing platform. Lulu is another cool option.

18. Teach Photography Courses

You can make money teaching people how to take pictures on the internet. You can increase your income by teaching others how to take pictures. Setting up a website is one of the most common ways to teach photography online. By showcasing quality content and providing detailed course outlines, you can make sure that your students get the best possible learning experience. There isa local photography workshop in your community. It’s a great way to learn about the craft of photography and connect with other photographers in your area.

19. Take Portraits

Professional portraits are in high demand. Professional portraits can help create a lasting impression, whether for job applications, social media profiles, or special occasions. A quick scroll through LinkedIn will show you that many of your connections have taken photos. You can use this to your advantage and get advice on how to improve your photography skills. Portraiture photography includes taking photos of school children, album covers for musicians, family portraits, and capturing the faces of local sports players and organization members.

Tips for Selling Pictures Online

Selling photos can be a great side hustle. It is possible to make some extra money doing something you love. There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you don’t get ripped off. Before committing to any purchase, it is a good idea to do some research into the company or individual you are dealing with.

  • Don’t It is common to list your photography services at a lower price than the competition when you are just starting out. Don’t be afraid to undersell yourself and offer a great value to your customers. Start small and build up your reputation as your skills and experience improve; you can always increase your prices later on. Taking quality photos and editing them takes a lot of time. You could be working for just a few bucks per hour if you don’t price your services correctly.
  • Unless you accept a full-time job as a photographer and choose to withdraw taxes from your paychecks, you will most likely collect money as an independent contractor. You will need to pay estimated quarterly taxes on your income as an independent contractor, so be sure to factor that into your budget. You will have to pay taxes according to this, which usually involves making quarterly tax payments. You should consult a tax professional or use a tax software program to make sure you are paying your taxes correctly.
  • You run the risk of someone stealing your images if you post them online. This is the reason why so many professional photographers add watermarks to their images. Adding a watermark will protect your images from unauthorized use and help ensure that you get the credit you deserve for your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a lot of money with stock photography websites?

Stock photo websites can be used to make money online. It’s a great way to build relationships with clients and expand your portfolio. You are probably not going to make a lot of money. You may be able to make a living with hard work and dedication. You will not know how much you will make until you publish your images on the internet. It can take some time to get your images noticed and start earning money, but it’s worth it. What are you waiting for? Today is the day to start your journey to success.

Can I get paid to take pictures and travel?

There are a few ways you can make money traveling and taking pictures. Selling your photos online is one way to make money from traveling and taking pictures. One way to make money is to sell your photos to businesses. Selling sponsored posts and creating content for brands you love can be used to create your own business. You will need a large following for anyone to be interested in paying for that kind of service. Providing engaging and interesting content on a regular basis is one way to grow your followers. It is possible to be a photographer for a photography company. The most steady pay can come from this. It is a lot of work. It can be rewarding.

How much do photographers make to sell pictures?

According to, the average annual salary for a The photographer is based in the U.S.

Depending on the quality and scope of your work, it varies. Some people are able to make a living, while others are not. Stock photo sites pay a few cents per photo. It is possible to make a lot of money selling stock photos with the right portfolio and marketing strategies. You can collect passive income if you sell stock photos. It’s a great way to make money. Higher pay can be found in working gig and freelancer jobs. This allows people who want to become self-employed to do so. You will have to work harder, dedicate more time, and pay for expensive equipment. The rewards will make it worth it.

If you are good enough, you should start a photography business. Providing high quality services and products directly to your customers will allow you to make a good living. You can charge what you want for your services. You’ll be able to maximize your profits by controlling your pricing.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to make money taking and selling pictures online. You can make a lot of money with the right skills and equipment. This could be your next best side hustle, whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur who is just looking to sell photos online. You can use a variety of platforms to maximize your earnings. It’s just a matter of having a passion for photography and making money. You can be successful in this field if you have a passion for photography and a desire to make money.

This career will take a bit of practice and trial and error. Success can be achieved with the right attitude and dedication.

You will be making money before you know it if you stick with it.

At the end of the day, what is better? It’s rewarding to see the hard work pay off, and that feeling is unbeatable.

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