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This is a job posting from company – SBM Management

Employment TypeFull Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: South Carolina, USA

This job is 100% remote.

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SBM Management is looking to hire a Glass Wash / Equipment Preparation to join their team! This position is responsible for helping to ensure a clean lab environment, report any lab room or facility problems, clean and organize lab facilities, glass washing tasks, keep daily log of duties as required, perform other related duties as required and request cleaning materials as needed. Keep assigned areas clean and in an orderly condition. Work successfully with co-workers, customers, contractors, & others. Understand and follow instructions, both verbal and written. Understand instructions for task using basic communication skills.


  • Comply with safety rules, policies, and procedures. Stops at risk behavior of others and self.
  • Perform work assignments in a team with other employees.
  • Perform repetitive tasks.
  • Maintain clean work area.
  • Take direction and respond to supervision.
  • Communicate with lead, supervisor, co-workers, managers, and customers in a professional manner.
  • Support shift lead in completing punch-list items.
  • Use proper personal protective equipment.
  • Present a professional appearance and conduct.
  • Understand customer service and satisfaction.
  • Understand reporting systems and the environment.
  • Perform repetitive tasks in a GMP environment
  • Perform sanitization duties to maintain a GMP controlled environment
  • Consistently follow all customer and SBM SOP’s and procedures
  • Respond to customer requests in a professional manner
  • Fully train in area job functions for specific shift assignment and area classification including walls, floors, windows, wipe-downs, maintenance issue reporting, and shut-down cleaning.
  • Complete daily FN logs accurately and completely
  • Must be trained and be certified in correct gowning procedures for assigned area.
  • Complete all basic training modules and annual qualification trainings per customer Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Complete all safety certifications including chemical safety.
  • Available to act as area fill-in in the event of general staff shortage.
  • Supports shift lead in completing work orders and internally identified items for assigned area.
  • Maintain logs and schedules.

Examples of tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Setup and visual inspection of washer racks and associated washer.
  • Monitor CIP 100 and 200 levels and changing out of CIP 100 and CIP 200 drums as needed.
  • Loading soiled parts onto the washer racks per SOP
  • Programming of washer with appropriate Cycle # and starting washer inspecting and unloading clean parts from the washer.
  • Bagging and/or covering clean parts.
  • Printing wash labels for bagged/covered clean parts.
  • Storing/delivering of clean parts.
  • EUR documentation.
  • Assembling small parts equipment.
  • Preparation and Assembly of Production Kits.
  • In Process Tag documentation, if applicable.
  • Kanban parts.
  • Filter installation.
  • Operation of the Palltronic Filter Integrity Tester.
  • Setup and visual inspection of autoclave prior to use.
  • Daily/weekly maintenance (Bowie and Dick, Vacuum Hold Test).
  • Loading of parts/equipment for sterilization.
  • Unloading of parts/equipment.
  • Storing/delivering of sterilized parts.
  • EUR documentation.
  • Stocking of General Supplies (IPA, bleach, crew wipes, gloves, pipe covers, conical tubes, nova septum bags, etc.).
  • Stocking of COP parts (gaskets, clamps, caps, bleed caps, reducers, etc.).
  • Transport of empty and full biobag totes to appropriate Manufacturing areas.
  • Transport of parts/equipment in and out of manufacturing area(s), as required.
  • Building single use assemblies.
  • Inventory management of small parts.
  • Transport of buffer and media totes up to 1000L.
  • Retrieval and transport of used materials (empty totes, used filters, other plastics and trash).
  • Equipment setup: CIP, SIP, Process (limited).


  • Experience in aseptic or GMP/regulated manufacturing. H.S. diploma or GED or equivalent combination of training and experience. Completed all safety, environmental and task training certifications.
  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety and environmental rules, equipment operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
  • Ability to speak effectively to customers, co-workers, contactors, and team members. Very good communications and decision-making skills.
  • Ability to read blueprints and/or other technical documents a plus not required. English language proficiency in reading and writing.
  • Ability to apply good judgment when carrying out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.
  • Ability to deal with problems involving changes in standardized procedures and situations.
  • Ability to learn the operation and care of equipment. Work is routine & repetitive.
  • Recognize and understand safety signs and building warning systems.
  • Understand safety requirements. Understand & meet company handbook expectations.
  • Required intermediate computer proficiency skills.
  • Required to have a valid driver’s license, if driving own vehicle on business time or company vehicle.
  • Will also be required to have proof of vehicle registration and insurance.

Cross training responsibility trough out the facility from all line level staff perspective. Line level – Glass wash, Janitorial, Disposal, shipping and receiving or any other soft services

Available Shift: 10:30am-7pm Wed-Sat

Compensation: $16.00 per hour

This client site requires 100% vaccination status

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