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Top 15 Online Focus Groups To Join

I help brands refine their products, services, and marketing by participating in over 50 online focus groups. My feedback and insights have had a positive impact on my life. I made a lot of extra money doing it. I am thankful that I have a job that allows me to express my creativity.

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to leave home to participate in a focus group, making it a pretty appealing side hustle.

Continue reading if you want to get paid for sharing your opinion. If you join an online survey panel and take surveys, you can start making money today.

Top 15 Online Focus Groups

I’ve researched and reviewed the best online focus groups to give you a few recommendations for your next side hustle:

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. Ipsos
  3. User Interviews
  4. Respondent
  5. Survey Feeds
  7. American Consumer Opinion
  8. Mindswarms
  9. Recruit and Field
  10. Fieldwork
  11. Inspired Opinions
  13. Rare Patient Voice
  14. PingPong
  15. Brand Institute

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of my favorite sites for online surveys and focus groups. Online surveys usually pay out $1-$3. Survey sites are an easy way to make extra money.

The more surveys you take, the more likely you are to get an offer to participate in a higher paying focus group, extended phone survey, or product testing.

When these opportunities do come up, they pay up to $75, with some in-person focus groups paying up to $150. If you participate in focus groups, you could make some extra money.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for Survey Junkie. You can start earning rewards for your opinions once you have signed up. You can set up email notifications to let you know when focus groups are available. Pick the focus groups that best suit your interests, and you can use this to your advantage.

2. Ipsos

One of the biggest online survey platforms in the US is Ipsos, where you can earn cash or gift cards for doing online surveys. A wide variety of products and services can be used to provide insights into consumer behavior.

Survey Junkie pays an average of $0.10 to $1 per quick survey, while the average survey from Ipsos pays an average of $0.10 to $1 per quick survey. The surveys are easier to complete and quicker to complete. It can pay up to $100 per hour for its focus groups and in-depth surveys. It’s a great way to make extra money in your spare time.

You can cash out easily when you get points for completing a survey or focus group because they have a lowPayout threshold. You can redeem points for gift cards or cash rewards.

You can get paid to contribute your opinion on the go with the user-friendly mobile app that Ipsos has. You can sign up for surveys and track your rewards with the app.

3. User Interviews

Over 2,200 studies are put out each month by User Interviews. In-person and online focus groups and surveys are offered by the market research company. Market researchers with extensive knowledge of the industry are employed by the company.

The average pay for an hour-long focus group is $50-$75, but some users make over $400 for participating in more in-depth studies.

The company makes it easy to find focus group opportunities on the website, with clear timelines and payouts for each listing. The focus group should fit into your schedule and budget.

To get the most out of your time on User Interviews, link your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. If you choose to manually add additional information about yourself, potential clients can learn more about you. The company can connect you to opportunities that are relevant to you. It is possible to ensure that you are considered for every opportunity that suits your skills, interests and experience.

4. Respondent

Respondent pays more than $100 for hour-long focus groups.

Once you register, you can scroll through all the studies you meet the requirements. Register now and explore the opportunities available to you, it only takes a few minutes.

If you see something that catches your eye, you can complete a quick screening survey to apply. If you’re interested in a particular job opportunity, you can contact the employer directly. If you are chosen, you will receive an email invitation to participate. We appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey.

You have to have an account to get paid for your time. It’s easy to sign up for an account if you don’t have a PayPal account. You can make decent extra money on generic focus groups that are open to everyone, but the real money lies in niche professional groups.

5. Survey Feeds

Another option for online survey groups is Survey Feeds. Survey Feeds allows you to easily connect with survey providers and get paid for your opinion. It is rewarding if you live in an eligible city and are willing to participate in focus groups. It is possible to make extra money by giving your opinion on various topics and products.

Survey Feeds often launches focus groups in Los Angeles, New York, San Fransisco, Boston, and Miami, which could be in the form of groups, clinical research studies, or interviews.

Some of the more extensive in-person studies can earn even more, as online studies pay up to $450. You can explore open studies on the Survey Feeds website and their social media accounts, which are regularly updated with new opportunities. Detailed information on each study can be found in Survey Feeds.


Another popular focus group site that is open to participants in the US is It’s a great way to make extra money while giving your opinion, because Focus offers generous incentives to its participants.

You will be connected with focus groups and interviews that can be conducted over the phone or on your computer when you choose to research national studies.

Once you sign up, you can sort through available studies on banking, dining, and other research topics. You will have access to helpful resources that can inform your research. If you are eligible to participate, you complete quick screening questions. Once you’re eligible, you’ll be given more information and asked to sign a consent form.

The opportunities are lucrative, paying out an average of $75-$250, even though it can take some time to qualify for a study. It is worthwhile to apply for studies because of the financial reward.

7. American Consumer Opinion

There are more than 7 million users of American Consumer Opinion. It is one of the largest online market research communities in the world. It’s main focus is on surveys, but you can also find focus group opportunities on the site.

