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Millennial Financial Planners

Most Millennials probably think they don’t need to work with a financial planner yet because they are still paying back student loans and aren’t making much money, but in reality, many of them would be much better off financially if they did.

Financial planners have gotten a bad rap because we think of them as old white dudes who tell us we need to save more for retirement. Financial planning isn’t just about retirement, it’s about helping people meet their goals and manage their money more effectively. I thought about this when I was trying to find a financial planner to work with me. I did a lot of research to make sure that my financial adviser was well-equipped to handle my finances.

I know I have a good handle on my finances, but there are a few things I am missing, like how to be more tax efficient given my high income and how to structure my investments so I can retire early. I wanted to find a personal finance advisor that could help me understand how I can reach my financial goals.

Over the past 6 months, I have personally met with many of the top banks in Chicago where I live trying to find an expert financial planner and I have always left underwhelmed with the lack of genuine personal attention and a lack of understanding about how my goals (retire at age 35) and I want to find someone who can help me achieve my goals and dreams in a way that works with my financial situation.

Despite all of the recent research on Millennials conducted by the big financial institutions in the US (J.P. It was clear in my meetings with most of their financial advisors that they didn’t get it.

None of them were people I wanted to work with. I knew there had to be financial planners who specialize in working with young people. They have the skills and knowledge to help young people navigate their way through investing and budgeting.

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One name kept popping up when I was looking for financial planners. She is one of the most sought-after financial planners for young people. It was clear that if I wanted to learn about Millennial financial planners I needed to chat with Sophia Bera, who is the founder of Generation Y Planning is one of the top financial planners for young people in the United States. He is an expert on financial planning and his advice is sought after by many.

5 things to look for in a Millennial Financial Planner

Sophia Bera - Millennial Financial Planner
Sophia Bera – Millennial Financial Planner

I had the chance to interview Sophia about her experience working with young people and what they need to look for in a financial adviser. Sophia said that they should make sure their financial goals are aligned with their financial planner’s strategies, as this will help them feel more comfortable when making important financial decisions.

After only a few minutes of chatting with Sophia, it is clear she has a deep genuine passion for helping young people make wise money decisions and have more successful careers. She enjoys helping her clients break down their goals into achievable plans and believes that the key to success is often found in the small steps.

Sophia represents

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