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February 17, 2011
Meeting Three: Blogs and Board Members

Atlas meets biweekly, on Sundays, at the back of a colorful café. Our meetings are with  only four members — Lauren, Yaritzel, Martina, and Luthfun. Meeting Three changed that. Welcome Brendan Martin, as mentioned in the last post, to Atlas!

Brendan went through a rigorous interview, in which we questioned his past, present, and future. It is safe to say he is not only committed to Atlas, but is also oh so excited! Brendan, with his experience at The Working World, will help Atlas get grounded. We are honored to have him as part of our Team. *a round of applause*

In our meetings, we always begin by touching base and renew our commitment to Atlas. Here is what one founder, Lauren, had to say:

“…This past summer, running the  Immigrant Youth Peer Educator Project, a lot of young people…talked about how they were being held back at such a high extent and how there were so many services that they wanted to take advantage of that didn’t exist for them…This is so important to get these kids together and we need to start this from scratch from necessary and so that’s what we are doing!”

Speaking of taking action, we have begun our petitions. Our goal is to a 1000 signatures! Meeting Three was our first day, so we are “just a little bit short” of our goal.

One of the focus on Meeting Three was FindingAtlas, our blog. The product of this discussion were different series, one of which (Inside Scoop!) you are reading. We plan on having guest posts, as well as news, literature, and personal stories. We will also be having an “Our Team” page up shortly.

Now that we relatively have the ball rolling, there are some serious questions that need to be answered (next time):

What does it mean to be a decision maker?

What’s our cooperative model going to be like?

How do we begin to execute?

Join us as we figure it all out!




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