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2023 Digit Review: Streamline Your Savings With Automation

Users can use a budgeting app to automate their savings. It calculates how much money you need to save and transfers it from your checking account to a separate savings account. You don’t have to worry about manually transferring money because it’s a simple and efficient way to save.

I am skeptical about financial automation tools. I don’t know if these tools will help me save money in the long run. I like to roll up my sleeves and get to work when it comes to managing my money. I want to make sure that my financial goals are achieved.

Some of us are natural born saver. Some people need more help getting started. Digit may be a good solution if this sounds like you. It’s worth checking out because it’s designed to help you save money in a way that fits into your life.

In this review, we will look at how the personal finance app works. If you want to stay on top of your finances and be better organized with your money, Digit is a great tool. The pros and cons of the Digit app will be assessed, along with some of its top competitors, to help you decide if the app is right for you. It’s up to you to decide if the Digit app is a good fit for your financial goals.

What Is The Digit App?

The app is about personal finance. It helps users save, budget and invest their money. Users can put money away for growth without having to think about it. Users can make sure that their money is always working for them by using automated deposits.

When you open up a Digit account, the app helps you set up a savings goal and then uses machine learning to analyze your spending habits.

You can set money aside in a separate savings account based on how much money you need for your regular expenses and how much money you want to save. Setting up automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account can make saving money easier.

Digit can help with personal finance with automated savings. Digit can help you save money without having to think about it, so you can focus on achieving your financial goals.

How Digit Works

Here is how it works.

1. Analyzes Your Account

You have a linked checking account. Small amounts of money from your checking account can be moved into your savings account by Digit. Digit looks for spending patterns after analyzing inbound and outbound cash flows.

Digit will leave a lot of money in your checking account to cover your bills. If needed, you can make larger purchases.

2. Determines the Right Savings Amount

The app determines how much it can pull out of your account without you knowing, once it has a clear understanding of your financial situation. You can set up an automated savings plan that takes into account your budget and goals.

Digit uses machine learning and behavioral psychology principles. Digit can accurately predict and analyze your spending habits thanks to this combination of technologies. If you ask me, it’s pretty cool.

You can set up savings goals with Digit. With the help of the dashboard, you can easily track your progress towards those goals. These can include an emergency fund, a vacation fund, or money you want to put aside for retirement.

3. Moves Money Automatically

The last step involves transferring money into your Digit savings account, which the service does automatically by removing money from your account each day. You can keep track of your savings through the app or online dashboard once the money is transferred.

With the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are saving your money, you can go about your life. Setting up an automatic savings plan can help you feel more secure in your finances.

Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo are some of the partner banks that Digit uses to hold its savings accounts. Customers can securely access their funds anytime with the ability to link up to any bank account. Your account will be insured up to $250,000. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protects your money at this bank.

A savings bonus of 0.10% is paid out on a quarterly basis. A digit savings account is a great way to start building up your savings. To be honest, you could easily find another online savings account that would pay you a higher annual percentage yield (APY).


Here are some of the best features. Digit makes it easy to manage finances and save money.

Automatic Saving

A “set it and forget it” approach is encouraged by Digit. You can reach your financial goals faster if you automate and maximize your savings. Simply download the app, set up a Let the app handle the rest of the savings account. With a Digit savings account, you don’t have to think about saving, just set it up and let the app do all the hard work for you. The risk of setting aside too much in savings in a single month is reduced by the Digit app. You can plan ahead and make sure you’re on top of your finances.

Easy Withdrawal

You can withdraw money at any time. There is no monthly restriction on how many times you can pull money from your account. You can maximize your savings by changing the amount of money it takes from your account each month. That’s compared to most savings accounts, which are bound by the Federal Reserve’s Customers are limited to six withdrawals or transfers per month.

It’s not so fast. Make sure you’re making the right decision by taking your time. For an instant withdrawal, Digit charges $0.99. You can get your money quickly with the fast and secure withdrawal. You won’t have to wait several days or weeks to get your money with other apps. You don’t need to worry about waiting for the money to arrive because you can use it immediately.

Overdraft Fee Protection

If you have a limited cash flow, you might be wondering about overdraft protection. If you have an automated alert set up, you can be notified when your account balance drops below a certain level.

You can set a minimum balance in your account with the Safe Saving feature. You can be sure that your finances are always in good hands with Safe Saving, it helps to prevent you from accidentally overdrawing your account. Your account will not be pulled from it if it falls below this threshold. No matter your account balance, you can manually set Digit to withdraw a certain amount every month.

If your account balance reaches $100, you may be able to tell Digit not to remove money. Thresholds can be set for specific spending categories, such as groceries and entertainment.

Widespread Support

The company works with more than 2,500 Americans. Digit helps users save money by automatically transferring small amounts of cash from their checking account into a separate savings account. banks and credit unions, so chances are there will be no problem linking your checking account to a Digit account.

Right now, Digit only works with the U.S. banks. International institutions will not work with this app. This could make it difficult for the app to make a global impact.

