Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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July 16, 2012
The Necessity of Atlas: By Member Victor Marunda

Do you know that feeling, when you wake up in the morning after a Friday Night? .That feeling of rejection, persecution and betrayal of the soul, body and the mind. The involuntary questions about abandoned fears, popping out in your brain like the Arkansan` springs. Did you? Or did l? Was it real or it was just a dream? As you look upon the mirror, you see your image soaked with tears of pain and regret. Before you wash your face, you just conclude that you are doomed…………..

Before you conclude that your life is doomed with all the immigration problems and laws. Before you start packing or preparing for a spontaneous deportation. Or when life in the US has become such a boredom, to an extend whereby you wish to go back in your country and live with all the poverty whilst you are at least happy. Why don’t you try to give yourself a second chance by joining ATLAS?

Besides the fact that ATLAS offers both free legal and health services to undocumented children. There is something about it, which is more than what meets the eye. I would like to define ATLAS as an organization which brings a new meaning to the internal being of our lives. Especially for undocumented children who have been exposed to overwhelming persecutions from our government, when our grieves and concerns are used to gamble for political gain. ATLAS can be our only chance to redefine ourselves and reclaim our future as the inheritors of this earth.

ATLAS offers a wide variety of special services during our business days, which are Sundays and Monday’s .It gives its members an opportunity to learn different cultures and backgrounds from different people around the world. It provides a conducive environment to participate in well educating debates, quizzes and intellectual discussions, from all aspects of our lives ranging from politics, religion, economics, philosophy, sports etc .It also provides free acting ,music, language ,story telling classes .It also helps you to strengthen your spiritual life through free yoga and meditation from instructors with high expertise.

After naming an endless list about what ATLAS can do for you. It offers something which is so unique and priceless, something that makes ATLAS to be the best from the rest, what makes it worth your precious time and concentration .It gives a sense of togetherness, a sense which is developed when you see and hear different faces, accents, colors, languages etc. When you just scratch the surface and you see a people sharing the same dreams, goals, aspirations and passions. A people with so much enthusiasm in making the world a better place. When these people come together and enjoy their precious times together ,its not just coincidence ,it’s a conviction of something bigger than what separates us, and that’s what makes ATLAS a place called hope.







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