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Remote Data Entry Jobs: Work from Home Typing Opportunities

Data entry typing jobs from home have gained popularity in recent years, providing flexible work opportunities for many individuals. With the convenience of working from home, anyone with a computer and internet connection can get started in this field. As technology and the internet continue to improve, more companies and individuals are outsourcing their data entry tasks to remote workers. Data entry is a crucial component of many business operations, and remote data entry typists help businesses keep their records up to date and organized without the added expense of in-house employees. Freelance data entry jobs allow companies to be more flexible, as they can hire workers as needed without incurring the overhead expenses of office facilities and additional equipment. Additionally, remote work options provide more opportunities for those who are unable to work outside their homes due to disability, family obligations, or other personal circumstances. With proper training and experience, data entry typing jobs from home can turn into a fulfilling and lucrative career.

Data Entry Typing Jobs From Home: Types and Resources

Data entry jobs can come in different forms, depending on the type of business and the nature of the data. Some common types of data entry jobs include online form filling, image to text, transcription, data verification, and data mining.

Online form filling jobs require filling out online forms, such as surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms. Image to text jobs involve converting scanned or printed images into digital text files using optical character recognition (OCR) software. Transcription involves listening to audio or video recordings and converting them into written documents. Data verification entails checking and correcting errors in existing databases, while data mining involves extracting useful information from large volumes of data.

There are various resources available for people seeking data entry typing jobs from home. Some examples of websites where remote data entry work is available include Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and Microworkers.

Staffing agencies such as Kelly Services, Robert Half, and Adecco also offer data entry jobs. It’s crucial to note that legitimate job opportunities should never ask for upfront fees or payments from remote workers. Before accepting any offer, individuals should research the company and read reviews from other remote workers to ensure it’s a reputable business.

What are the basics of data entry job?

Task Description
Typing Accurately enter data into a database or spreadsheet.
Research Gather accurate information on the internet or paper sources.
Quality Control Verify data entered is correct and consistent with other sources.
Organization Maintain an organized and efficient workflow.
  • Attention to detail is key
  • Fast and accurate typing skills are necessary
  • Basic computer skills are required (i.e., using spreadsheet software)
  • Some employers may require experience with specific software or databases

If you are looking for a job in data entry, websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster are great resources to find available opportunities.

How Do You Improve Your Skills for Data Entry Typing Jobs From Home?

To excel in data entry typing jobs from home, it’s vital to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Here are a few ways to improve your skills:

  • Practice typing regularly: Use online typing tools like Keybr and TypingClub to improve your typing speed and accuracy.
  • Improve your accuracy: Use data verification tools, such as Grammarly and SpellCheckPlus, to avoid errors in your work.
  • Become proficient in Excel and other data management tools: Familiarize yourself with spreadsheet functions, such as sorting, filtering, and formatting to create efficient and error-free sheets.
  • Learn touch typing techniques: This involves using all ten fingers to type without looking at the keyboard. Programs like KeyKey Typing Tutor or TypingMaster can help you learn touch typing.

Moreover, there are other skills that can help you improve your overall productivity and performance in data entry jobs:

  • Time management: Organize your workspace and set deadlines to improve your time management.
  • Communication skills: Practice clear communication with clients to understand their requirements and avoid errors.
  • Customer service skills: Many data entry jobs require interaction with clients, so honing your customer service skills can help you stand out as a valuable employee.

Typing Speed Requirements for Data Entry Jobs

While the minimum typing speed requirement for data entry jobs varies depending on the employer, the average typing speed is around 40 words per minute (WPM). However, some companies require a typing speed of 60 to 80 WPM, while others may require less. Having an impressive typing speed can help you qualify for a wider range of job opportunities and improve your overall productivity.

Typing Speed Words Per Minute (WPM)
Slow Less than 30 WPM
Average 40 WPM
Fast 60 to 80 WPM

What is a Good Typing Speed for Data Entry Jobs?

For data entry jobs, the required typing speed varies depending on the company and the job requirements. However, on average, a good typing speed for most data entry jobs is around 60-80 words per minute (WPM).

Here are some websites and products that can help improve your typing speed:

  • TyprX
  • TypingClub
  • Typeracer

Using these websites and products can help you practice your typing skills and achieve a higher typing speed, making you more competitive in the job market.

Top Websites for Finding Data Entry Typing Jobs

When looking for data entry typing jobs from home, there are several websites you can check out:

  • FlexJobs: A subscription-based job search website that specializes in remote and flexible work opportunities.
  • Upwork: A freelance job platform that connects independent workers with clients all over the world.
  • Guru: A platform that connects freelancers with employers in over 160 countries around the world.
  • Fiverr: A popular freelance platform offering a range of services including data entry and data management.
  • Indeed: A job search website that has a large database of job opportunities for data entry clerks.

To find data entry jobs on these websites, you can use their search functions and filters to narrow down job listings that fit your skills and experience. Additionally, you can create a profile to showcase your skills and experience to potential employers.

Some of these websites may charge a commission or subscription fees, while others may only charge when you land a job. Keep in mind that freelancing websites offer competitive environments, so it’s important to keep your rates reasonable and your work high quality.

