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This is a job posting from company – Lhoist

Employment TypeFull Time

Work Hours: 8

Salary: $20 To $30/An Hour

Location: Texas, USA

This job is 100% remote.

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  • Perform workplace exam prior to any work being completed.
  • Perform all assigned work in a neat and orderly manner adhering to Company and governmental safety rules and regulations.
  • Know and follow lock out tag out procedures.
  • Understand safe operation of forklift & skidsteer.
  • Must have a high regard for other’s safety in the field.
  • Proper PPE attire must be worn as required.
  • Report any potential operational or safety problems to supervisor.
  • Responsible for completing a Pre-Operational Inspection on each piece of equipment, prior to operation.
  • Perform all work assigned in a neat and orderly manner adhering to Company and governmental safety rules and regulations.
  • BBS participation
  • SQF understanding and knowledge of regulations


  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the bagging system and related components.
  • Responsible for the proper filling and shipping of bag products to comply with company specifications and customer requirements.
  • Ensure proper operation and care of packing equipment to maximize bag filling efficiency, maintain bag weight accuracy, and preservation of company assets.
  • Ability to operate, problem solve, and make necessary adjustments to the Bag Packers and Palletizing system.
  • Coordinate with palletizer operator to ensure proper bag weights, fill time, and adequate supply of bags.
  • Responsible for periodically lifting multiple 50 pound bags to stack on pallets.
  • Continuously inspect all bagging related equipment to detect mechanical problems and ensure employee safety.
  • Report any potential operational or safety problems to management.
  • Cross train in other departments as needed.

Maintenance and quality control

  • Assist maintenance with preventative maintenance (ODR) and minor repairs of bagging equipment.
  • Clean bins, conveyers, spills, clean out material from under conveyers and catwalks, and other cleaning duties as needed.
  • Possess basic hand tools and be able to make minor adjustments to bagging system components.
  • Continuously observe, monitor, and report any condition that could lead to equipment failure or a housekeeping issue.
  • Understanding of material storage and quality specifications.


  • Effectively communicate and interact with supervisors and peers.


  • Must be capable of working shift work, seven day a week, overtime, holidays, and be flexible to schedule changes as needed.
  • Able to lift over 50 pounds
  • Must be able to perform in compliance with all task training requirements
  • Tolerate working outside in severe weather conditions as well as exposure to industrial high temperature, noise and dust.
  • Access all areas within a site which could include heights of 120 feet, confined spaces, climbing ladders or stairs, and accessing tunnels.


  • High School Diploma or GED Equivalent


  • 0-3 months of industrial experience is preferred.

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