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Find Remote Work with FlexJobs: The Ultimate Guide

Remote work has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in recent years, with more and more companies offering flexible work arrangements that allow employees to work from home or other virtual locations. This shift has opened up new employment opportunities for people who may not live near a traditional office or who require a more flexible work schedule. FlexJobs is an online platform that has become a go-to resource for job seekers looking for remote work. The platform connects candidates with endless job opportunities from a range of industries and provides them with the tools and resources they need to get hired. FlexJobs boasts a growing roster of over 5,000 companies and features job postings from over 50 career fields, including finance, tech, writing, education, healthcare, and more. With so many options available, job seekers can find a remote opportunity that offers the desired level of flexibility that suits their lives. FlexJobs is an excellent tool for those who desire the benefits of remote work, such as a better work-life balance, improved productivity, and reduced commute times and expenses. Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job, freelance work, or an occasional gig, FlexJobs can help you find the perfect job that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Using FlexJobs is easy and straightforward. Here’s how to get started:

  • Create an account on FlexJobs.
  • Search for remote jobs in your desired job category, career level, type of flexibility, and location.
  • Apply to the jobs you’re interested in by submitting your resume and cover letter through the FlexJobs website.
  • Use FlexJobs’ customized job search to see job listings that match your specific skills and requirements.
  • Set up job alerts so that you receive notifications when new job postings that match your preferences appear on the site.
  • Explore the career coaching services, webinars, and remote work guides provided by FlexJobs to gain more insights into the remote work industry and refine your job search strategies.
  • Use FlexJobs’ partner products and services, such as LinkedIn Premium, to enhance your job search and increase your chances of getting hired.

Using these tips and tricks, you can maximize the chances of finding a flexible and remote job that perfectly fits your needs and desires.

How to Work with FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is an online job board that offers flexible, telecommuting, part-time, and freelance job opportunities. Here’s how you can get started working with them:

  • Create a profile on FlexJobs to get access to its job board.
  • Browse the numerous job listings and apply to those that match your skillset.
  • To improve your chances of getting hired, take advantage of the career coaching, resume reviews, and job search resources offered by FlexJobs.
  • When applying for a job, it’s important to read the job description and requirements carefully, and tailor your application to fit the needs of the employer.
  • If you’re a freelance or contract worker, be sure to track your time and expenses to accurately invoice your clients.
  • Finally, be patient. Finding a job through FlexJobs may take time, but the opportunities are worth the investment.

Remember, FlexJobs is not a staffing agency, so job seekers should expect to take the lead in applying for positions that match their expertise.

FlexJobs is a platform that provides job seekers with a wide range of remote job opportunities. With its advanced search options, people hunting for remote work can easily customize their job searches according to their unique skills and requirements. This ensures that they only see job listings that match their needs, making their job search more efficient. Moreover, FlexJobs also provides career coaching services that help job seekers refine their job search strategies and improve their chances of getting hired.

One of the most important tips for finding remote work on FlexJobs is to stay current with the latest job postings. FlexJobs makes this easy by providing job alerts that notify subscribers of new job listings that match their skills and preferences. By taking advantage of this feature and checking the website regularly, job seekers can be among the first to know about the latest remote job opportunities in their field.

Another crucial tip is to research the companies offering remote jobs. It’s important to understand their values, culture, and work environment to determine if they align with your personal and professional goals. FlexJobs provides job seekers with information about companies through its employer directory, which includes detailed profiles of thousands of companies that offer remote work.

Once you find a remote job listing that matches your skills and preferences, it’s important to customize your application to stand out from other applicants. Avoid sending a generic cover letter and resume; instead, tailor your application to highlight how your skills and experience match the requirements of the job. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of getting hired for the remote job of your dreams through FlexJobs.

If you’re ready to start your remote job search, visit FlexJobs today and take the first step towards finding flexible and fulfilling work.

How to find entirely remote jobs?

Finding entirely remote jobs can be made easy by following some basic steps. Here are some ways to find remotely based jobs:

  • Check remote job boards such as, FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, and RemoteOk to get current job listings of entirely remote jobs.
  • Search through traditional job boards while filtering under the location section to “remote” or “anywhere”.
  • Follow remote-friendly companies through their social media accounts to get updates on the job openings that they might post online.
  • Contact a recruiter who operates specifically in remote work placements for potential job opportunities.
  • Consider starting your freelancing or consulting practice to be able to pick up remote tasks over time.
  • Network with remote workers or entrepreneurs with whom you share similar interests, and who you think can offer opportunities for remote work.

Resources Available on FlexJobs Remote

In addition to its job search tools and services, FlexJobs Remote offers helpful resources aimed at helping job seekers make informed decisions about remote work. Some of these resources include:

  • Remote Work Guides: FlexJobs Remote offers comprehensive guides that provide detailed information about remote work. These guides cover important topics such as job searching, resume writing, and interview skills for remote job seekers.
  • Webinars: FlexJobs Remote regularly hosts webinars featuring experts in remote work and other career fields. These webinars focus on topics such as job search strategies, industry trends, and skill development.
  • Resume Review Services: FlexJobs Remote provides resume review services to help job seekers create compelling resumes that showcase their skills and experience in the best possible light.
  • FlexJobs Blog: The FlexJobs Remote blog offers a wealth of information about remote work and job searching, including tips, news, and advice from industry experts.

