Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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October 30, 2011
Atlas Update: Two Months to Launch!

Dear Readers,

This post is long overdue. That said, here is what ATLAS has been up to lately!


What has been plaguing Atlas? Atlas space. As the responsibilities of Atlas grows, we require more organization and centralization, which requires a physical space for both Atlas and its members. We originally were looking for a space in Brooklyn. Now, we are searching for a location near an immigrant community. If you know someone or some company that would like to house a rock-star organization dedicated to the betterment of immigrant youth, let us know at


As Atlas’s inauguration date is approaching, we need more funds to ensure how doors open in January. Though what form this will take is still unclear, Atlas is working towards applying for two more grants right now.

  1. The New York Foundation, a supporter of community organizers and advocates. Their grants ” support [a] community-initiated solutions to solve local problems, [b] constituents mobilizing for adequate and equitable resources, and [c] groups organizing a collective voice among those whose voices have not been heard.” Lucky for Atlas, we fit in all three categories. We serve immigrant youth and our cooperative model requires the direct action from this community (a). Our time banks framework pools in scattered resources and shares them according to commitment and abilities (b). Most importantly, Atlas provides a safe space and an open dignified voice to the mistreated portion of the U.S. population (c). We hope the New York Foundation recognizes our potential. Fingers crossd!
  2. Echoing Green Fellowship is a highly competitive fellowship for leaders to help them launch their organizations by providing start-up capital and technical assistance. When Atlas is launches, some of us will dedicating our energy to Atlas full-time. In order to sustain ourselves, and in turn sustain this organization, we need capital. Echoing Green also provides conferences “led by organizational development experts,” access to technical support and pro bono partnerships, and “A community of like-minded social entrepreneurs and public service leaders, including the Echoing Green network of nearly 500 alumni working all over the world.” This resources would expand the scope of what Atlas is capable of, and will allow us to more effectively affect change in the lives of immigrant youth.


We will be throwing launch Party sometime in December. This will serve as both a fundraising and spread-the-word event. We wish to have a prominent immigrant to share their success story and support our cause. If anyone would like to help us organize this event (by donating space, time, ideas, money, etc.) contact us!


Atlas will be publishing a series of five Know-Your-Rights videos on immigrant youth issues. The Kickstarter video has already been posted on Youtube! The five topics include

  1. SIJS: Special Immigrant Juvenile Status which is given to  children under 21 present in the U.S. who are declared dependents of a juvenile court and who would be harmed if returned to their home country.
  2. VAWA: Violence Against Women Act allows a battered spouse or child abused by a green card holder or U.S. citizen to self-petition.
  3. Workers’ Rights: Certain laws, regardless of one’s immigration status, protect workers against abusive working conditions. Not many immigrants are aware of it, and even more do not know what to do about it.
  4. U and T Visas: U Visas are given to victims of crime who comply with authorities and the police. T Visas are given to victims of human trafficking.
  5. Education: Though more states are taking suppressive measures, undocumented youth have the right to education. In New York, students are entitled to in-state tuition and some may be eligible for certain private scholarships.

And that is what has been keeping Atlas busy! Stay updated on immigrant rights, and now follow us on twitter!




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