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August 19, 2012
3 Ways Atlas Help with Your DACA (Deferred Action) Claim

How Can Atlas Help Me With My Deferred Action Claim?

(This pig is important, read to the end to find out why!)

         From August 12th– August 19th, 2012, Atlas had over 12,000 views on our deferred action youtube page and has received over 300 emails, phone calls, and comments about Deferred Action. We have to be realistic about what we can do, while maximizing the number of people we can help. So, we will NOT be able to answer each individual email or fully represent  everyone’s case (sad face! We wish we could!) we will, however, do everything we can to help you. So:

Please review this form in FULL to see if you qualify for assistance.

Atlas recommends that every applicant applying for Deferred Action has a comprehensive intake and representation from an attorney with experience in youth immigration law. We know, however, that there are not enough lawyers to go around and you want to get your application out quickly! So, we have provided three ways in which you can get help from Atlas: DIY.

Online Technical Assistance

  1. Atlas has provided a number of web-based materials that you can access from anywhere in the world to help you understand and apply for deferred action!

i.     Please check out our youtube page: for step by step instructions for filling out the form.

ii.     Download, print, and use Atlas’ cover letter for putting together your application:

iii.     Subscribe to us on Vokle: to watch recorded events see our upcoming live Q and A events! Our Q and A events are the ONLY place that we will be able to answer individual questions and we will no longer be offering individual responses on email or on youtube.

iv.     Check our website:,, and like us on facebook to check out other opportunities.

b.    PLEASE NOTE: If you live outside of New York City and cannot travel to our offices in Brooklyn, Atlas will be able to provide you with online technical assistance ONLY and CANNOT look over your individual case.

2)   Quick-Check

  1. If you understand deferred action, have a completely straightforward case (meaning NO arrests ,tickets or fines, haven’t left the US since 2007, no interaction with immigration and you have never used a fake social security number to work) then Atlas will look over your application for a donation of $20. In order to qualify for the check over -you must do the following:

i.     Watch our videos (above) and learn how to fill out the forms.

ii.     Come to Atlas with all your documents, your completed USCIS form(s) and also a cover letter (either one that you wrote yourself or using Atlas’ forms). We will NOT be able to print out forms or give you copies at quick check!

iii.     Once you arrive at Atlas you will need to take a short quiz ensuring that you understand the pros and cons of deferred action and that you qualify as a “straightforward” case. If you do not pass this quiz you will be referred to receive full representation. EVERYONE will be able to receive full representation (see below) but only those with no issues whatsoever , and who can pay the $465 USCIS fee, are eligible for a “quick check”

   PLEASE NOTE:  If you come to a quick-check meeting without filling out your forms, watching our videos, and/or without a complete understanding for deferred action WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE YOU and will refer you to another service provider for an overview workshop.

3)   Representation

  1. Atlas is providing comprehensive assistance, entirely free of charge, in deferred action cases to qualifying youth. Our representation will include

i.     A comprehensive immigration intake to see if you are available for other forms of relief

ii.     Partnership with a law student (supervised by Atlas attorney) to assist you in getting your documents, filling out the forms, writing your affidavit and cover letter, and applying for fee waivers.

iii.     Atlas representation on your case including using Atlas as a mailing address, document saving and copies, translation assistance, and accompaniment to your interview with USCIS should you be selected for an interview.

iv.     Currently Atlas is making appointments for October 2012,  (we booked up fast!) if you would like a faster appointment time you can be added to our waitlist.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like full representation you must register to become a member of Atlas making you eligible for all our services (yoga, career help, dance classes, etc) but also means that you will provide four hours a month of service to the members of Atlas. This can be in whatever form you would like, from teaching English to painting a wall, to leading members in knitting, whatever skill you would like to bring we welcome!

If you would like to register for either a “Quick Check” or full representation, please email Atlas at with the subject: Atlas DACA help- quick check /full representation. In the body of your email PLEASE WRITE WHAT ANIMAL was on this sheet so we know you read it in full!


Love and Support.

Atlas- DIY




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