Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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March 10, 2011
What I Wish They Knew

This is an unedited, untranslated piece written by a seventeen year old victim of human trafficking. She was sent to the U.S. with snakeheads at age fourteen to work in Chinese restaurants. She now lives with a foster family in the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program.

First I am really happy that I can be the one who have the chance to tell people “what I wish ” for all those Chinese people.

I wish people who want to come over America that they can got a chance to come over, but of course not staying forever. Instead they are paying for those snakehead but American government, so that they can be here legally. It might improve the tourism. So they can at least realize how this country look, how the life like here, so they can decide to stay or not. But for the population in America, people could always set up laws about foreign can stay in this country for **years or something like that.  Because the time when I went over, I had no clue about America, just like people here think there is no tall buildings in china and all chinese eat rice 3 times a day. And the only thing I know is people who came over, they got more money, feel like they just got “the better life”

I also wish somebody who is here for a long long time(like 7or 10 years) illegally( I mean they come over without having legal paper but didnt really do anything like hurting people or be sent to prison) that they can all got a legal paper. I know that might sounds really funny to people here. But I think I knew that how hard the life for them. I knew one man that he was saperated from his wife and only daughter in china for 15 years, He didnt married again or anything, because it is still a “big” thing over there if you remarried. All chinese people who work at restaurents that they cant drive, they cant speaking much English, most of them they dont any medication, they dont have health insurrances or any insurrance. They normally dont go to a doctor, because they cant speak English and they dont insurrance so you can imagine how much you have pay if you dont have any insurrance. Those Chinese who are here they will always say all Chinese who work in restaurents are all “crazy”. Because their life so bored, the only place they stay is retaurant nowhere else, 365 days.

I might talk about too much things, but last thing I want say is I wish people here that they could really try to understand us. Sorry about that and thank you for everyone who tried to help us, I am appreciate about everything.




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