Did you know children of undocumented immigrants are
twice as likely to live in poverty?

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February 10, 2011
Meeting Two: Petitions and Publicity

The second meeting of Atlas was more concrete.

We began with sharing stories about why Atlas is necessary. ( a separate and more amazing series, which is coming soon,  will cover that under voices. )

Atlas was slowly transforming from a vision to something more tangible. Here is a snapshot of our brainstorming session:

A: “I’m so excited!”
B:” We need a facebook page”
C and D: “and a blog!”
A: “and a youtube video”
C:”don’t forget a logo!”
A: “what about funding??”

Yes, we had and have a lot to get done. And one of the first ones was a blog. I am proud to say that with a small force of four, this blog is up and running with updates and posts nearly every day.

Part of being Atlas is being run by donations, be that through funds or services. Ben Tuber, a talented graphic designer, had offered to help us with our logo. He is currently incorporating the ideas of all Atlas members. Wish to know what it will be look like? We too are eager.

While Ben was getting to work on our logo, we were busy drafting our formal petition. Atlas, after all, is for young people. And we needed to reach the youth for their voice and support. Here is how the petition reads:

Atlas aids the most vulnerable youth population: immigrants. Atlas works with immigrant youth and allies between ages 14 and 24 by providing legal services, counseling, tutoring and life skills. Atlas is a safe space for these young people. Unlike other centers, Atlas is run by all bilingual and multicultural staff. Run on a collective ownership model, the members are both the benefactors and beneficiaries. The youth will take charge of Atlas, participate in development decisions, provide service as well as receive these services. One of the most outstanding things about Atlas is that service is not dependent on the child’s status. All this will ensure a strong committed staff, volunteers and members.

By singing below, I, an immigrant and/or an ally, fully support the establishment of Atlas and would benefit from utilizing its services when it opens. This organization will offer the resources and guidance that are otherwise unavailable for immigrant youth. I believe that these young people are deserving, and Atlas is a step towards fulfilling their needs.

We are currently working of collecting hundreds of signatures. If you know any young person interested, please let us know. Also, an online petition can possible go up shortly.

Board Members

We need more members. As mentioned in the last Inside Scoop post, we were considering Brendan Martin. He is the founder of The Working World. It is “The Working World is a non-profit that gives people in developing countries the resources to build their own economic lives.” As someone who has gather some funding for the  Immigrant Youth Peer Educator Project, Brendan seemed like a good candidate to join Atlas. We had yet to interview him.

Atlas is in the search for individuals who are interested in helping us strategize, fund raise, and grow. Join us.




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