These resources, combined with FlexJobs Remote‘s job search tools and services, make the site an invaluable resource for job seekers looking to enter the remote work arena.

Resources Available on FlexJobs Remote
Remote Work Guides ✔️
Webinars ✔️
Resume Review Services ✔️
FlexJobs Remote Blog ✔️

Whether you’re new to remote work or a seasoned professional, the resources provided by FlexJobs Remote can help you take your career to the next level. By taking advantage of these resources, you can stay informed, develop new skills, and discover new opportunities in the remote work landscape.

What is the purpose of FlexJobs?

The purpose of FlexJobs is to connect job seekers with remote and flexible job opportunities. FlexJobs provides a platform for users to access curated job listings from reputable companies that offer remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible work options. The website also offers resources and tools to help job seekers with their job search, including career coaching, resume and cover letter templates, and skill testing.

Some key features of FlexJobs are:

  • Hand-screened job listings to ensure legitimacy and quality
  • Search filters to narrow down job listings based on specific needs and preferences
  • Flexible job categories such as work-from-home, part-time, freelance, and temporary positions
  • Access to exclusive member savings on job search resources and services

FlexJobs may be particularly useful for individuals seeking work-life balance, those with caregiving responsibilities, and those looking to reduce commuting time or relocate to a new area.

FlexJobs offers remote job listings in a variety of industries and categories. Here are some of the most popular remote job categories available on FlexJobs:

  • Customer Service: Remote customer service jobs are ideal for individuals who are skilled at fostering positive customer experiences and prefer to work remotely.
  • Software Development: Remote software development jobs include positions ranging from developers to engineers, project managers, and designers.
  • Writing: Remote writing jobs can include content writing, technical writing, marketing writing, and more.
  • Education: Remote education jobs may include teaching, tutoring, and curriculum development.
  • Healthcare: Remote healthcare jobs can encompass positions such as medical coding, case management, and nursing.

These popular remote job categories are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of remote job opportunities available on FlexJobs. Job seekers can browse through numerous positions in their preferred field of expertise and apply for positions that suit their skillset and career goals.

With a range of remote job categories available on FlexJobs, individuals looking to work remotely can find suitable job opportunities that meet their needs and requirements.

Looking for remote work? Check out FlexJobs, a website that offers a wide selection of remote job opportunities in various fields. Browse through popular job categories, including customer service, software development, writing, education and healthcare. Find the perfect remote job that meets your needs and start working remotely today!

Which Industry is Best for Remote Work?

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a shift to remote work, and many industries are now adapting to this change. Here are some industries that are particularly suitable for remote work:

Industry Why Remote Work Works
Tech Most tech jobs only require a computer and an internet connection, making remote work a natural fit.
Education & Training Many teachers and trainers can work remotely as long as they have access to relevant technology and materials.
Marketing & Advertising With online tools and social media, marketing and advertising professionals can work remotely and collaborate virtually.
Writing & Editing Writing and editing can be done from anywhere, making it a great fit for remote work.

Other industries that may be suitable for remote work include customer service, finance, and project management.

If you’re interested in finding remote work opportunities, websites like FlexJobs and can help you find job openings from legitimate companies.

Finding remote work on FlexJobs can be challenging, but some practical tips can make the process smoother. Here are some tips for finding remote work on FlexJobs:

  • Customize your job search: Tailor your job search according to your experience level, work schedule, and preferred job categories to find the most relevant job listings.
  • Use career coaching services: Unfamiliar with remote work protocols? FlexJobs offers career coaching services to help you become job interview ready.
  • Review company profiles: Check a company profile before applying for a job. Company profiles offer valuable information, such as job benefits, company summaries, and insights into work cultures.
  • Stay organized: Keep track of your job applications by setting up a spreadsheet or using FlexJob’s tracking system.
  • Sign up for job alerts: Receive email notifications about new job postings and industry updates by subscribing to job alerts on FlexJobs.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of finding the ideal remote job on FlexJobs that meets your skill set, work experience, and expectations.

Overall, FlexJobs is an excellent platform for anyone seeking remote work opportunities. By using these tips and taking advantage of the resources and tools provided by FlexJobs, you can find your dream job and enjoy the benefits of working remotely.

Why is it so hard for me to find a remote job?

Reasons: Solutions:
  • Remote jobs are highly competitive
  • Many people are looking for remote jobs due to the pandemic
  • Some companies prefer to hire locally due to time zone differences and language barriers
  • Improve your qualifications and skills to stand out among other applicants
  • Use specialized remote job search websites like and FlexJobs
  • Consider applying to companies that are open to hiring remote workers regardless of their location

Note* is a website that advertises remote jobs. FlexJobs is a website that specializes in remote, freelance and flexible jobs.


FlexJobs is an excellent platform for anyone looking for remote work opportunities. It provides job seekers with a wealth of resources, including a wide range of remote job categories, career coaching services, and tools to make the job search process more manageable. Working remotely offers numerous benefits, including work-life balance, flexibility, and increased productivity, among others. With FlexJobs, you can find the perfect remote job that matches your skill set, experience, and expectations.

Whether you’re looking to work full-time, part-time, freelance, or remotely, FlexJobs has got you covered. The website is trusted by millions of job seekers worldwide, and its reputation is a testament to its success. Therefore, if you’re looking for a flexible and remote work opportunity, sign up for a FlexJobs account and start exploring the job listings today!