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Top 75+ Affiliate Programs: Beginner-Friendly And High-Paying

Affiliate marketing has opened new doors for side hustles and solopreneurs. These programs allow you to make money off of selling someone else’s product, usually between 5% and 20% of the sale price. affiliate programs allow you to make money without having to create, produce or store a product.

This is very popular amongst software companies and other subscription services and is usually embraced by social media influencer with large readership and follower counts.

Software affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, as many companies will offer recurring commissions, meaning that you get paid for each month that a user is actively subscribed to a service. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make from software affiliate marketing.

If you sell the software once, you will receive monthly commissions for as long as the user continues to use it. It is a great way to make passive income. Not interested in software? There are a lot of career paths to choose from. You can promote other services like physical products. You can promote digital services on this platform.

Interested in learning more? Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. In this article, we will show you the top affiliate marketing programs that will give you recurring commissions for your work. The programs are perfect for people who want to make passive income while promoting their products.

Let’s take a look at how these programs work. The potential to provide a substantial return on investment is why affiliate programs are an excellent way to earn passive income.

How To Make Money with Affiliate Commissions

There are two primary ways to become an affiliate:

  1. FlexOffers is an affiliate network that acts as a middleman between companies and publishers like you. FlexOffers makes it easy to find an affiliate program that works for you.
  2. Most of the time, you can work directly with a company, but it’s usually reserved for people who make a lot of money. You can still work with companies through affiliate networks if you don’t fit into that category.

You will usually be given a personalized link when you sign up for an affiliate marketing program. You can use your affiliate link in your marketing efforts to start earning money. You can give credit for each new customer you bring in by taking users to the standard signup page for the software/service. If you share these links with your friends and family, they will join and you will receive the credit.

You may need to be a current customer to participate in these programs. These programs often provide exclusive discounts or rewards for customers, making them a great way to save money and get the most out of your purchases. When you sign up for an affiliate program with recurring commissions, you will often be given access to a member dashboard where you can generate affiliate links, track signups, and choose your payment method. Make sure to become familiar with the dashboard as soon as possible because it is an important tool for managing your program.

Most of the time, affiliate programs will pay you via bank transfer or online. You have to give your payment details in order for the program to pay you. It’s important to clarify payment times with the software company. In order to ensure that the payment terms are acceptable for both parties, it’s important to do so before signing a contract.

75+ Legit Affiliate Programs To Get Paid In 2023

We have listed the best affiliate programs for email entrepreneurs. You can start making money from your online presence with the help of these programs. The list is broken down by product type, so scan headers and find which is most applicable to your audience:

The Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Businesses don’t have the time or resources to run their own affiliate programs if they are managed by an affiliate marketing network. Businesses can focus on their core operations while still being able to make money through affiliate marketing.

You can sign up directly with some of the networks, and get access to a huge library of affiliate marketing programs. Many of the networks provide training and resources to help you get started with affiliate marketing. Think of them as a one-stop-shop for affiliates. These services can be used by affiliates to increase their revenue stream.

Our Favorites:

  1. FlexOffers
  2. Impact
  3. MaxBounty
  4. Clickbank
  5. ShareASale
  6. CJ Affiliate
  7. Rakuten Linkshare

Commissions vary based on the product you are selling, so we have not included them in this piece. It’s important to understand the commission structure for any product you’re selling.

The Best Affiliate Programs for Web Services

Commissions can be huge in the web hosting and web services space. It’s a great way for web hosting companies and other web services to gain exposure and drive more traffic to their site. After all, it’s an extremely competitive market and anyone that wants a website of their own needs a domain, hosting, and potentially a DNS server.

We can’t put all of the affiliate marketing programs in this article. Before choosing which programs to join, we can give you the most important information.

Our Favorites:

  1. Bluehost: $65 per qualified sign-up
  2. A2 Hosting: $125 per new customer
  3. Cloudways: $150 per sale
  4. Liquid Web:  $150+ per sale
  5. RoseHosting: up to $500 per sale
  6. iPage: $65 to $125 per sale
  7. JixHost: 20% recurring commission
  8. Nestify: $150 per referral
  9. PureVPN: 35% recurring commissions
  10. VirMach: 15% recurring commission on popular plans, 20% on gaming plans
  11. HostGator: $65 to $125 per sale
  12. Kinsta: $500 per referral, 10% recurring commission
  13. WPengine: $200+ per signup
  14. SiteGround: $50 to $100 per sale

Read how to make money with niche websites with affiliate marketing!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Investing

Here at Millennial Money, we’re all about investing for a better future. If you are a financial expert, you can make money by linking to investment websites on your email newsletter.

