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Coding Jobs From Home (Work From Home) – Part Time, Full Time

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Job Requirements for Coding Jobs From Home

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Interviewing well is both an art and a science, and it’s a process whereby both parties figure out if the interviewee is the right person for the job.
Over the course of many years in the IT industry, I have been on both sides of the interview desk: sometimes being interviewed for a job; other times, as the person doing the hiring. The people I’ve hired worked at various levels within companies: from help desk personnel, to programmers to workgroup managers. Along the way, I’ve learned what a person needs to do in a job interview to get the job.
What To Do to Get the Job in an Interview
In an interview the number one thing above all else is demonstrating that you are someone that will “fit” well with the people already there. People sometimes use this as a catch-phrase or a bullet item on a presentation, but it should be more than that. It’s far and away the biggest reason that people get hired, at least in my experience, and for those that I worked with who were also in a position to hire people.
Some people may disagree, insisting that your job in an interview is to convince the person talking to you that you are the most qualified, or the will be the hardest worker, etc. The reason I disagree with this is because your resume should show that you’re qualified, and it should be what gets you in the office for the interview; after that, it’s all about showing the person talking to you, that you’re someone they’d like spending eight hours a day with over the next however many years. And that’s a big deal: no one wants to hire someone that will be annoying, or has bothersome traits; instead, they’d much prefer to hire someone that they might come to see as a real colleague, or maybe even a friend. They’d also like to hire someone that everyone else already there will like and will get along with. When I was interviewing someone, these were the things I was looking for, because I already knew they could do the job, based on their resume.

How to Be the Kind of Person Someone Wants to Hire
Not everyone likes the same kind of people, of course, but there are some personalities that seem to get along with most, and that’s the key. To present yourself as such a person, you have to be a good actor, or actually be that kind of person. And luckily, most people really are that kind of person, so all you have to do is be that way with the person you’re hoping will hire you.
First, be on time, polite and dress professionally, of course. First impression go a long way towards showing the person in a position to hire you that you “get it” – which means you understand the importance of doing these things, and that you know how.
Next, shake hands, and listen to what the interviewer says. Really listen, not just to the words, but the underlying meaning. Then show you get the underlying meaning by speaking words that show it. For example, if you’re asked how you came to interview for this particular company, the person asking wants to know if you’re just sending out resume’s to every business on the street, or if you’ve heard of this one and have some reasons for wanting to work there. You would respond by telling them how you are interested in such and such and have heard that this business is pushing in that direction, etc.
After that, it’s about establishing an easy rapport with the interviewer: granted not always as easy as it sounds, but if you look at the interview as a two-way street, and are truly interested in what is going on with the company, all you’ll have to do is behave as if you belong.

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