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Top Work-From-Home Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms in 2020

As a stay-at-home mom, it can be challenging to find a fulfilling job that allows you to balance work and family life. Fortunately, there are numerous job opportunities that moms can pursue in 2020 that offer flexibility, good compensation and the ability to work from home. The job landscape has changed significantly over the years, with more and more companies recognizing the benefits of hiring remote workers. While traditional jobs are becoming scarce, freelancing and online entrepreneurship are gaining traction and becoming increasingly popular. Remote jobs offer a flexible schedule and the freedom to work from anywhere you want, as long as you have a computer and internet connection. This article will highlight some of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms in 2020, offering tips and advice on how to get started. Whether you’re looking to build a full-time career or make some extra cash on the side, there’s a job opportunity out there that’s perfect for you.

1. Freelance Writing and Editing

  • Content creation and editing jobs in high demand in digital world
  • Stay-at-home moms can utilize their writing and editing skills to become freelancers
  • List of reputable freelance websites to find work opportunities including:
  • Website Description
    Upwork Largest platform for freelancers in various areas
    Fiverr Marketplace for freelancers in various services including writing and editing
    Freelancer Platform that connects freelancers to projects in various fields including writing and editing

    2. Virtual Assistant

    • Virtual assistant jobs becoming popular and offer flexibility
    • Tasks including social media management, email management, and scheduling
    • List of reputable websites to find virtual assistant jobs:
    • Website Description
      Zirtual Virtual assistant platform offering full-time and part-time jobs
      Worldwide101 Offers a variety of virtual assistant services to clients
      Time Etc. Specializes in virtual assistant services and administrative tasks for businesses and entrepreneurs

What is a freelance writer or editor?

A freelance writer or editor is a self-employed individual who offers writing or editing services to clients on a project basis. They do not work for a particular company or organization, but instead work independently and negotiate their own rates.

Freelance writers and editors can work in a wide variety of fields, including journalism, marketing, copywriting, technical writing, and creative writing. They may write articles, blog posts, white papers, e-books, product descriptions, or any other type of written content.

Some popular websites for freelancers to find work include Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. These platforms allow freelancers to create profiles and bid on projects that match their skills and expertise.

Here are some key characteristics and skills that successful freelance writers and editors should possess:

  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills with clients
  • Good time-management skills and ability to manage multiple projects at once
  • Knowledge of the industry or niche they are writing for

Overall, freelance writing and editing can be a rewarding and flexible career choice for those with a talent for writing and a desire to work for themselves.

3. Online Tutoring and Teaching

  • Great option for stay-at-home moms with background in education
  • Growing demand for online tutoring services with recent shift towards remote learning during pandemic
  • List of reputable websites to offer tutoring and teaching services:
  • Website Description
    TutorMe Online tutoring platform offering a variety of subjects and topics
    Skooli Online tutoring platform specializing in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
    Teachable Online learning platform where individuals can create and sell their own courses
  • Interesting fact: According to a report by Technavio, the online tutoring market is expected to grow by $132.21 billion between 2020-2024

What are the pros and cons of online tutoring?

Pros Cons
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Access to a wider pool of tutors
  • No commuting required
  • Recorded sessions for review
  • Cost-effective
  • Potential technology issues
  • Lack of in-person interaction
  • Difficulty with hands-on subjects
  • Distractions in the home environment
  • Less personalized attention

Overall, online tutoring can be a great option for those who need flexibility in scheduling or require access to a wider pool of tutors. However, it may not be the best fit for those who need hands-on instruction or thrive in an in-person learning environment. It’s important to consider all of the pros and cons before making a decision about online tutoring.

4. Graphic Design and Creative Services

  • Stay-at-home moms with creative flair can offer graphic design and creative services online
  • Numerous opportunities for graphic designers and creatives in the online marketplace
  • List of reputable websites to offer graphic design and creative services:
  • Website Description
    Canva Online graphic design tool where individuals can create designs for social media, marketing, and other visual content
    99designs Freelance platform where individuals can offer their graphic design services to clients
    Society6 E-commerce platform where artists and designers can sell their artwork and designs on various products
  • Interesting fact: In 2019, the global market size for graphic design was valued at $33.2 billion and is expected to reach $39.6 billion by 2025.