Tips for Finding a Legitimate Data Entry Job

To avoid scams or low-paying data entry jobs, it’s important to take the following steps:

  • Do your research: Check the company’s website, read reviews, and verify their contact information before applying.
  • Avoid jobs that require fees: Legitimate companies should not require fees for training or job applications.
  • Watch for red flags: Stay away from vague job descriptions, unrealistic pay rates, and offers that sound too good to be true.
  • Protect your personal information: Avoid offers that require your Social Security number, credit card information, or other sensitive information before you get offered the job.

By following these tips and utilizing reputable job search tools, you can increase your chances of finding a legitimate data entry typing job from home.

Which website is best for data entry jobs?

Some of the top websites for data entry jobs are:

Website Description
Upwork A well-known freelance platform that offers a variety of remote jobs, including data entry.
Fiverr Another popular freelance platform where you can find data entry projects.
FlexJobs A job board that specializes in flexible and remote work opportunities, including data entry jobs from reputable companies.

Other websites to consider include Freelancer, Guru, and Indeed. It’s important to research and compare each website’s fees, job requirements, and employer reviews before pursuing any opportunities.

Tools and Resources for Data Entry Typists

Along with job listings, there are several tools and resources that can help you succeed as a remote data entry typist. Some of these include:

  • Data entry software: Applications such as Excel and Google Sheets can help you manage data efficiently, saving you time and reducing errors.
  • Typing tutorials: Brushing up on typing skills can help you increase your speed and accuracy, making you a more efficient and productive data entry typist.
  • Virtual private network (VPN): If you’re handling sensitive data, using a VPN can help protect your privacy and reduce the risk of data breaches.
  • Time-tracking tools: As a remote worker, it’s important to track your time accurately. Time-tracking tools like Toggl or Harvest can help you monitor the time you spend on tasks.

Additionally, there are online communities and forums where data entry typists can connect with others in their field, ask questions, and share tips and advice.

Continued Education for Data Entry Typists

To stay competitive in the remote data entry field, it’s important to continue learning and developing your skills. Some ways to do this include:

  • Online courses: Platforms like Udemy and Coursera offer courses on various aspects of data entry and management.
  • Networking: Participating in online groups and forums can help you stay up to date on industry trends and connect with others in the field.
  • Certifications: Some organizations offer certifications in data entry and related fields, which can help you stand out to potential employers.
  • Reading: Staying informed about industry news and developments can help you understand where the market is headed and what skills will be in demand.

By staying up to date with the latest tools and resources and continuing to develop your skills, you can build a successful career as a remote data entry typist.

How can I do data entry typing?

To do data entry typing, follow these steps:

  • Get a computer with a keyboard
  • Search for data entry typing jobs online on websites like Indeed, Upwork, and Freelancer
  • Download software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to organize data
  • Learn touch typing to increase typing speed and accuracy
  • Practice accuracy by double-checking the accuracy of data entered
  • Adapt to the specific data entry requirements of the job

There are also websites and products available that offer training and tools to enhance your data entry typing skills. Some examples include and KeyBlaze Typing Tutor.

Remote Work Tips for Data Entry Typists

Working from home as a data entry typist can have many benefits, including a flexible schedule and the ability to work from anywhere. However, it’s important to stay organized and productive to ensure success. Here are some remote work tips for data entry typists:

  • Create a dedicated workspace: Set up a desk or workspace that is exclusively for work to help you get into the right mindset.
  • Stick to a schedule: Creating a routine and setting specific work hours can help you stay focused and productive.
  • Take breaks: Regular breaks can help prevent burnout and maintain your productivity over the long term.
  • Communicate with your team: If you’re working with a team, communication is key. Make sure to check in regularly and ask questions if you’re unsure about anything.
  • Avoid distractions: It can be tempting to check social media or do household chores during work hours, but try to minimize distractions to stay on task.
  • Invest in good equipment: A comfortable chair, ergonomic keyboard, and reliable computer are important for staying comfortable and productive during long workdays.

By following these remote work tips, you can make the most of your data entry typing job from home and achieve success in your career.

Can data entry be done remotely?

Yes, data entry work can be easily done remotely. Many companies and organizations offer remote data entry positions to employees. Some well-known websites for finding remote data entry jobs include:

Website Features
  • Offers short-term and long-term remote data entry jobs
  • Has a variety of data entry tasks such as data processing, data mining etc.
  • Offers remote data entry jobs
  • Has a variety of data entry tasks such as data processing, data mining etc.
  • Good for beginners
Virtual Assistant
  • Offers remote data entry tasks
  • You can apply as a virtual assistant and choose data entry as one of your skill

Data entry can also be done remotely through software such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, and other collaboration and cloud-based tools. With these tools, you can easily access, process, and enter data from anywhere in the world.


Data entry typing jobs from home can provide a great career opportunity for those with the right skills and dedication. With the rise of remote work and an increasing demand for data entry services, the job market for data entry typists has never been better. By keeping up-to-date with the latest software and technologies, networking with other professionals in the field, and honing your skills through practice, you can build a successful career as a remote data entry clerk.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in data entry typing, there are many resources available online to help you get started. From job boards to remote work communities, you can find a wealth of resources that can help you connect with potential clients and find new opportunities. By staying focused and committed to your work, you can achieve success as a remote data entry typist and enjoy the flexibility and autonomy that comes with working from home.