The site does not pay out in cash. $0.01 is equal to one point in the points system. The rewards program doesn’t give out cash or gift cards. If you reach a set amount of points, you can redeem them via a paper check. If you want, you can donate your points to charity.

The site pays up to $50 for focus groups. If you complete short screening surveys, your name is entered for the monthly lottery drawings, which could net you $50. The more surveys you complete, the more chances you have to win.

8. Mindswarms

The other consumer research platforms are similar to Mindswarms. Users can receive feedback on their own experiences, unlike any other platform.

For every product or service up for review, Mindswarms asks for a video that answers questions. Your video will be used to inform others about the product or service. You get $50 for answering 10 questions about the product or service. You can get paid more for answering follow-up questions.

You will be paid directly by PayPal once you submit your answers. After you submit your answers, make sure to check your account for the funds. The best part? The studies take an average of 10 minutes to complete. The results of these studies are used in scientific research.

You need to register and complete screeners for the studies that interest you to put your hat in the ring. You will be able to view available research opportunities that match your demographic once you register. Easy.

9. Recruit and Field

Consumers who have made money participating in focus groups on the site have given Recruit and Field a 4.9 rating on its Facebook page. The company is committed to providing quality service and connecting consumers with worthwhile opportunities.

The site is a good fit for everyone. It is easy to navigate, making it accessible to anyone interested in participating. There are general consumer surveys and specialized ones for medical personnel. You can make your opinions known by taking a survey.

You could end up testing anything from beauty products to a new TV series if you work with Recruit and Field. We provide our members with the opportunity to have their opinions heard and make an impact on the products and services we all use.

You can make up to $250 per study if you use gift cards. Within a few days of completing the study, payouts occur.

10. Fieldwork

Fieldwork mainly conducts focus groups, but you can also participate in phone interviews, product trials, shopping, and taste tests. You may be asked to give detailed feedback on a product or service.

You can join virtual groups regardless of where you live by entering the company’s national database. It’s easier to find like-minded people who share the same interests because of this. You can get more focus group opportunities in person if you live in one of the thirteen active cities. This is a great way to make extra money and get paid for your opinions.

Fieldwork specializes in the medical industry and conducts focus groups on a wide range of topics. Fieldwork’s medical focus groups are led by highly-trained professionals who specialize in the medical field, ensuring the best results for your research. Doctors, physician assistants, medical tech, nurses, and other medical professionals are always in demand by the company. It is a great chance to get involved in research and make a difference.

Visa gift cards start at $75 for a one to two-hour focus group, and the company usually pays its participants with them. Cash bonuses, Amazon gift cards, and other rewards can be given to participants who complete longer studies.

11. Inspired Opinions

Some of the focus group companies in this review offer in-person focus groups in some cities and opportunities for at- home focus groups. Participants are rewarded for their time and opinions with gift cards and other incentives.

100 points are equal to $1 and are used to reward participants. If you reach a certain amount of points, you can redeem them for gift cards, merchandise, or even cash. Participants make an average of $50 to $250 per focus group. Saving up for a vacation or splurging on something special can be done with the earnings.

It’s easy to participate in inspired opinion studies. An inspired opinion study can be completed from home. Simply sign up and provide your basic details, let the company match you with studies that look like a fit, then wait for a call or email to screen you for the study. You will receive an invitation to participate in the study once you are approved. You can redeem your points for gift cards once you complete the study. You can use your points to get gift cards for popular stores and restaurants, which will allow you to treat yourself or someone else.

The site is highly rated on Facebook, with an average review of 4.4 out of 5 stars.


The other focus group websites I have included in this review are very similar to Rather than offering its own consumer research surveys, the site acts as an org that provides you with a list of focus groups from across the internet. It’s easy to compare and contrast different opportunities because of this.

If you want to see all of your best options in one place, this is a great option. It’s a great way to make more money by taking surveys. The site currently pays $100-$325 for some of the hottest listings. Flexible hours are offered by these listings, so you can work as much or as little as you want.

The website makes it easy to find studies. The search function allows users to quickly find the studies they are looking for. You can choose to search by location or nationwide. It’s easy to find the perfect job no matter where you are. It is possible to see all the study’s details and apply directly on the site, which can be a major time saver. You can quickly apply for a study if you find one that fits your needs.

13. Rare Patient Voice

If you are a patient or a family member, this is for you. It’s a good idea to learn more about your condition and how you can best manage it. Rare Patient Voice aims to give researchers insight into people’s experiences with medical services and products, and to give patients and their caretakers the chance to express their opinions. Patient-centered care can be provided if patient voices are heard in the healthcare process.

Clinical trials, surveys, phone interviews, and focus groups are some of the things they do. Researchers can gain valuable insights into the population they are studying by collecting data from these sources. I saw opportunities ranging from $35 for a survey to $400 for in-person interviews when I looked at the website. I was able to choose the best opportunity for my needs because of the wide variety of options.

