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Top Work From Home Opportunities in 2020

The year 2020 brought significant changes to many aspects of life, including the way people work. Working from home became a necessity for most businesses as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, and it quickly became apparent that it’s not only possible but can also be an effective way to work. As a result, work from home opportunities grew in popularity, and individuals who were searching for ways to work from home before the pandemic hit got more options. Many people realize the benefits of a remote work setup, such as increased productivity, better work-life balance, and no commuting time, among others. If you’re among the majority who is interested in or looking for a work from home opportunity, you’re at the right place. This article will discuss some of the best work from home opportunities available in 2020, including freelancing, online tutoring and coaching, virtual assistance, online selling and reselling, and remote working jobs.

Best Work From Home Opportunities 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional workplace and has made work from home opportunities more popular than ever before. If you are searching for work-from-home opportunities, there are numerous options available for you to choose from.

One of the best work-from-home opportunities in 2020 is FlexJobs. This platform offers a comprehensive list of professional remote and flexible jobs, updated daily. They provide a service that offers job-seekers access to hand-screened, legitimate, and professional jobs that are a cut above the rest. You can browse positions ranging from full-time, part-time, freelance, and temporary jobs in over 50 different fields.

Another popular work-from-home opportunity is becoming a virtual assistant. Many companies are looking for individuals to assist with administrative tasks such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, and data entry. With platforms like Zirtual and Fancy Hands, you can find a wide range of virtual assistant positions to choose from.

For those with strong writing skills, a freelance writing career is another great option. Companies and online publications are constantly looking for skilled writers to create engaging and informative content. Sites like Writer Access or Upwork allow you to connect with clients in need of quality content.

Finally, starting a home business can be an excellent work-from-home option. Platforms like Etsy and Shopify allow you to easily create an online store to showcase your products to customers around the world. You could sell anything from t-shirts to handmade crafts and jewelry.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities for those seeking to work from home in 2020. Some of the best options include sites like FlexJobs, virtual assistant positions, freelance writing, and home businesses. With the right skills and dedication, you can find a fulfilling and rewarding career from the comfort of your own home.

What are benefits of freelancing?

Benefits Description
Flexibility Work when and where you want, set your own schedule.
Control Choose your own projects and clients, be your own boss.
Higher earnings potential Avoid the limitations of fixed salaries, set your own rates, and work on multiple projects at once.
Better work-life balance Choose how many hours you work and spend more time with family and friends.
Portfolio building Work with a variety of clients and gain diverse experience to add to your resume.

There are several websites and products that can help freelancers find clients and manage their work, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Trello. These platforms offer opportunities to connect with clients, showcase skills, and streamline workflow.

Best Work From Home Opportunities 2020

If you are looking for the best work from home opportunities 2020, there are several options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time job, or want to start your own business, there are plenty of opportunities available. Here are some of the best work from home opportunities 2020 to consider:

  • Remote job: Many companies now offer remote jobs, which means you can work from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. Some popular job websites to find remote jobs include FlexJobs, We Work Remotely, and
  • Online tutor: If you have a teaching background, you can become an online tutor and teach students from all over the world. Some popular online tutoring platforms include, Chegg Tutors, and Varsity Tutors.
  • Virtual assistant: As a virtual assistant, you can provide administrative and technical assistance to clients from your home office. Some popular virtual assistant platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, and Zirtual.
  • Freelance writer: If you have a passion for writing, you can become a freelance writer and work from home. Some popular freelance writing platforms include Upwork, iWriter, and Textbroker.
  • Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing involves promoting other company’s products and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral. Some popular affiliate marketing platforms include Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and Rakuten Marketing.

Working from home has become more feasible than ever, thanks to technology and the growth of the gig economy. These work from home opportunities give you the flexibility to work on your own terms and earn a living from the comfort of your home.

What is online tutoring for students?

Online tutoring is a modern way of delivering education to students in a digital format. It is an Internet-based service where a tutor teaches and guides a student from a remote location. This method is highly preferred by students who are looking for additional academic support beyond their regular school curriculum.

Online tutoring can offer a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility in scheduling sessions based on a student’s timetable
  • Access to expert tutors or subject matter specialists from around the world
  • Cost-effective compared to in-person tutoring
  • Easily accessible through a computer or mobile device with Internet access

Several websites and products specialize in online tutoring, including:

Website/Product Features
Chegg 24/7 access to expert tutors, online textbooks, and study resources
TutorMe Live one-on-one tutoring in various subjects, including math, science, and language
Varsity Tutors Customized learning plans, virtual classroom, and access to a vast pool of tutors

Best Work From Home Opportunities 2020

  • 2020 was an exceptional year for remote work, as more companies began to embrace this trend following the COVID-19 pandemic’s outbreak.
  • Some best work from home opportunities 2020 include virtual tutoring, freelance writing, online transcription, and website testing.
  • Virtual tutoring is a lucrative work from home opportunity that allows you to earn money while sharing your expertise with others online. Platforms such as Chegg and TutorMe offer virtual tutoring services to students worldwide.
  • Freelance writing offers endless possibilities for writers looking to work from home. Sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are excellent platforms to find freelance writing gigs.
  • Online transcription is another excellent work from home opportunity that pays well. Companies such as TranscribeMe and Rev offer transcription services to clients worldwide and require transcriptionists.
  • Website testing is also a viable work from home opportunity that involves testing and providing feedback on websites or mobile apps. Platforms such as UserTesting and TestingTime are great places to start.