You are helping your readers invest in a better future for themselves, what is not to love about that? You can show your readers that their needs are important to you by creating content that puts them first.

Our Favorites:

  1. Fundrise: Available through Impact
  2. Personal Capital: $100 for every sign-up if the referral has $100,000 or more in investable assets linked to the system. You can sign up as a Impact is an affiliate of Personal Capital.
  3. Regal Assets: $100 per lead, 3% commission on investments
  4. eToro Partners

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Travel Bookings

Love to travel? Travel booking sites, hotel chains, and airlines give you commission when you drive users to their sites. People who frequently travel can use these commissions to make more money. When there is a good fare deal or hotel price, link to it on your travel blog, newsletter, or social media. You should include pictures and reviews of your travel experiences for your readers.

Our Favorites:

  1. Agoda: 5% commission
  2. TripAdvisor: 50% commission
  3.  commission varies
  4. British Airways: commission varies
  5. Kayak: 50% commission
  6. KLM Airlines: 1% on medium-haul tickets, 1.5% on long-haul tickets
  7. Skyscanner: commission varies
  8. Qatar Airways: commission varies
  9. Singapore Airlines: commission varies
  10. FlyDubai: commission varies
  11. Sandals Resorts: 4% per booking
  12. Cruise Direct: 3% commission

The Best Affiliate Programs for Social Media Management

Social media management tools are used by social media agencies, small businesses, and anyone else who wants to promote their products on social networks. They can provide insights into performance metrics such as reach and engagement.

These tools allow social media managers to pull in-depth reports, schedule content to multiple social networks at once, and even perform social media automation to speed up rudimentary tasks. They can help social media managers measure the success of their campaigns.

Many of these apps offer large commissions on selling their products, so you may want to consider selling them as value-adds to your marketing services. It’s a good idea to research the app provider’s reputation online before working with them, as this may provide an indication of their reliability and it’s important to remember that many of these app providers have their own terms and conditions.

Our Favorites:

  1. HootSuite: commission varies
  2. Tailor Brands: up to $500 for each qualified referral
  3. PromoRepublic: $20 – $415 for different plan sign-ups
  4. DrumUp: $5 for Pro plan sign-ups, $15 for Business plan sign-ups, and 25% of the monthly fee for Enterprise sign-ups

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for E-Courses

e-courses and online learning are becoming more and more popular with college getting more and more expensive. Many students are taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience that these options offer. Everyone can get low-cost, high-quality education on everything from software development to writing, thanks to online courses. Online courses are a great alternative to traditional classes for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Our Favorites:

  1. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: I learned a lot from this course. I am happy that I took the time to complete this course, as I now have a better understanding of the material. 40% commission!
  2. Thinkific: up to $1,700 per qualified referral
  3. Teachable: up to 30% recurring commission
  4. Pluralsight: $5 for free trials, 50% for monthly subscriptions, 15% for annual subscriptions
  5. Academy of Mine: commission varies
  6. Shaw Academy: $5 to $15 per registration

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Phone and Live Chat Support Solutions

Today’s software companies need live chat. It helps to build strong customer relationships by providing quick and efficient customer service. Customers need immediate assistance when something goes wrong with mission-critical software. In order to ensure minimal disruption, your team needs to be ready to respond quickly and efficiently.

Live chat software can be used to provide real-time support for clients. Live chat software helps to create positive customer experiences while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction by allowing customers to engage with customer service representatives in a timely manner. Many of the solutions have huge commissions on their services. The more you sell, the more you make.

Our Favorites:

  1. LiveChat: up to 27% recurring commission
  2. Crisp: commission varies
  3. Ruby Raves: $150 per qualified referral
  4. Provide Support: 30% recurring commission
  5. JivoChat: 30% recurring commission
  6. LiveAgent: $5 signup bonus, 20% recurring commission
  7. Chatrify: up to 25% recurring commission
  8. Online Chat Centers: 50% of initial payment commission, 20% recurring commission

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Stock Graphics and Video

We are not all photographers or videographers. Whether it be for a website or other type of promotion, your business needs graphics or videos at one point or another.