To sign up, you must submit an application listing your medical conditions. A representative from the program will contact you to confirm your eligibility after you’ve submitted your application. You will be contacted if the studies are a match.

In addition to the US, Rare Patient Voice conducts research in Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, and the UK. People living with rare diseases can benefit from the research conducted by Rare Patient Voice.

14. PingPong

Another unique consumer research platform that focuses on user experience testing is PingPong. PingPong’s user experience testing combines traditional survey-style research with artificial intelligence to give developers and designers the data they need to make informed decisions.

Depending on how complex the task is, the site pays out between $15 and $220 for most of it’s studies. Survey, product testing, and focus groups are some of the tasks it offers.

The global platform is open to US participants. It is possible to connect with people from different cultures.

Pingpong relies on 1-on-1 video chats between researchers and participants and requires a computer with a mic and camera and a steady internet connection. Before starting a pingpong session, it is important to test the audio and video quality.

15. Brand Institute

Brand Institute does a lot for the brands it works with, helping to come up with names and company identities with a focus on healthcare. As well as creating successful marketing campaigns, it works with clients to develop and maintain brand loyalty.

One way they do this is through consumer research, where participants get paid to share their opinions on everything from pharmaceutical products to cars to perfume branding. Consumer research can help companies make decisions about what products to create, how to market them, and how to price them.

There is a quick registration process for Brand Institute. The registration process can be completed in a few minutes. The site will match you with studies once you enter your information. After completing the application process, you will be contacted by a study representative to discuss your options.

The website has high reviews from users across the internet, and it partners with brands, so you can trust that it is a legitimate company. Quality products are carefullysourced from reliable vendors.

How Online Focus Groups Work

Companies are willing to pay you to test new products and participate in group discussions. The companies value the opinions of their testers and use them to improve their products. You can do some of them online. It can be a lot of fun to learn something new. It beats minimum wage no matter what. It can provide a better standard of living than working for minimum wage, and it is a great way to earn a living wage.

People between the ages of 18 and 30 are a coveted demographic for most companies, so they are willing to pay to talk to focus group companies.

There are several types of research that you can participate in. Research can help you make better decisions. If you visit the company at their location or someone from the company visits you at your home, you can answer some questions.

You can do everything from your computer and take part in online discussions. There is even something called mystery shopping where participants pose as regular customers, then write down information about the business they are visiting, like their customer service experience and the cleanliness of the location.

Another popular research type is product testing. It is possible to test products such as food, drinks, and shaving supplies. You could review the products on the internet.

How Much Money You Can Make with Online Focus Groups

Most focus groups last between one and three hours, with pay ranging from $50 to over $1,000 in some cases. Focus group participation is a great way for people to make extra money. I was paid $1,000 for 3 hours of work for a luxury car company. I was very grateful that I was a part of the project.

On average, you will make between $100 and $200 for your time, but the more in-demand and unique your skills/viewpoint, the more money you will get paid.

I get paid more to participate in focus groups since I am a difficult demographic to reach, since I make a lot of money. I didn’t think my financial success would be so valuable in surveys. An added benefit is that most companies pay you in cash, prepaid debit cards, or Amazon gift cards, so you can use them how you please. I received an Amazon credit from a focus group. I have found it helpful to buy things at a discounted price.

How To Increase Your Odds of Being Picked for a Focus Group

Basic information, such as your age and gender, is all you need to sign up. You will be asked to provide additional information once you have completed the initial sign up process. Before you can be a part of a paid focus group, you need to fill out a survey. You need to have certain characteristics that the study is looking for in order to qualify.

You will fill out the survey. Once the survey is complete, you will submit it to the provider for analysis. If you are a good fit, you will get a call from a recruiter who will ask you some clarifying questions. References and a copy of your resume can be asked of you by the recruiters.

Answer honestly because they are looking for your unique opinion. When giving an opinion, be open and confident, as it will be taken into account by the person asking for it. In many cases focus group recruiters are looking for unique perspectives. It is important to provide your own opinion when participating in a focus group.

Should You Participate in Online Focus Groups?

Is online focus groups the perfect side hustle? Online focus groups aren’t the perfect side hustle as they often don’t pay well and require a lot of time commitment. I think they are one of the best side hustles. It’s a great way to supplement your income. You can’t make a lot of money sitting around and sharing your opinions from your couch. You can make money from home doing surveys that don’t require much effort.

Focus groups are a lot of fun because you get paid for your opinions and you get to make a difference. You get to meet and interact with other people who may have different opinions on a variety of topics. Your voice matters and your input is used by the companies hiring out the focus group firm, so you get to influence what products may be coming to store shelves soon.

Try to invest at least 50% of the money you make so that it can grow and compound over time. Every $1 Side hustling in 2010 was worth $3.50 today. I didn’t think my small side hustle would be worth so much. ✌️

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