How to offer graphic design services online?

Offering graphic design services online can be a great way to reach a wider audience and grow your business. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  • Determine your target audience and niche
  • Set up a professional website to showcase your portfolio and services
  • Create social media profiles to promote your work and interact with clients
  • Set competitive prices and clearly define your service packages
  • Use online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer to find new clients and network with other professionals
  • Deliver high-quality work and establish long-term relationships with clients to build a loyal customer base

Remember to always prioritize communication, reliability, and exceptional customer service to stand out in a competitive industry.

5. Transcription Services

  • Stay-at-home moms can offer transcription services online by transcribing audio and video recordings for clients
  • High demand for transcription services in fields such as legal, medical, and academic
  • Minimal set-up required to start offering transcription services
  • List of reputable websites to offer transcription services:
  • Website Description
    TranscribeMe Online platform that offers transcription services to clients, as well as job opportunities for transcriptionists
    Rev Online platform that offers transcription, captioning, and translation services to clients, as well as job opportunities for transcriptionists and captioners
    GoTranscript Online platform that offers transcription and translation services to clients, as well as job opportunities for transcriptionists and translators
  • Interesting Fact: The global transcription services market size was valued at USD 19.8 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.7% from 2020 to 2027.

Where can I offer transcription services?

If you are looking to offer your transcription services, here are a few platforms where you can start:

Platform Name Description
Rev A popular platform for freelancers to offer transcription services. You can set your own rates and choose the projects you work on.
TranscribeMe Another platform that allows freelancers to offer transcription services. They claim to have quick turnaround times and offer training to improve your skills.
Upwork A popular freelance platform to offer transcription services in addition to other areas like writing, web development, and more.

Some things to keep in mind when looking to offer transcription services are to showcase your skills and experience, set fair rates, and communicate clearly with your clients. Good luck!

6. Graphic Design and Creative Services

  • Stay-at-home moms with a creative background can offer graphic design and creative services online
  • Can design logos, social media posts, websites, marketing materials, and more
  • Opportunities exist in a variety of industries, including advertising, marketing, and e-commerce
  • List of reputable websites to offer graphic design and creative services:
  • Website Description
    99Designs Online platform where clients can launch design contests and work with freelance designers to create custom designs, logos, and more
    Fiverr Online platform where clients can hire freelance graphic designers for a variety of design needs
    Crowdspring Online marketplace that connects clients with freelance designers to create custom designs, logos, and more
  • Interesting Fact: The global graphic design market size was valued at USD 33.7 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 39.6 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.3% from 2020 to 2027.

Can graphic design be done online?

Yes, graphic design can be done online through various web-based tools and software that offer professional-level features. Here are some popular options:

  • Canva: A user-friendly graphic design platform with templates and design elements, suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: A suite of professional-level graphic design software that offers different applications for different design needs, such as Photoshop for photo editing or Illustrator for vector graphics.
  • Figma: A collaborative design software that allows teams to work together on designs in real-time.

While some designers may prefer traditional graphic design methods, online tools offer convenience and accessibility for those who want to create designs quickly and easily.


In today’s world, stay-at-home moms have an increasing number of options to find a job that can suit their lifestyle, needs, and skillset. The job opportunities mentioned in this article are only a few examples of the countless jobs available. Other job options for stay-at-home moms include social media management, customer service, data entry, and much more. It’s essential to take the time to research and explore all potential options. One of the best things about the jobs mentioned in this article is that they can be done from the comfort of your home, allowing stay-at-home moms to balance their work and home life successfully. If you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a job, don’t be afraid to research and explore as many options as possible before settling on one. Remember, with patience, hard work, and determination, anyone can create a successful and fulfilling career while staying at home.