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Top 15 Money-Saving Tips For Recent College Graduates

As a college graduate, you have your whole life in front of you. It’s a time of new beginnings and possibilities.

When it comes to money, graduating from college has insane advantages. If you invest in yourself and your future, you can become more successful. Whether you want to start your financial independence journey, get your dream job, or simply make more money, there are actually good ideas for anyone at any age.

You have the greatest money advantage if you are under 25. Don’t get discouraged or be too hard on yourself. Mistakes are part of the learning process. Life teaches you how to live.

I made a lot of money mistakes when I was 22. I would have liked to know all of the money tips. I would have been able to manage my finances better if I had known them. So pay attention. This stuff works. I’m glad I tried it. And if you want to go deeper, check out my favorite money books or sign-up for the Millennial Money course (check back soon), where we cover literally everything you need to know about money.

For another perspective, here’s a Millennial Money podcast on money advice for new college grads. You might want to read this post on the “Essential Money Tips for College Grads” video chat. I took away several tips from the video chat that will be helpful as I navigate my financial life as a recent college graduate.

15 Best Money Tips for College Graduates (or anyone in their 20’s)

  1. Save at least 20%-25% of your paycheck
  2. Start tracking your money & investments in one place
  3. Build better money habits
  4. Don’t wait for the perfect job
  5. Take risks
  6. Minimize your biggest expenses
  7. Start investing
  8. Put as much into your 401k as possible
  9. Set-up a Roth IRA
  10. Keep Learning New Skills
  11. Figure Out How to Handle Your Student Loans
  12. Pay Down Debt
  13. Find a side hustle
  14. Start a Blog
  15. Make sure you chill as hard as you hustle

1. Save 20%-25% of Your Paycheck

If you save 20%- 25% of your paycheck, you will have as much fun as you can. It is important to save as much money as possible, but you will be golden if you hit the 25% mark. You can easily hit your savings goal if you stick to a budget and make smart decisions. You can be guilt-free if you know that you are saving more than 99% of people and getting a head start on building wealth. Try to escape living paycheck to paycheck as quickly as possible. For more info here’s a deeper dive into how much money you should save.

2. Start Tracking Your Money & Investments

Start tracking your money & investments in one place, even if you don’t have much money. Sign up for

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