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This is a job posting from company – Bay City Comfort Care

Employment TypeFull Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Michigan, USA

This job is 100% remote.

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Must have a high school diploma or equivalent or have a minimum of 1 (one) year of experience providing direct care to the geriatric population under the direction of a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Register Nurse.

Job Summary

Provides personal care and encouragement to the resident promoting a home like atmosphere where the resident/responsible party participates in the care planning process.

Reports To: Administrator

Essential Job Duties

While on duty, the SUPERVISOR will:

Hours are 6AM-6:15PM and 6PM-6:15PM * Always uphold and practice residents’ rights .

  • Make self-aware of and practice all of the policies and procedures that are relevant to all aspects of his/her performance while on facility premises.
  • Read all posted directions and follow through as directed.
  • Report immediately to the Resident Care Director or Administrator regarding any resident, employee or visitor incident, including all falls, skin traumas, change of condition or situation that has the potential to cause harm to any of those involved.
  • Report all resident information including change of condition, results of procedures, or abnormal resident responses as directed by Comfort Care’s verbal and written reporting policies.
  • Approach all residents in a gentle manner introducing self and informing resident about the care that is to be given.
  • Direct visitors inquiring about a resident’s condition to the Resident Care Director or Administrator.
  • Acquire an awareness of properly functioning equipment and immediately report any need for repairs.
  • Recognize and support residents’ needs related to cultural backgrounds and spiritual needs and respects the religious beliefs of individual residents.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the aging process through its application in the care of residents.
  • Know and use medical terms and Comfort Care approved abbreviations relevant to caring for residents.
  • Acquire knowledge of and apply Comfort Care safety approaches including fire, disaster, elopement and infection control.
  • Keep all resident information confidential.
  • Provide care in the following areas according to the Service Plan and direction of the Resident Care Director or Administrator.
  • *Bathing (showers, tub, bed)
  • *Bed making (occupied and empty)
  • Dressing the resident
  • Hair care-shampoo, set, comb out, style
  • *Shaving-double edge razor/electric razor, male/female
  • *Mouth care-teeth, partial plates, and dentures
  • *Eye care-cleansing, and eyeglass care
  • *Ear care-cleansing and hearing aid care
  • Foot care
  • Fingernail care
  • Skin care
  • *Incontinent care-handling of soiled material
  • *Foley catheter care
  • Measurement and document of vital signs and weights
  • *Cleaning or work areas and utensils
  • Ambulation and transfers, including use of mechanical lift
  • Feeding, set-up, documentation of Food Acceptance Record including replacements
  • Provision of dietary supplements-documentation of replacements
  • Appropriate handling of residents with behavior problems
  • *Bowel care, toileting and documentation of results
  • *Measurement and documentation of Intake and Output when required
  • Use of wheelchairs, walkers and other resident supportive devices
  • Use of non-resident devices to maintain resident safety
  • Behavioral management approaches
  • Proper positioning of the resident
  • *Use and handling of linen-clean and soiled
  • *Dying and death care
  • *Admission care
  • *Discharge Care
  • Attend educational presentations as assigned and applies information as directed by supervisor.
  • Perform other tasks as directed by management
  • Observes and reports resident behavior and condition changes – including weight change and signs of injury or neglect.
  • Participates in or leads leisure activities.
  • Assists and reminds residents to participate in facility activities.
  • Assists with all aspects of kitchen and dining room tasks associated with resident meals, including prep work, serving, cleaning up, setting tables and taking out trash, etc.
  • Performs general housekeeping/laundry tasks and related duties.
  • Interacts with families and participates in facility or community activities.
  • Assists with ensuring a safe environment for residents, families and co-workers.
  • Awareness of performance improvement plan and quality initiatives being measured by Comfort Care and The Manors.
  • Participates in data collection and performance improvement reporting processes, as assigned.
  • Attends continuing education activities and completes on-line training as specified.
  • Maintains ethical standards.
  • Displays a caring, respectful attitude when addressing residents, family members, and co-workers.
  • Ensures confidentiality of resident health information in accordance with HIPAA.
  • Compliant with attendance policy.
  • Attends scheduled staff meetings.
  • Monitor the floor and assign caregivers to areas to ensure proper coverage.

Physical Demands

The following physical demand information is intended to describe the general content of the requirement of the performance of this position and assist in determining your physical capability to do this job.

Standing- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Walking- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Lifting/Carrying-moderate to heavy, 50-100 lbs- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Push/pull- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Postural Changes including:

Stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Reaching from floor through overhead- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Handling- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Fingering- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Feeling- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Talking- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Hearing- Constant (67-100% of work time)

Seeing- Constant (67-100% of work time)

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