Stock photo and video websites exist because of that. The rights to an image can be bought by companies, and they can use them as if they shot the photos themselves. This allows them to use the images in a variety of ways.

Our Favorites:

  1. Alamy: 10% commission
  2. DepositPhotos: 40% for every first-time purchase, and up to 15% recurring commission per each user
  3. ShutterStock: up to $300 per new customer purchase
  4. GettyImages/iStockPhoto: 10% for existing customers, 20% for new customer sales.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Email Marketing and Email Service Providers

Businesses of any size need email marketing apps. Email marketing can help you build relationships with your customers, increase brand awareness, and generate more sales. It is not possible to send an email blast out using Gmail or iCloud. To ensure your message reaches its intended audience, use a professional email marketing service. Businesses can use these apps to design and send mass emails. It’s easy to reach a large customer base with email marketing.

ESPs are important for software companies and websites with any kind of email autoresponders. ESPs allow companies to quickly and easily create automated email campaigns that can help build relationships with customers. This software makes sure that the emails are compliant with local laws. Detailed reports on the success of each email campaign are provided.

These apps can be used as value-adds for existing services by marketing and software development companies. Customer satisfaction and loyalty can be improved by companies offering these services.

Our Favorites:

  1. Aweber: up to 50% per qualified referral
  2. Benchmark: 25% recurring commission
  3. ConvertKit: 30% monthly recurring commission
  4. Getresponse: 33% recurring commission or $100 upfront commission
  5. MailerLite: 30% recurring commission
  6. Sendlane: 20% recurring commission
  7. Sendloop: 10% recurring commission

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is getting more and more important as we move to a world of mobile phones and tablets. Cloud storage is a crucial part of modern day life as it provides an easy and secure way to access data. You can back up your files online and view them on all of your devices.

You can earn amazing commissions by selling cloud storage to your audience. This is a great opportunity to make a difference.

Our Favorites:

  1. pCloud: up to $70 per each pCloud sale
  2. Backblaze: commission varies
  3. SugarSync: commission varies

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for WordPress Themes

There is a huge market for affiliate marketers. If you want to make money from your website or blog, you can use affiliate marketing, which is a great way to make money. WordPress is the largest content management system on the web, and it currently powers hundreds of millions of websites worldwide. It is the go-to platform for businesses and individuals because of its ease of use and powerful features.

Most of the websites powered by the free and open-sourced software are powered by paid themes. These can be purchased from a lot of places. Many of these items are available at discounted prices, making them a great value for the consumer. Many of them offer hefty commission to their affiliates. If they choose the right program, they can make a lot of money.

Our Favorites:

  1. SuperbThemes: 60% commission for every commission & yearly recurring commission
  2. CSSIgniter Themes and Plugins: 40% of all sales
  3. Envato Marketplace: Earn up to $120 for eligible annual subscribers and up to $60 for eligible monthly subscribers
  4. Thrive Themes: 35% commission new sales, 25% recurring commission
  5. Elegant Themes: 50% commission on new and recurring commission
  6. Premium Coding Themes: 40% — 50% recurring commission

The Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of ranking websites and content on search engines. It involves strategies and tactics to increase the amount of organic traffic to a website. There are over 6 billion searches done every day on the world’s most popular search engine, and search results are based on matching the searcher’s query to the most relevant website. You can easily find what you are looking for with the tons of relevant information at your fingertips.

If you can get your website or client’s website to rank on the internet, you can turn free traffic into leads, sales, or money. Search engine optimization challenges are made worse by the fact that search engines don’t release how their search engines work. Businesses need to stay on top of the latest trends and practices in order to remain visible in search engine rankings.

There are a number of great tools that you can use to analyze your competitors’ rankings, as well as what people are searching for, and how easy it might be to rank for that term. Valuable insight into opportunities for increasing your website’s visibility in search engine rankings can be provided by these tools. SEMRush is one of the bestseo tools with an affiliate program. SEMRush is a great resource for marketers, as it allows them to measure and improve their performance.

Our Favorite:

  1. BeRush – This is the SEMRush affiliate program, $200 for every new sale, $10 for every new trial, and $0.01 for every new sign up

The Best Affiliate Program for Online Shopping

That’s right, the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Our Favorite:

  1. Associates

You can promote your links via your social media following. If you have an active list, you can include promotional links in your emails. Here are some of our favorite ways to promote affiliate links. Measure your link performance and adjust your promotional tactics to get the best results.