In 2020, working from home became more prevalent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the best work from home opportunities 2020 include virtual tutoring, freelance writing, online transcription, and website testing. Virtual tutoring is a lucrative opportunity that leverages online platforms like Chegg and TutorMe. Freelance writing is endless, with platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr providing opportunities for writers. Online transcription, another excellent work from home option, pays well, with TranscribeMe and Rev being top-paying options. Lastly, testing and offering feedback on websites and mobile apps is great for website testers. UserTesting and TestingTime are reputable platforms to consider.

Can a virtual assistant be a freelancer?

Yes, a virtual assistant can definitely be a freelancer. In fact, many virtual assistants choose to work as freelancers so that they can offer their services to a variety of clients without being tied down to one company.

As a virtual assistant, some of the tasks you can do as a freelancer include:

  • Administrative tasks such as data entry, email management, and scheduling.
  • Social media management such as content creation and scheduling.
  • Customer service tasks such as answering emails or live chats.
  • Technical tasks such as website management and graphic design.

You can find virtual assistant freelance work on websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr. These websites connect freelancers with clients who need their services for a variety of tasks. As a freelancer, you have the benefit of flexibility in terms of your work schedule and can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Online selling and reselling is a popular work from home opportunity that involves selling new or used items online. The items’ choice depends on your interest and market demand, and it can be lucrative if done right. Popular platforms for selling and reselling include Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, with a net sale of $386 billion in 2020. eBay has approximately 175 million active buyers, with over 1.5 billion items sold in Q2 2020. Here’s a table summarizing the commission rates, product categories, and annual sales for every platform:

| Platform | Commission Rate | Product Categories | Annual Sales |
| :————-:|:————-:| :—–:|:—–:|
| Amazon | 6-45% | Books, Fashion, Electronics, Home & Kitchen, etc. |$386 billion (2020) |
| eBay | 2.9-12% | Fashion, Electronics, Collectibles, Home & Garden, etc. | $10.3 billion (2020) |
| Etsy | 5% | Jewelry, Home Decor, Clothing, Accessories, etc. | $10 billion (2019) |

Note: Commission rates may vary depending on the product category and pricing.

How profitable is reselling?

Reselling can be a profitable business if done properly. The profit margin depends on various factors such as the type of product, demand, supply, competition and marketing strategies. Some popular websites for reselling products include eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.

Here are some potential benefits and challenges of reselling:

  • Benefits:
  • – Low startup costs
  • – Flexible work hours
  • – Opportunities to build your brand and customer base
  • Challenges:
  • – Competition with other resellers
  • – Risk of unsold inventory
  • – Need to keep up with market trends and changes

Ultimately, success in reselling comes down to careful planning, research, and execution.

Best Work From Home Opportunities 2020

With the current global pandemic, more and more people are looking for ways to work from home. Luckily, there are many work from home opportunities available in 2020. One option is to work as a virtual assistant, where you provide administrative support to clients remotely. Another option is to become a freelance writer, where you write content for clients on various topics. You can also consider online tutoring, especially if you have expertise in a particular subject.

If you are looking for a more structured work-from-home opportunity, many companies are now offering remote positions. Some of the best work from home companies in 2020 include Amazon, Dell, and Salesforce. Amazon, for example, has a program called Amazon Mechanical Turk which allows workers to complete small tasks and earn money. Dell has many remote positions available, ranging from customer service to technical support. Salesforce offers various remote positions in sales, marketing, and customer service.

Aside from these options, you can also consider starting your own business from home. If you have a skill or talent, such as graphic design or photography, you can offer your services to clients. You can also sell products online through platforms like Shopify or Amazon.

Platform Website No. of Freelancers/ Users
Upwork 12 million
Freelancer 51 million
Fiverr 2.8 million

In conclusion, there are many work from home opportunities available in 2020. Whether you want to work as a virtual assistant, freelance writer, or start your own business, there are many options to choose from. You can also consider working for reputable companies such as Amazon, Dell, and Salesforce. Don’t be afraid to explore different opportunities and find the best fit for you.

What Can I Do Remotely for Work?

Fortunately, there are many opportunities to work remotely. Here are a few examples:

  • Web Developer – Create websites and applications for businesses and individuals.
  • Virtual Assistant – Provide administrative support to companies and clients from your home office.
  • Content Writer – Write engaging, factual, and helpful content for blogs, websites, and social media.
  • Online Tutor – Teach students around the world in a wide range of subjects, from language to math and science.
  • Graphic Designer – Design logos, marketing materials, and other visual content for businesses.

If you’re interested in finding remote work opportunities, websites such as, Indeed, and FlexJobs can be helpful resources. Additionally, tools like Zoom and Slack can help you communicate effectively with colleagues and clients from anywhere.


With the ongoing pandemic, remote working or work-from-home opportunities have become more relevant than ever and opened up a whole new world of possibilities for individuals. Freelancing, online tutoring, virtual assistance, online selling and reselling, and remote working jobs are some of the most popular options for people looking to work from home. As we saw, each of these opportunities has its own unique benefits, and aspiring remote workers can choose the option that fits their skills and interests best. The rise in the number of remote job opportunities has been evident, and it is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. So, if you are looking to work from the comfort of your home, now is the best time to start exploring the various options available to you. With a bit of research and effort, you can find the best work from home opportunity that fits your preferences and helps you achieve your career and financial goals.