Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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January 16, 2012
January 16, 2012
Today's Monday Inspiration is the incredible youth-advocate and agent of social change, Brooke Richie-Babbage, founder and Executive director of the Resilience Advocacy Project ( i.e., RAP, we love rocking acronyms!). Lauren met Brooke through the...
January 10, 2012
Dear friends, colleagues, supporters, and rockstars of Atlas: DIY and the immigrant community of NYC, It was only one year ago that we had our first meeting in a coffee shop in the West Village and began to form what would hopefully become the first...
January 9, 2012
Happy 2012! What are you looking forward to this year? Today is officially Atas' one year anniversary, it's crazy to believe that time has flown so fast! We'll keep you posted on all the exciting news coming up soon but first, here's our weekly...
December 29, 2011
Season's greetings Atlas readers! Welcome to the the beginning of a wonderful tradition in the Atlas family: a collective dinner, and a not-so-collective gifting game. In the spirit of Christmas, we all cooked pasta together! After heart-warming...
December 26, 2011
When Atlas asked Santa how he supported a borderless world, he not only showed us from where he hailed (the North Pole) but he also shared how he spreads joy and cheer to every person, no matter their "status" or country of origin or what papers they...
December 20, 2011
As much as Facebook can drive me crazy, I've also found it is a wonderful resource to find out about articles, projects and movements I otherwise may have missed in the barrage of the world's advertisements and messages. This week's inspiration goes...
December 19, 2011
So much Atlas excitement, so little time! This week we.... May have found our VERY OWN space in which to start operating programming in January! Met the incredible and inspiring Luis Alberto Urrea at an benefit for the equally powerful Young...
December 15, 2011
Ser un inmigrante indocumentado en los Estados Unidos no es fácil. Aquí están algunas cosas que pasan por la mente de un inmigrante: •vivir en la sombra                                                            ...
December 14, 2011
As we missed monday's inspiration this week due to blue sticky fingers from many hours of paper mache-ing our globe together for international migrant's day, this week we bring you a Wednesday Inspiration instead and feature the amazing immigration...

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