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October 22, 2012
What We Missed (Oct 14-20th, 2012)

As we move closer to the 2012 Presidential Election, it is now more important than ever to keep up with the news that affects the way each of us lives. Education and awareness are the keys to success. That is why this What We Missed segment will focus on Immigration policies and the numbers as they relate to immigration. Don’t forget to Comment, Like/Tweet, and Subscribe!

Today we will look at Four must-read articles from last week:

1 – Our first story comes to us from Silicon Valley’s This article by Mitt O’Brien describes a debate that has been floating around congress that discusses what America considers a priority when deciding who gets to come into the borders via Visas. America has long been a champion of diversity – it is at the very core of our identity. But there has recently been a push by Republican Congressmen to change the priority for temporary visas to the country from a diversity standpoint, to a more selective “education-based platform.” The thought-process behind the measure is that the limited number of Visas given out by the government each year can be put to better use if they are given to highly educated immigrants – doctors, scientists, and lawyers. Read More about this debate here.

What do you think? Does changing temporary Visas from a lottery system to an education-based system hurt our diversity? Whats more important: retaining America’s heritage as a diverse nation or allowing educated immigrants to enter the country and help with the economy? Do the two necessarily conflict?

Send in your replies on twitter: @AtlasDIY or in the comments below!

2 – Our next story focuses on two approaches to immigration that are nearly polar opposites to one another: The first is Arizona’s anti-Immigration legal standpoint that has received much attention and criticism in the news and the second is the Maryland approach: Maryland has been trying o pass its own version of the Dream Act which has received much media coverage over the years. Maryland’s version of the Dream Act would allow undocumented youth to take advantage of in-state tuition programs, allowing them to pay a lower tuition bill for collage. The measure has, unlike its national counterpart, received widespread support and is likely to pass. Read more about the two approaches (Arizona vs. Maryland) to immigration here.

And read more about Maryland’s Dream Act here.

3 – The next story comes to us from Fox News and describes a plan supported by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles to provide identification cards for undocumented residents in Los Angeles – allowing these residents to obtain bank accounts that would be opened under the ID cards and serve as a way for the city to keep track of the over 4 million current undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles. Read more about this story here.

4 – Finally we take a look at what the candidates have said publicly about their views on immigration on the campaign trail. Immigration is a key issue in this presidential election and one that has not received the attention it deserves from either candidate. Obama, as you probably know by now, has passed a Presidential Directive called “Deferred Action” that has been boasted by its supporters as a major step towards proper and realistic immigration reform. Critics of the measure, including Republican candidate Mitt Romney, blast the bill as a “temporary solution” to a major issue. Romney has promised to reverse the deferred action directive if elected. Over 23 million latino voters have registered to vote for this upcoming election, making immigration an even more important topic; read more about both candidates’ stances here.

And tell us what you think: Which president best addresses the issue of immigration? What part of your candidate’s stance do you support and what would you like to see them change? Have your say in the comments below and on our twitter page @AtlasDIY

We would like to leave you with a humorous trailer for the movie “Undocumented Executive,” that came out last year – a comedy about a young man who comes to America and accidentally finds the American Dream in a hilarious turn of events.

Other articles that peaked our interest:

They Are Us: Why the Nation’s Future Is Riding on Latino Students’ Success

Immigration – A Vehicle For America’s Economic Prosperity

Basu: Immigrants offer solutions to Midwest employers

One-quarter of U.S. tech startups founded by immigrants

Los Angeles to Cease Transferring Some Immigrants

Immigration authorities say they won’t move against journalist who’s in US illegally

We wish you all well until next time. If you want to watch some informational videos, as well as some hilarious original content, subscribe to our Youtube page! Also, please remember to like/share the content on the blog on Twitter and Facebook – it is your efforts that allow us to do what we do: Thanks!




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