Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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April 19, 2012
This guide is absolutely user friendly and a fantastic tool on stopping ICE HOLDS in your local community! Check check check it out!
April 18, 2012
From one of our AWESOME interns, Lauren Restrepo! It’s hard to give advice on working with domestic violence victims, mostly because they come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.   For instance, my current client has been extremely...
March 19, 2012
WOW! Atlas: DIY has been open for six weeks and it has been the most invigorating, inspiring, immigrant-initiative packed moments of our lives! Apologies for the lack of posts since we've been up and running but saying we've been swamped would be an...
February 29, 2012
Atlas DIY is so excited to announce our newest program, Monday ESL classes with Caton!!! Caton will be teaching at Atlas every Monday from 12-2pm and we could not be more thrilled to have this bubbly globe-trotter on board! Here's some more about...
February 28, 2012
Were you born in another country and don't have a copy of your birth certificate? A recent Atlas member had that same experience and came to Atlas seeking help! Read below to discover what she learned so you can DIY! During my experience at Atlas, I...
February 21, 2012
Atlas is starting a new section, DIY or Do It Yourself, where we teach youth how you can access your legal rights and case information! Today's DIY tutorial comes from Martina and Lauren: how to look up the status of your pending immigration case...
February 5, 2012
My name is Rochelle and I'm a Legal Intern at Atlas. I choose this path of working with immigrant youth because they have so much to offer . These are individuals who came to this country, some on false hope, others maybe escaping persecution from...
February 3, 2012
Kris Kobach, Kansas State Secretary and one of the creators of the Alabama and Arizona laws against undocumented immigrants, has come up with a new proposal for Kansas. His proposal states that undocumented immigrants would be able to remain in the...
January 30, 2012
Hi, My name is xiaogang huang, I'm 20 years old. I come from china. I'm going to talk about my first day at atlas. when i went there with two of my friends.we were so surprised by this place. Actually it is not as big as the other organization...
January 28, 2012
Where have you been, you may ask? Why we are getting ready for our opening TOMORROW! Our launch party was a success (thanks so much to all who came out) and we cannot wait for tomorrow to occur! Here's what's on the program schedule for this...

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