Debt Reduction Service

Are you buried in credit card debt? It’s important to take action now to manage your debt and get back on track. Someone may be able to help. It’s worth giving Digit a try to see if it can help you reach your financial goals.

Automatic payments can be made with a credit card reduction plan. Digit’s credit card reduction plan is designed to help users pay off their debt faster and save more money in the long run. The feature can be activated by setting a credit card debt reduction goal. Digit will analyze your spending habits and withdraw small amounts from your checking account each week to help you reach your goal. Money will be allocated to your credit card payments.

If you take this approach, you need to make sure that the money makes a difference in your debt situation. Tracking your spending and creating a budget will allow you to identify areas where you can cut back and free up money to put towards debt repayment. It is risky to put credit card payments on auto-pay. By using auto-pay, you’re surrendering control of your finances and putting yourself at risk of missing payments or being charged extra fees.

Saving while you are in debt is like spinning tires in the mud. The harder it is to get out of debt the deeper you get into it. You cannot move forward until you have control over high-interest debt. You can focus on building your savings once you have achieved this.

Problem debt is a top wealth killer. Long-term financial security depends on taking steps to reduce or manage problem debt. If you have debt, treat it like a financial emergency. To get out of debt, you need to assess your financial situation and create a budget.

Digit Direct Checking Account

The new checking account feature will most likely be available by the end of 2021. Customers will be able to better manage their finances with the new checking account feature.

Direct is backed by MetaBank and will function as a traditional online checking account. Direct can be accessed from any device with internet access. It will be linked with Digit’s automatic savings and investing features. It will be easier to budget and save with this integration.


You can set money aside and invest for retirement through an individual retirement account. Digit gives you a diverse portfolio of exchange-traded funds instead of letting you pick individual stocks. Digit makes it easy for you to invest in a variety of exchange traded funds that are tailored to your needs.

So, if you’re looking for more control over your investment account, you won’t find that through Digit. This is an automated investing service, which is also known as a robo-advisor. It is a low-risk way to put money aside for retirement growth. It is a great choice for people who want to supplement their retirement savings or have more money to invest.

Don’t expect to get rich quickly with this type of strategy. It’s important to understand that it may take time before you see any real returns.

Pricing and Fees

You can cancel at any time. It’s easy to set up and use, and it’s a great way to save money. There is a fee for instant withdrawals. The fee is not charged for members with a premium account.

If you do the math, a $5 monthly fee adds up to $60 annually. When added to other monthly bills, this could quickly become a large expense. It is difficult to justify spending this much money when interest rates are so low. It is possible to maximize your returns by putting your money into an account with a higher interest rate.

The average member saves $2,220 a year. You can save that money on your own. By being aware of your spending and making smart decisions, you can build up a healthy savings account.

You may be able to justify paying $5 per month if you are strapped for time. You may be able to save more money if you commit more time to managing your finances. I bet you could find the time and money to use an automated investing service. Investing on your own can be rewarding.

Getting Started

Signing up for Digit takes no time at all. It’s a great way to save money without having to think about it. You can get up and running in a matter of minutes. It is easy to start using the system once you have the setup complete.

1. Sign up for Digit

To get started, head over to and click on the blue “Sign Up” button. Get started by entering your mobile number and password. You will be able to access your account once you enter your credentials.

If you receive an activation code on your mobile device, confirm it. In order to complete the setup process, you will need to enter the activation code into the website. You can connect the bank account that you want to use to deposit funds by entering your personal contact information. You will be ready to make transactions with your new account.

The mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. You can use the mobile app to stay organized and on track with your goals.

The app is easy to use and has a good rating in both the App Store and the Play Store. This shows how popular the app is among its users.

2. Start saving and investing

On a daily basis, Digit pulls money from your checking account. The amount pulled is determined by how much you want to save.

The money is deposited into your account. You can use it to transfer money to your bank account or spend it with your card once it’s in your Digit account. You can put the money into a savings account or an emergency fund. This will 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 888-353-1299 This is a rainy day fund. You can use the rainy day fund to cover unforeseen expenses. You can also invest in an IRA. If you don’t know which investment option is best for you, you should speak with a financial advisor.

3. Track your progress

You have to keep track of your progress when using an automation service. Make sure to double-check your work and compare it to the original data if you’re unsure about the results. This is important for a service like Digit, which skims money from your accounts. It’s a good idea to check in on your accounts every now and then to make sure you’re comfortable with the amount. You need to keep an eye on the money over time. Make sure you save as much money as possible by setting up a budget.

You have to allocate money into higher-yielding accounts to be successful. It’s important to remember that Digit is a great way to save money, but you should also practice other methods of saving and investing. Be aware of how you move your cash. Stay up to date with the latest security measures to protect your money. You don’t want it to get stuck in a low-performing account. Ensuring that your money is invested in the right accounts can help you maximize its potential.


