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Desperate Ways to Make Money: Exploring Supplemental Income Options

In times of financial desperation, individuals may consider extreme measures to make money. While some look for legitimate ways of increasing income, others resort to dangerous or illegal methods. This article explores some of the most extreme and dangerous ways people have attempted to make money, along with their potential consequences. It’s important to remember that these methods not only put individuals at risk but also those around them. If you are struggling with financial issues, it’s always better to seek help through legitimate channels such as government agencies or non-profit organizations. Remember, your health and safety are not worth compromising for a quick dollar.

Participating in Illegal Activities

Selling drugs
– Participating in gambling schemes

Participating in illegal activities is a quick way to make money, but it is also the riskiest. Engaging in illegal activities is not only dangerous for individuals, but it also puts them and their families at risk. Some of the most common illegal activities include selling drugs or participating in gambling schemes. Theft and prostitution are also often practiced as means of earning quick cash. These activities may seem like a quick solution to financial problems, but they come with a high risk of legal repercussions and physical harm. Individuals should seek better options for earning money that do not put them or their loved ones in danger.

What is an illegal activity?

Illegal activity refers to any action that violates the law or goes against the established norms of society. Some examples of illegal activities are:

  • Theft and fraud
  • Assault and battery
  • Drug possession and distribution
  • Trespassing and vandalism
  • Driving under the influence
  • Piracy and plagiarism

It’s important to note that laws and regulations vary by country and state, so what may be illegal in one place might be legal in another. It’s always best to consult with legal professionals for specific advice on what constitutes an illegal activity in your area.

Selling Hair or Body Parts

Selling body parts or hair is another way people may attempt to make quick cash. Some of the most commonly sold body parts include kidneys, livers, and eggs. Donating blood or plasma is also a common practice for receiving quick compensation. The average price for body parts can range from $5,000 to well over $1,000,000, depending on the organ and the demand. On the other hand, selling hair can bring in a few hundred dollars depending on length and quality. It is important to note that selling organs is illegal in most countries, and the process of donating eggs or sperm can have emotional and physical effects on the individual.

For more information on the legality of selling body parts, visit the NHSBT website. To sell your hair, check out websites like HairSellon or BuyandSellHair.

Can I sell any body parts for money?

No, it is illegal to sell any body parts for money. Selling or buying organs, tissues or cells is prohibited under the National Organ Transplant Act in the US and is punishable by imprisonment and heavy fines. Exceptions are made for blood, semen, and eggs, which can be safely donated for compensation at licensed clinics. Additionally, websites offering to buy or sell body parts are mostly scams and should be avoided. If you are interested in donating blood, semen, or eggs, you can contact reputable organizations such as American Red Cross, sperm banks, or fertility clinics.

Online Betting

Online betting is another way to earn money quickly, although it can also be a way to lose money quickly. Some common ways to participate in online betting include sports betting, online poker or casino games. Here are some tips to help make online betting a more successful endeavor:

  • Research the betting site to ensure its legitimacy
  • Budget your money, and only bet what you can afford to lose
  • Stay informed by keeping up-to-date on the latest news and odds
  • Focus on one sport or game to increase specialized knowledge

There are plenty of online betting sites available, but it is important to be cautious and make sure the sites are legitimate before investing money. Some popular online betting sites include:

Do people make money from betting?

  • Yes, some people make money from betting on sports and other events.
  • Professional sports bettors spend countless hours researching and analyzing data to make informed bets.
  • However, it’s important to note that most people lose money when betting, as it is difficult to consistently make accurate predictions.
  • It’s crucial to only bet within your means and to never chase losses.

If you’re interested in learning more about responsible gambling or getting help with problem gambling, consider visiting the website of organizations like the National Council on Problem Gambling or the Responsible Gambling Council.

Delivery Services

Delivery services have become a popular way to make extra money. This is particularly true with the surge in online shopping and food delivery services. Here are some popular ways to make extra money through delivery services:

  • Sign up as a delivery driver for companies like UberEats, DoorDash or Grubhub
  • Become a personal shopper for companies like Instacart
  • Join Amazon Flex program to deliver Amazon packages

To be a successful delivery driver, you should:

  • Be reliable and punctual
  • Have a reliable vehicle
  • Understand the areas you are delivering in
  • Have good communication skills

Popular delivery service companies include:

It is important to keep in mind that delivery services may require background checks or may vary by location, so be sure to do research, and comply with relevant laws and regulations in your area.

What are the best tips with delivery service?

  • Set clear expectations for delivery times and communicate them clearly to customers.
  • Provide accurate tracking information so customers can follow their orders.
  • Offer multiple delivery options, including express delivery and in-store pickup if possible.
  • Ensure proper packaging to protect products during transportation.
  • Partner with reliable shipping companies to ensure timely and safe delivery.

Implementing these tips will help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through reliable and efficient delivery service.


While desperate times may call for desperate measures, it is important to weigh the costs and benefits of each potential income source. It may be worth considering these options as temporary solutions, but it is still crucial to prioritize long-term financial stability. The opportunities listed in this article can help provide some much-needed relief in times of financial hardship. However, it is important to remember that these alternatives are not meant to be long-term solutions. If you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, remember there are resources available to help, such as budgeting tips and financial counseling. It is also crucial to explore competitive career opportunities, improve skills, or even take online courses to enhance your qualifications. With time, patience, and hard work, it is possible to create a successful and stable financial future.