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Eating Out On A Budget: Tips For Saving Money

Most of the time, my wife and I enjoy eating at restaurants. We like to try new recipes at home. According to a According to a survey, people spend about $36 per person while eating out. The average amount people spend while preparing meals at home is lower. It seems like a lot of money. Yes, it definitely does!

The study found that people eat out 4.5 times per week. The number has increased in recent years, suggesting that people are more reliant on restaurants for their meals.

In Los Angeles, people eat out an average of 5.2 times per week, while Bostonians eat out an average of 3.8 times per week. When compared to Bostonians, Angelenos are more likely to eat out.

20 Ways To Save Money Eating Out

1. Check-out online deal sites

The four biggest sites that may save you money are

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