Here are the top promotions for 2023:

  • A 30-day free trial is offered by Digit. Get started on your journey to financial freedom by signing up today. If you don’t like the service after you sign up, you can cancel within that window and avoid paying the $5 monthly fee. You can take advantage of the free trial period to see if the service works for you.
  • Do you have friends or family who can benefit from Digit? You can earn rewards for yourself if you refer them. They will be paid by Digit if they sign up. Tell them about the amazing features that Digit has to offer, as well as its reliable and secure payment system. $5 will be given for every new customer you bring to the platform. The company’s success will reward you for your hard work. Your buddy earns $5 for signing up. A great way to save money is to refer each other.
  • You can get a 0.10 percent savings bonus if you save for three months in a row. Each month, this bonus is applied to your savings balance, helping you save more towards your goals. The bonus is deposited into your account. There is no need to cash out and claim a reward. It’s a great way to save money. Bonuses do not expire. You can use them whenever you please and enjoy the benefits of a reward for your loyalty. Over a three-month period, the 0.10 percent bonus applies to the average daily balance in your account. Every three months, this bonus is applied to your account.


All accounts have up to $250,000 of insurance on deposits if they are digit. Financial coaching and expert advice are available to Digit customers.

Touch and Face ID is one of the advanced security measures used by the company. The company has a dedicated security team that keeps an eye on any suspicious activity.

You should consider yourself technically savvy. If you can navigate the internet with ease and understand basic computer concepts, then you are technically savvy. Look into Digit’s The Bug Bounty Program pays people money to report security vulnerabilities.

Customer Support

Digit does not have a phone number. Customers can use their email address to contact them. So if you need to contact the company for support, you’ll have to use its Help Center to send a help request.

There is a drop-down menu with a list of topics. You can use this menu to find what you need. The company will get back to you if you enter your contact information and explain your challenge.

A useful in-app chatbot is offered by Digit. Users can use the chatbot to find answers to their questions. You can ask the bot questions and issue commands like  “withdraw,” “refer,” and “save.”

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using Digit:


  • Easy to use
  • Overdraft protection
  • 0.10 percent bonus
  • Easy withdrawal option
  • Automatic transfers


  • No interest
  • $5 monthly fee
  • Limited customer support with no phone number listed

Alternatives to Digit

It’s not the only automatic savings app. There are a variety of automatic savings apps that offer different features. Here are some of its top competitors. There are a number of established players in the market, each with their own unique offerings.


Acorns is an all-in-one micro-savings app for checking, retirement, and investment accounts.

Each paycheck, the app pulls money from your bank account. The money is deposited into your savings account and you don’t have to think about it. You can invest directly within the app. You can view your portfolio performance and access analysis tools to stay up-to-date with the markets.

There are no hidden fees and you can access more than 50,000 fee-free ATMs. You can use the app and website to manage your finances.


Qapital is an up-and-coming app for automating investing and savings.

You can set financial goals and transfer money from your bank to the app. You can take the hassle out of managing your money by creating a savings plan that works for you. You can take the difference from a transaction and transfer it to savings. You can save money without having to think about it.

If you set the app to round up to $4.00, you can put the extra money in savings or investments. Rounding up your purchases can save you money in the long run.

After a 30-day trial, Qapital will charge $3, $6, or $12 per month.


Chime is an online banking app with an automated savings component.

The app rounds up the transaction to the nearest dollar and puts the money into a savings account.

Fees on overdrafts, early direct deposit access, and up to $500 in annual rewards are not included in the account. Anyone looking to maximize their financial stability and rewards should consider this account.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions about Digit. We hope the FAQ have helped you understand the features of Digit.

Does Digit really work?

It depends on a few things. The size of the project is one of the factors. Digit can help protect your earnings and make sure you put money away for growth if you bring in a steady income.

Digit can limit you in a number of ways. The most obvious limitation is that it can’t be used for anything other than saving money. Advanced investors may be able to beat the automated service of the app. If you are looking for more control and oversight of your portfolio, advanced investing strategies may be the way to go.

If you are short on time and need some motivation to start saving money or investing, use Digit. It’s great for those who need a gentle push to start building their financial future because Digit makes it easy to save automatically. The app is probably not worth it if you are already on your savings journey.

Can you make instant withdrawals from the Digit app?

Immediate withdrawals can be made from Digit. Digit’s withdrawal process is hassle-free, so you can be sure that your funds are safe. The company charges 99 cents to transfer money. Compared to other money transfer services, this is still a great deal. You can withdraw thousands of dollars per transfer. You may be limited to a certain number of transfers.

Does Digit offer a debit card?

There isn’t a debit card yet. They offer features such as budgeting tools, automated savings plans and competitive interest rates. When Digit Direct becomes available later this year, that will change. The new way to access financial services is called Digit Direct. If you want to access your money, you have to transfer it into a bank account. When selecting a bank account, it is important to shop around for the best interest rates and fees.

Does Digit work with credit cards?

Credit cards can be linked with Digit to make automatic payments. You can make the most of your money if you know how to budget and save.

Can Digit help with budgeting?

Digit is not a budgeting app. It is an automated savings assistant that helps you build wealth. It can help save money, which is a core aspect of budgeting. Tracking spending can help identify ways to save money in the future.

The best way to use Digit is with other budgeting apps. This should be a complementary service to an app like

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