Blog Posts

Write software reviews or put together a list of the best software for the X industry on your website. You can use affiliate-linked software to help your readers solve a problem. Content that is designed to encourage readers to purchase particular products or services can be created.

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Social Media

They can simply share links to their favorite software on social media. Sharing content with their followers can be a great way to make money. If you don’t give a reason why you like it, it may look like you’re trying to sell something. Explain to your followers why they should like the content.

It may be beneficial to pay to promote your links. If the affiliate pays you enough, you can boost your posts on Facebook or work with another social media celebrity to promote them. If you want to increase visibility for your posts, you could run targeted ads on platforms like LinkedIn Ads.

Email Lists

Do you have a successful email list? It takes time and effort to establish a successful email list, but the rewards are worth it. It is a good idea to include a blurb about related software in your next edition. You can use the latest technologies to showcase your software in a more engaging way. Your audience already trusts your opinions, so why not recommend some great products and make a few bucks? You can use the money you make to further improve and expand your platform, providing even more value to your audience.

Your email list is the most important asset you have. This is your crew, your audience, your tribe. You can make something amazing. The million-dollar bloggers are able to make between $1 and $5 per email subscriber each month. The revenue stream can become even more lucrative if the author increases their email list size. If you have a list of 10,000 subscribers, you can make up to $50,000 in revenue per month. It’s crazy.

5 Tips to Help Build an Email List:

  1. Start ASAP (Like yesterday)
  2. Pick A There is a good email platform. Users should be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with a good email platform. I’ve tried a bunch of email marketing platforms (MailChimp, AWebber, MailMunch, ConvertKit) and the one I recommend is Constant Contact. (Constant Contact also offers a 60-day free trial without needing to input a credit card, which is awesome.)
  3. Create A Sign up for an incentive. You can take advantage of our exclusive discounts when you sign up. When giving something of value to someone who subscribes to your list, make sure it is something that your audience will actually want. If you want to give them the most relevant information, you need to review your list regularly and see what kind of content they are responding to. Everyone does it so a lot of the “Download my Free PDF” incentives don’t work anymore. It is more difficult for marketers to capture leads when people become less responsive to offers like this.
  4. Use a If you want to maximize your subscribers, you need to make it easy to subscribe. You need to put forms in the right places. You need to give clear instructions on how to fill out the forms. The pop-up, side bar, and end of posts are the most effective locations for the form. They should be strategically placed to maximize impact.
  5. One way to set up your forms is to automatically confirm a subscriber when they sign up. Single Opt-In Forms are a great way to ensure that your subscribers have given their consent to receive emails from you, as they must confirm their subscription before receiving any emails.

Case Studies

Write a case study about your favorite piece of software if it has an amazing affiliate program. This will help your audience find a new software solution, as well as drive traffic to your affiliate links.

When people search for software reviews, your independent case study will act as a testimonials. This can help you to establish trust and authority with potential customers, ultimately resulting in an increase in sales.

Word of Mouth

If you are a consultant, make sure that your clients sign up for new software solutions and buy new products via your affiliate links. Asking your clients for feedback on the new software solutions and products they purchase will help you tailor your recommendations in the future. Make sure the program doesn’t have any rules against this.

You can add this software or service to your existing services. Extra features for your customers can be provided if you maximize the value of your existing services.

A Quick Word of Warning

Make sure you use the software before you promote it. It will be easier to convince potential customers if you accurately describe the features and benefits of the product. If you’ve never used the software, you’re more likely to miss key points and features.

It is obvious to spot software reviews and recommendations that are based on assumptions. To get a better understanding of the features and benefits of the software, it’s important to read reviews that are based on actual usage or testing. Spending an hour with the free trial will make a world of difference in your content, and will help you make more money.

What Do You Think?

Those are the best affiliate marketing programs. It’s worth exploring the programs to help you achieve financial success, because affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your income potential.

If you focus on recurring returns, these companies can provide huge passive returns for your business. It’s important to remember that passive returns can be just as lucrative as active ones.

What do you think? I want to hear your opinion on this. Do you have a favorite program? You need to research and compare different affiliate marketing programs to find the best one for your business. We will check them out if you let us know in the comments. We want to hear your thoughts on the topic.

Have you started your website yet? Don’t forget to check out our Free Email Course: Launch A Million Dollar Blog in 7 Days!

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