Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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March 10, 2011
As continued from our last discussion, Atlas is on the verge of expansion, materially and  theoretically! The Pillars of Atlas We spent a lot of time (nearly an hour, to be exact) discussing the constitution and the cooperative model of Atlas. We...
March 10, 2011
This is an unedited, untranslated piece written by a seventeen year old victim of human trafficking. She was sent to the U.S. with snakeheads at age fourteen to work in Chinese restaurants. She now lives with a foster family in the...
March 8, 2011
Utah has passed a new bill this Friday that will hopefully shape the way undocumented immigrants live and have change in the U.S., especially in the state of Arizona after the passage of the S.B. 1070 bill. This bill being giving...
March 4, 2011
Why should U.S.-born children to undocumented parents pay a heavy price when it is not their fault? They didn't ask to be born here. Why is Arizona trying to deny children's basic human rights without them even being able to defend themselves? They ...
March 1, 2011
It was on August 1, 2010 that my life took a change for the better and although I knew everything I came to know would dissappear and that only greater times were up ahead, I couldn't explain the vast emptiness nestled in a deep pocket pinching away...
February 26, 2011
As two members were settling in, Elana Wilf gave Atlas a surprise visit! She is one of the two awesome law students who led the IYPEP of 2010. Elana was excited to hear about Atlas. She is keeping herself posted through FindingAtlas. After Elana's...
February 22, 2011
As the reporter of todays news article describe it, undocumented students need a "protective shell" that gives them courage and confidence to go on, do what best pleases them. It is nice to see that even with the DREAM Act being turned down,...
February 18, 2011
Poetry, art, music, movies, this is what often can inspire us in moments of darkness. One of our board members, Luthfun, came across this beautiful piece by Naomi Lazard. We thought it was only appropriate to share.   (Poem #1312) Ordinance on...
February 17, 2011
Atlas meets biweekly, on Sundays, at the back of a colorful café. Our meetings are with  only four members — Lauren, Yaritzel, Martina, and Luthfun. Meeting Three changed that. Welcome Brendan Martin, as mentioned in the last post, to...
February 14, 2011
Once undocumented students graduate from high school they ask themselves if they want to continue going off to college or if its even going to be worth it. Why? because they feel even years of study will not help them in the future. A bachelor's...

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