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Employment TypeFull Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Georgia, USA

This job is 100% remote.

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Augusta, GA

Order: 79331

Order Type : Long-Term

Keeps financial books. (*) 2. School financial records. (*) 3. Requisitioning supplies, pricing, etc. (*) 4. Prepares bank deposits. (*) 5. Type bomb threat, vandalism, reports and sends to the board. (*) 6. Keep up supply of postage stamps. (*) 7. Inventory and re-supply office, school forms regularly used. (*) 8. Assist principal in processing free lunch applications. (*) 9. Share typing of staff appraisals. (*) 10. Answer school phone if receptionist is busy or absent from office. (*) 11. Handle school student insurance. (*) 12. Control authorized viewing of student records in absence of guidance secretary. (*) 13. Checks and deposits picture money. (*) 14. Keeps up-to-date records on all employees. (*) 15. Makes monthly payroll reports on teachers and substitutes. (*) 16. Fill out teacher’s certificate of illness and has the teacher sign them to accompany payrolls. (*) 17. Requisitions all materials for school. (*) 18. Sends copies and receiving slips to the board office. (*) 19. Keeps record of money allocated to teachers for requisitions. (*) 20. Make appointments for principal. (*) 21. The employee shall carry out such other and further duties, whether specifically listed above or not, as are assigned or required by such employee’s supervisor, other appropriate school personnel, law, board policy, administrative regulation, department handbook, as are reasonably necessary to the efficient operation of the school system and its mission. KNOWLEDGE, ABILITIES, AND SKILLS: This position requires knowledge of job, professionalism, interpersonal, communication, organizations, and problem solving. Considerable knowledge of bookkeeping principles, methods, procedures and techniques as applied to the processing of payables; considerable knowledge of office methods and procedures and familiarity with the use of standard office equipment; working knowledge of governmental bookkeeping practices and procedures; ability to carry out continuing assignments requiring the organization and presentation of material and the makin

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