Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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August 29, 2011
President Obama's first step into immigration policies.

After the Dream Act failed to be pass on December 2010 and the Secure communities program has expanded across the country since October 2010, undocumented immigrants saw no progress on Obama’s promises: rational immigration policies that would help them receive basic rights as citizens. After mass protests from activists and the Latino community, Obama ordered review of deportation cases. Under Obama’s administration, S-Comm was expanded from 14 jurisdiction to over 1200 jurisdictions. While S-Comm is still in effect, the current 300,000 deportation cases are reviewed to sift out workers and students who (a) has a clean record, (b) came here when he/she was only a child, (b) has a close relative who serves the military or is a parent or legal guardian of an American citizen. Undocumented immigrants that show a clean record will have their case closed.

It was about time that ICE decided to stop unfair deportations and start deporting the real criminals. Obama does not address if this might be a path toward making a positive immigration reform possible!

This proposal was discussed on August 19 by a group of workers from the Homeland Security and Justice Department and put into action last Monday, saving Manuel Guerra and Sujey Pando (both undocumented immigrants from Mexico) from deportation. Hopefully it saves other undocumented immigrants as well.

This article fail to directly mention S-Comm. The article neglects to address immigration policy as a whole. While many will be saved from deportation — and this makes a huge difference — S-Comm is still planned to go in effect nationwide. The people who had their deportation canceled will still be treading water. They will continue to remain undocumented, unable to work and be denied access to education and a career.

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U.S. Issues New Deportation Policy’s First Reprieves                                                                                        By: Julia Preston                                                                                                                  Published: August 22, 2010




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