Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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April 21, 2013
Boston Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was apprehended yesterday and immediately Fox News took to the offensive by turning this terrible ordeal about a debate about immigration. The argument from guest Texas Congressmen Louis Gohmert? An end to...
March 31, 2013
Mark Zuckerberg, who came out last week in support of immigration reform, is said to be organizing his own group to lobby for comprehensive legislature in 2013. Key lawmakers involved in ongoing bipartisan immigration reform talks say a reform deal...
March 29, 2013
Hollie McNish is a British poet responsible for this brilliant poem. Although this is originally written for UK audiences, the message applies here in the US as well. Full of tremor and emotion, this is the most powerful spoken-word poem I have ever...
March 17, 2013
Happy St. Paddy's (we were told Patty is incorrect and sometimes offensive) Day! In keeping with today's theme: there are 50k Irish immigrants living in the shadows in NYC who join us in hoping for a better 2013, one, hopefully, in which congress...
February 24, 2013
All the top immigration news stories from the week of February 17th to February 23rd. ICE's targeting of low-priority immigrants, president Obama's proposed immigration bill and much more. Click here to keep reading!
February 20, 2013
Ted Poe (Immigration Reform Caucus head) compares undocumented immigrants to grasshoppers On February 7th, Representative Ted Poe (R-TX) announced that he would take the position of head of the Immigration Reform Caucus (IRC) in Congress. The...
February 17, 2013 Immigrant youth come from all corners of the world, are of all ages and educational backgrounds, and share the same dreams of everyone. With Deferred Action or without Deferred Action, we all belong in the U.S. Watch ten...
February 11, 2013
Hidden within the depths of Marco Rubio's immigration reform bill is a measure that would increase the use of E-Verify as a tool to stop employers from hiring undocumented workers. The proposed bill, which has received supported from both sides...
February 10, 2013
Oh how the time flies... Reuters reported what we at Atlas DIY noticed quite a while ago: Evangelicals are huge supporters of immigration reform. With rising Hispanic evangelical church-goers, evangelicals have been one of the loudest groups...
February 7, 2013
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has been at the front of anti-immigrant and anti-Latino movements across the United States. Her government has written and passed a variety of restrictive and discriminatory laws, including those targetting Deferred...

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